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Author: Eric Ripert
ISBN: 1579653693
Subcategory: United States
Pages 240 pages
Publisher Artisan (November 1, 2008)
Language English
Category: Travel
Rating: 4.4
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eBook On the Line download

by Eric Ripert

Chef Ripert and New York Times writer Muhlke recount the restaurant's history, from its founding in 1986 by Gilbert and Maguy Le Coze, through Ripert's joining the team in 1991, to the present day. This thorough guide to how the restaurant operates teaches about various kitchen stations, tools of the trade, key personnel and their duties, how new dishes are born and what it's like to spend a night "on the line.

Eric Ripert, New York, New York. ective on Chef Ripert’s early life and his struggles. Chef, Co-Owner of Le Bernardin restaurant, New York.

ric Frank Ripert (French: ; born 2 March 1965) is a French chef, author and television personality specializing in modern French cuisine and noted for his work with seafood. Ripert's flagship restaurant, Le Bernardin, located in New York City, has been ranked among the best restaurants in the world by culinary magazines and currently ranks N. 7 on the annual list of "The World's 50 Best Restaurants"

How does a 4-star restaurant stay on top for more than two decades?

Город: New York, NYПодписчиков: 571 ты. себе: Chef & Co-owner, Le Bernardin rnard.

Город: New York, NYПодписчиков: 571 ты. себе: Chef & Co-owner, Le Bernardin rnardinNY

In On the Line, chef Eric Ripert takes readers behind the scenes at Le Bernardin, one of just three New .

Eric Ripert has built a reputation as one of the United State's preeminent chefs. He's turned his success in the kitchen into a career on television, making frequent appearances as a judge on Top Chef and Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, as well as his own show, Avec Eric. Now, he can call himself an author.

Eric Ripert’s ‘32 Yolks’ . Daniel Krieger for The New York Times. 32 YOLKS From My Mother’s Table to Working the Line By Eric Ripert with Veronica Chambers 247 pp. Random House.

Take one top New York restaurant, add danger, drama, and dialogue, toss in their best recipes, and you have a cooking classic. How does a 4-star restaurant stay on top for more than two decades? In On the Line, chef Eric Ripert takes readers behind the scenes at Le Bernardin, one of just three New York City restaurants to earn three Michelin stars. Any fan of gourmet dining who ever stole a peek behind a restaurant kitchen's swinging doors will love this unique insider's account, with its interviews, inventory checklists, and fly-on-the-wall dialogue that bring the business of haute cuisine to life. From the sudden death of Le Bernardin's founding chef, Gilbert Le Coze, to Ripert's stressful but triumphant takeover of the kitchen at age 29, the story has plenty of drama. But as Chef Ripert and writer Christine Muhlke reveal, every day is an adventure in a perfectionistic restaurant kitchen. Foodies will love reading about the inner workings of a top restaurant, from how a kitchen is organized to the real cost of the food and the fierce discipline and organization it takes to achieve culinary perfection on the plate almost 150,000 times a year. Meanwhile, Le Bernardin's modern French cuisine, with its emphasis on seafood, comes to life in sophisticated recipes, including Striped Bass with Sweet Corn Puree, Grilled Shishito Peppers, Shaved Smoked Bonito, and Mole Sauce, and Pan-Roasted Cod with Chorizo, Snow Peas, Piquillo Peppers, and Soy-Lime Butter Sauce.
This is without a doubt one of the very best looks inside a restaurant, in this case the Michelin rated Le Bernardin in New York City. Like many a cookbook, it is the tale of the early efforts of the founders (in this case a brother and sister who had a modest bistro in Paris), their successes (positive reviews led to American patrons), their move to a New York stage. And then young chef Eric Ripert enters, to take over, and build upon these successes to create what is generally regarded as the best seafood-centered restaurant in New York.
And like many other celebrity chefs, Ripert provides recipes and insights into what goes upon the plate. For that alone, this would be a worthwhile acquisition for any serious cook.
But what sets this book apart from the long list of "name" chef books in recent years are the many sidebar pieces and profiles of the people who contribute to the daily operation of a successful restaurant. We meet the porter who arrives to inspect the daily deliveries of produce, fish, and meats (including amounts and prices). The dishwashers who labor behind the scenes to wash the pots, pans, fine china, and crystal. The sommelier, the host, the servers, the many kitchen stations, chefs, apprentices, and specialists who all play a role in meal preparation.
We are shown the floor plan for the many cooking stations, refrigerators, ovens, etc., that come into play to prepare your meal.
There is even an minute by minute breakdown of several of the functions, to show how this is a coordinated effort aimed at providing a great meal, to each and every customer.
There are many cookbooks and many alleged insiders guides to the heart of a chef; but On the Line is easily the most thorough portrayal of all that goes into making a great restaurant work like Le Benardin.
Four Stars, Worth a Detour.
Insightful look at the inner workings of a great restaurant. If you are a diehard foodie who gets more excited by restaurant cooking than home cooking, but have never worked in a restaurant and want to know how it all works, you'll probably love this book. There's a decent amount of info on fish cookery, recipes, the value of Wondra flour, etc as well, but the real gem is the insiders look at a very successful restaurant.
Written when there was some doubt as to Le Bernadin's future, this lovely book provides not only a compendium of the restaurant's dishes, but also a look inside the history, structure, attitude and skills that have made this one of the best and most gracious restaurants in the world. The recipes are excellent and (unlike many books of this ilk) within the grasp of a moderately experienced home cook. The Le Bernadin essence is in obtaining the finest quality ingredients carefully and respectfully preparing them...but the real insights in the book are into how the restaurant continually strives for excellence and the approaches and techniques it employs to achieve it.
A very different and fun "cook book", you don't have to be cooking anything out of this book to be able to appreciate it.
As a professional chef I find many things in it very informative, and if you are a fish guy like me then it doesn't get much better than a book from one of the most outstanding fish restaurants in the country in the last twenty years.
Even if you like to have a small collection of chef's or cook books this one should be in it.
this book is one of the best books i've read. gives you all the insides of how the New York restaurant works from day to day. Gives you information on who does what and gives you complete understanding. I read the book front to back. I love the pastry chef! A few recipes are included too, which have turned out beautifully. Lots of great pictures and great information.
It was a present for my husband. He read it in one day and loved it.
An overview of one of the finest restaurants in the world. A good overview of the day to day routine and overview of how the restaurant is run.
Great in depth book of running a fabulous restaurant. Particularly liked the in depth non-foodie type things like diagrams of the dining room, job descriptions of all staff and owner Maguy LeCoze' interspersed point of view on how to keep it top notch.