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Publisher Gareth Stevens Publishing (November 1994)
Language English
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eBook Love Must Be Tough download

Love Must Be Tough is for the husband or wife who is steadily losing the one they love. If you sense a growing disrespect from the one you love, then this book is for you. It is for your eyes only; don't ask your spouse to read it.

Love Must Be Tough is for the husband or wife who is steadily losing the one they love. The principles discussed are more effective if not discussed in the confines of a troubled marriage. Dr. James Dobson offers you guidance to rekindling romance and renewing your relationship with your partner. A Focus on the Family Recommendation. Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Marriages in Crisis. By: Dr. James Dobson. Tyndale House, 2007, Paperback.

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Love Must Be Tough - James C. Dobson. Everybody’s talking about tough love these days.

Love Must Be Tough - James C. We seem to see or hear the term everywhere we go. It is used by investigative reporters, television news anchors, and soapbox orators, each pushing a particular agenda and a particular notion of what tough love is all about

Пользовательский отзыв - Hopeful - Christianbook.

Пользовательский отзыв - Hopeful - Christianbook. Пользовательский отзыв - JenniferRobb - LibraryThing. I read this at the recommendation of a friend who read it during the time of her divorce but was too fearful to put it into practice.

Read "Love Must Be Tough New Hope for Marriages in Crisis" by James C. .

You've forgiven a thousand times. You've bent over backwards to make your partner feel loved and accepted. Love Must Be Tough offers the guidance that gives you the best chance of rekindling romance, renewing your relationship, and drawing your partner back into your arms.

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Book on relationships
This is one of the best advice books from a Christian perspective to deal with a wayward spouse. The advice that Dr. Dobson gives would also work for non-Christians as well. It is straight forward and reasonable information for a situation that may otherwise have few options.
This book had many descriptions of things I have done incorrectly in my life. I am a terrible enabler and this book hit the nail on my head! Much of what is written echoes what my therapist has been telling me for the past 10 years! I have found this book very useful as a resource for me.
With a drug addict for a daughter I have been seeking some encouragement in my handling of our relationship and I received many pointers and absolution in how I have been handling her. This book helped a lot.
A must have book for managing troubled relationships
Read this book. Wife left. Utilized information in the book. She returned 48 hours later. Everything is perfect. It is straight forward knowledge explaining the natural mistakes we make. I mean you the reader. Clearly then walks the reader through the steps to succeed in this relationship. Either it will work or move on, but anguishing and struggling day to day is a waste of time. Trust me. Read this Book!
This book tells it like it is. It doesnt promise you the perfect outcome, it just gives you the spiritual freedom to make a decision. You do not have to be "stuck" in your circumstances but, you should seek spiritual counsel
Excellent book#