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Teen and Young
Author: Christopher Pike
ISBN: 0765310988
Subcategory: Literature & Fiction
Pages 304 pages
Publisher Tor Books; 1st edition (October 1, 2004)
Language English
Category: Teen and Young
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 464
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eBook Alosha (Alosha Trilogies) download

by Christopher Pike

As a long time Christopher Pike fan (started reading him in Middle school), I had to check out Alosha which I missed when the books originally came out. While classified as YA, it feels more middle grade.

As a long time Christopher Pike fan (started reading him in Middle school), I had to check out Alosha which I missed when the books originally came out. Except unlike Riordan, Rowling, or others that do middle grade, Pike seems to be trying to change his writing to how he thinks middle graders read instead of how they actually read. It comes off as choppy, inconsistent, and just utterly dumbed down.

Christopher Pike is a multi-million copy bestselling author whose books have appeared multiple times on the USA Today bestseller list. He is the author of Alosha, The Last Vampire, Remember Me, The Visitor, The Immortal, Chain Letter, and many other novels for young adults. Christopher Pike lives in southern California. Series: Alosha Trilogy (Book 2).

His previous adult novels include Sati, The Season of Passage, and The Cold One. Pike lives in Santa Barbara, California. Series: Alosha Trilogy (Book 1).

Also by Christopher Pike. Published by tor books. The author and publisher have provided this e-book to you without Digital Rights Management software (DRM) applied so that you can enjoy reading it on your personal devices. This e-book is for your personal use only.

Bridge to Terabithia. Destined promises all of the romance and motion that enthusiasts count on because it brings Aprilynne Pike’s Wings sequence to a deeply enjoyable conclusion

Bridge to Terabithia. This Newbery Medal-winning novel through bestselling writer Katherine Paterson is a contemporary vintage of friendship and loss. Destined promises all of the romance and motion that enthusiasts count on because it brings Aprilynne Pike’s Wings sequence to a deeply enjoyable conclusion. Laurel used to imagine she used to be a regular lady from Crescent urban, California. She by no means could have believed she used to be actually a faerie from a realm referred to as Avalon.

I read Christopher Pikes The Last Vampire and enjoyed that, so I sought out more of his books and found Alosha and got hook on Ali Warner fantastic adventure saving the the world. Наиболее популярные в Художественная литература.

You will get one set of 3 books from the Alosha series written by Christopher Pike, titles as listed below. The titles are as follows.

Every young girl dreams that she's secretly a princess of a far-off land and that someday her true parents will come to claim her and usher her into a life of luxury, an fabulous existence where she might even have magical powers and be swept off her feet by a handsome prince. Teenager Ali Warner has reason to cling to such a fantasy. Her mother died in a car accident a year ago. Her father, a trucker determined to work through his grief, hasn't acknowledged Ali's burgeoning figure or complicated emotions. Her friends still aren't sure how to talk about her mother's death. And the Southern California forest that has always been Ali's refuge is about to be ravaged by logging.Ali is about to discover that she is a princess-a fairy princess. And that she has to save the world. For real. To claim her fairy powers, Ali must overcome seven potentially lethal challenges. Then she must scale a mountain and confront the King of the Dwarves and the King of the Elves, whose armies are poised to invade Earth. With her bemused 21st century friends, a sly leprechaun, and an extremely loyal, extremely ugly, troll by her side, Ali begins the most momentous journey of her young life, a journey during which she will learn much about herself and the past she thought she knew. She will conquer fire and water, earth and air, and even time itself. She will be both betrayer and betrayed, will see death close at hand, and will snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. Ali Warner is Alosha. Welcome to her world.
My expectations were high when I was told about this book. However, I couldn't see how someone could write yet another story about faeries, dwarfs, trolls, and the like and still keep it fresh and exciting. Christopher Pike accomplishes all of that and more. His characters have great personalities and a certain believability to them too. The book is an exciting page turner and whenever I thought I knew what was going to happen, something else happens and blows you away. There are hints throughout the book to help you figure things out and the main character Ali (or Alosha, or Geea)ultimately analyzes her conversations and experiences allowing one to understand why things are happening when they do. So the puzzle does come together so to speak. What imagination and story telling talent this author possesses. I have already started Shaktra (sequel to Alosha)and can not put it down.
At first k had trouble getting into this novel, which is strange for me as Pike is my favorite author. Once I got into the series though, I feel in love with it <3 Can't wait for him to (hopefully) release the fourth book (yeah, he cheated, it ended up not just being a trilogy after all).
Something happened to the dude and he started writing really bad books. 'The Blind Mirror' was beyond awful. But it seems as though Pike has recovered from what I can only assume was a bout with some mysterious mental illness, at least enough to tackle a brand new genre.

Familiar themes include neglectful parents, giving humanity another chance, and betrayal. Pike seems to like to put his protagonists in impossible situations and then getting them out of said situation. That was very familiar, as it happened several times in this book, rather than once or twice. It was like reading a cross between a fantasy story and a Pike one. Something which makes for an unusual combination, but also some fascinating reading. Fantasy is my favorite genre and Pike is my favorite writer.

Things that were missing from this book included witty dialogue, visceral description, and interesting characters. The plot, was Pike at his best. However, I kept getting the distinct impression that I was reading an outline, rather than a story. There seemed to be a lot of words missing. His writing style was incredibly impersonal, and most of the time I felt like I was watching what was happening from far away. One of the things I remember loving about his books when I first started reading, was that I didn't feel talked down to. His treatment of the kids in this books was very condescending, and I didn't feel like he was describing the teenagers in a realistic way.

Even so, Pike managed to keep me on the edge of my seat and as usual, the ending didn't disappoint, although if you've read his books too, the final showdown between Ali and her betrayer was hardly surprising or new. At some point, Pike started treating his main character almost as a real person and the reading got a lot easier.

I can't wait for part 2, hopefully Pike will continue to improve after his bout with whatever it was...He's a mysterious guy.
This was a book for my granddaughter and she also loved this book. She has my permission to download these books as she is an avid reader.
This book was unlike what I have read from Christopher Pike in the past, but what I love about his writing style is that no matter where you are, you are immersed in whatever world Christopher creates. You will be chased by trolls and sit in a tree, and that is just the beginning. I don't want to give any of the story away, but you will go to unexpected places, and you will enjoy every minute of it.
Haven't finished the book yet. It has been designated at as a 'bedtime' book at my house. But the story is interesting so far and it holds the attention of all those who have read or listen to it so far. (Ages: 4-23) I highly recommend it for kids in upper elementary or middle school. (3rd grade and older) but even younger kids will enjoy it. There are some more 'adult' themes (main character dealing with mother's death, etc.)but it is an enjoyable book so far.
This book was just outstanding. From the first page to the last the book had me hooked. I can't wait to read the rest of the trilogy. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy. This book definitely has it.
Alosha captures the kind of magic that reminds you of the days of J.R.R Tolkein. The characters are very realistic considering their age, and they all create a great combination of humor and seriousness. However, I would only recommend Alosha to those who enjoy a good sci-fi/fantasy/adventure book. But if your one of those very eclectic readers you should have no problem finding a place in your head-board for this great book.