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Author: Lynn Kurland
ISBN: 0515139483
Subcategory: Historical
Publisher Berkley; First Edition edition (March 29, 2005)
Language English
Category: Romance
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 427
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eBook Dreams of Stardust download

by Lynn Kurland

Cover design by George Long. Cover illustration by One by Two.

Cover design by George Long. To Cindy, Elane, Gail, Holly, Kory, Leslie, Lisa, Lynn, Mindy, Nikki, and Tennery: sisters I would have chosen if I'd had the chance. Cast of Characters. Rhys de Piaget, lord of Artane. Gwennelyn, Rhys's wife.

Dreams of Stardust book. Fortunately for Jake, there is another family who welcomes him to their ranks, in more Lynn Kurland takes us on a journey back in time in another of her de Piaget family series. Many characters from previous books make a showing in this story, and it was a delight to see them again and find out how things are going for them since their stories were told.

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Lynn Kurland is a best-selling American author of historical, time travel, and fantasy romance novels. The characters in most of her books all belong to one of three extended families (Macleod, McKinnon, de Piaget) and her love scenes are not as explicit as many other popular romances. She is a recipient of the RITA Award. Lynn Kurland is an only child. Her first attempts at writing came when she was five years old and living in Hawaii.

Only 9 left in stock (more on the way). Only 12 left in stock (more on the way). The inclusion of characters from former books include the ghosts and Kendrick from Stardust of Yesterday, as well as Gideon and Megan from the novella "The Three Wise Ghosts" in the anthology Love Came Just In Time. Alexander Smith from The Very Thought of You comes to Jake's rescue in the present, ruthless lawyer that he his.

At last, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland delivers her newest time travel romance. In the 1200s, Amanda of Artane has one summer to choose from her suitors-and find love forever. Books related to Dreams Of Stardust. 9 - 10 Hours to read.

She dreams of a fearless knight to rescue her from the. Much Ado in the Moonlight (MacLeod, de Piaget/MacLeod, Lynn Kurland pens a wonderfully romantic tale about an ld ghost and the modern woman who turns his plans for a peaceful afterlife upside dow. hen Victoria McKinnon’s brother offers to finance her production of Hamlet, she leaps at.

About Dreams of Stardust. At last, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland delivers her newest time travel romance. In the 1200s, Amanda of Artane has one summer to choose from her suitors–and find love forever. Also in de Piaget Family.

At last, USA Today bestselling author Lynn Kurland delivers her newest time travel romance. In the 1200s, Amanda of Artane has one summer to choose from her suitors--and find love forever.
Artane....ancestral home of the de Piaget's since the beginning of the 13th century. Artane....the place where Jackson Alexander Kilchurn IV, a modern-day 21st century man attends Medieval Boot Camp with one purpose in mind: to win the hand of Rhys de Piaget's eldest daughter, Amanda. Although Jake is older than Amanda's brothers, he knows nothing of swordplay, horsemanship, Norman French, or eating eels under sauce, leaving Amanda and John to believe that, somewhere a village is missing their simpleton, while Montgomery believes him to be a fairy, sans the wings.

An intriguing tale of time-travel where dastardly plots abound, both in 1227 and 2005. Jake must not only prepare to face the greatest two medieval warriors, Rhys and Robin de Piaget (Amanda's father and brother) he must also face his own unscrupulous and greedy father who has him declared dead, placed in a mental facility, and drugged for the sole purpose of seizing his trust fund, business, and wealth. And Jake needs his wealth if he is to return to the past so that he can purchase land and title to be considered as an acceptable suitor for the greatest gem he's ever seen: Amanda of Artane.

This book brings Kurland's "just historicals" and her time-travel/ghost stories together as well as characters from the MacLeod series. Personally, I prefer her historicals to the paranormal offerings, but this book is one of the better, less trivial, by rote, time-travel ones and was a delight to read.

The inclusion of characters from former books include the ghosts and Kendrick from Stardust of Yesterday, as well as Gideon and Megan from the novella "The Three Wise Ghosts" in the anthology Love Came Just In Time. Alexander Smith from The Very Thought of You comes to Jake's rescue in the present, ruthless lawyer that he his. The ghosts themselves are previous characters: Colin of Berkamshire (From This Moment On), Stephen of Burwyck on the Sea, and Robert of Conyers.

There is, of course, the usual familial inclusion of Rhys and Gwennelyn, the patriarch and matriarch of the de Piaget family (Another Chance to Dream) as well as Robin from If I Had You. The twins, John and Montgomery, have significant roles and I thoroughly enjoyed their character development. They weren't as notable as the Viking Fitzgerald twins from Another Chance To Dream, but endearing nonetheless. Isabelle, however, is somewhat of a shadow with very little input and one gets the impression that she is the youngest de Piaget, yet in her own story Dreams of Lilacs, she is twin to Miles, who is eighteen in this book, yet Isabelle acts more like a 13 year-old. I don't know if that is an inadvertent discrepancy in the storyline or whether or not Kurland made her Mile's twin as part of later character development as there isn't any indication in the first three books (Another Chance To Dream, If I Had You, Dreams Of Stardust) that names her as such.

The poignant moments in this book are heart-warming. I especially enjoyed Jake's insightful recitation to Kendrick as he tells him of his father, Robin of Artane, as a young man and as a friend. The moment when Rhys is faced with the knowledge that Jake is from the future and asks of only three things that Jake might impart and Jake tells him that the world doesn't end in 1300, that the world is, indeed round, not flat, and......well for #3 you'll have to read the book...it will bring tears to your eyes. Rhys will always be my favorite de Piaget hero! Followed closely by Christopher of Blackmour (This Is All I Ask <~<~ which should really have it's own Kindle and audible editions) whom you meet as a young squire in this book. You won't be disappointed. I've read this series a couple of times in hard copy, and I have enjoyed the Kindle edition now. There were only a few typos in the Kindle edition.
I love all of Lynn Kurlands books. I read three of her books that I checked out from the library, which were the only ones they had. If I had known she had so many that pertained to the same families and related characters I would have purchased all of them and read them in order. It's not like you have to read them in a certain order but I think starting with the first de Paiget (Rhys) character and moving on from there would have been nice. At least for me. But I will read all of them again in the future and do it in that order. They are worth reading a second time.
Not your typical romance with steamy sexual scenes. Very tasteful and you might get over half way through some of the books before the main characters even share a kiss. I really liked that aspect of her storytelling. Looking forward to more of her work in the future.
Jackson "Jake" Kilchurn IV has not had the best of days, starting with getting mugged on his way to deliver papers as a favor for his father to Gideon dePiaget. While sitting in Gideon's office Jake has the weirdest sense of déjà vu while gazing at a pastoral scene with a castle (Artane) in the background. Later he is coerced into driving to Artane to get a needed signature from Gideon's father. Along the way, Jake gets lost in the fog and winds up some miles away at Seakirk, the home of Kendrick and Genevieve dePiaget, where Worthington, their butler makes him comfortable in offering the stranded traveler a bed for the night.

Joking with the butler over the lack of security, Worthington assures Jake with a cryptic nod that `the lads' were ample enough security. Later Jake realizes that `the lads' were actually ghosts complete with swords and medieval armor who not only appeared to him but carried on conversations arguing over who was the most beautiful woman of their acquaintance and thought Jake nuts that he didn't know!!

The following day, Jake, again on the road to Artane, lost control of his car and the next thing he remembered was waking up in a medieval castle, minus most of his clothes, and seeing the most beautiful woman in his life, Amanda dePiaget, and the year is 1227.

Amanda feels an undeniable pull towards the stranger in spite of the fact that he, cannot speak their language, ride a horse or wield a sword. As time goes by Jake wins over her brothers, even Robin her most beastly and oldest brother, and though attracted, knows that her father would never hand her over to a mere merchant. Jake is aware that he must find a way back to his own time to convert his wealth into something medieval that can buy him a title and be able to offer for the woman who has stolen his heart.

*** Lynn Kurland in my estimation is a fabulous author who makes the time travel genre her very own! Over the years, she has written several tales of the dePiaget and MacLeod families and they just seem to get better and better every time. I was so thrilled to re-visit all the old `haunts' especially Kendrick and Genevieve from one of my personal favorites, STARDUST OF YESTERDAY, to find that this ties right in with that tale though both are completely stand-alone reads. In this latest, while Amanda dePiaget is beautiful as the lead heroine, it truly is Jake's story. It is emotional, it is funny and it is so fabulously romantic - this being no small feat when you consider that there were virtually no sexual `encounters' between the protagonists until..... and you will have to read this to find out! This is an absolutely MARVELOUS read that will be generating a host of new fans scurrying around trying to locate Kurland's backlists! --- Marilyn, for [...] ---
As a Lynn Kurland reader, I was happy to read this story about one of the several medieval de Piaget siblings. I thoroughly enjoyed Amanda and Jake's story from the get go. As usual the on going bantering with the de Piaget siblings is quite hilarious to read. Young Montgomery and young John were delightful and endearing in this story. I could practically visualize and hear them riding after and shouting to Amanda each time she tries running away. I also liked the fact that Jake came into their old world with his own brawn to offer and teach them. It was great to see him interact with the de Piaget brothers. It was nice to read up and catch up on Kendrick as his story was the very first Lynn Kurland book that I've read over 10 years ago. I wish some of her other books were available in kindle format so I can re-read them again.