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Teen and Young
Author: James Marshall,Harry Allard
ISBN: 0385322828
Pages 48 pages
Publisher Doubleday & Co (1979)
Language English
Category: Teen and Young
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 706
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eBook Bumps in the Night download

by James Marshall,Harry Allard

Dudley the Stork's new house is haunted!When the clock strikes twelve there are thumps in the den, creaks on the stairs, and bumps everywhere.Dudley's friend Trevor Hog says Madam Kreepy will find out what's causing the spooky noises.And so, just before midnight, Dudley's friends gather with Madam Kreepy.No one can guess what will happen when the clock strikes twelve.
Billy Granson
Fantastic book that is well illustrated and has a great message as well. Both my 4 year old son and six year old daughter love it.
This is an early reader and hits the mark well between superstition and light hearted remedies to questions. The bumps will always be there, but what we think they are is up to ourselves.
So, to start, this is on the ALA's most frequently banned books list. Why? Because the whimsical cartoon animals hold a seance. So I guess if you're opposed to kids learning about supernatural rituals, be warned.

But this isn't a horror story. It's really quite cute. The scariness of the haunting is resolved in a standard children's book manner, so this shouldn't alarm your little ones too much.

I wound up giving this three stars because, while the writing and art is passable, it doesn't wow me. It's the kind of book I'd say to put in a public library collection if the budget allows, but don't worry about it ina private home or when things run tight.
deadly claw
Bumps in the Night by Harry Allard
This audio book is about Dudley who tried many different ways to get to sleep to no avail.
He heard a lot of different noises and then heard a sound that was not at all like anything he had heard before. The sound turned the tv on and then off.
bumping up the stairs, smack, it touched his beak and then ran back into bed. He saw the white thing going back down the hall.
The other chapters are when he goes to his friends and ask their opinions about what it could be... One tells him to talk to a median who will talk to the ghost to find out what they want...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).
Dudley the stork takes his friends' advice and gets Madame Kreepy to conduct a seance. He needs to find out why wierd things happen at his house when he's trying to sleep. My two eight-year-old girls loved this book. Even their older sister thought it was funny. Our favorite line in the story is when the ghost tells Dudley "...I gave you a great, big, wet, kiss in the dark. Did you like it?" Nickelodeon should use this book as a basis for their next half-hour Halloween special!
When my daughter was 5 and 6, the only way to conclude bedtime was yet another reading (by me) of "Bumps in the Night"-- her orders. I'm sure I read it aloud to her at least 500 times, most often every night of the week. Good fun, and at 21 she has no superstitions about any such bumps in 'real' life.
I'm so surprised to read that this is a challenged/banned book. I remember getting this book as a prize in school when I was in 1st grade, and it has been a favorite ever since. The story is fun, the characters are silly and entertaining, and I absolutely love the illustrations. I love the illustrations so much that I carefully cut out the page with the prayer at the beginning of the book and framed it (it is hanging in my hall now!). I still have my original copy of the book, and I read it to my son. Highly recommended...not at all scary!
I recently came across Bumps in the Night on a 100 Most Challenged Books list. I was a little shocked and disheartened... I LOVED this book as a kid. The characters and illustrations are warm and silly, not at all scary. The story teaches us that with an open mind, even things we don't understand can be a little less scary. I highly recommend this book for anyone, young or old.