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eBook Mind Over Matter (Playaway Adult Fiction) download
Author: Nora Roberts,Alyson Silverman
ISBN: 1455809500
Subcategory: Contemporary
Publisher Brilliance Audio; Library edition (May 15, 2011)
Language English
Category: Romance
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 194
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eBook Mind Over Matter (Playaway Adult Fiction) download

by Nora Roberts,Alyson Silverman

She felt each separate chill run over her skin. It’s called survival.

Mystery & Detective. Thrillers & Crime. Actions & Adventure. History & Fiction. She felt each separate chill run over her skin. She was so beautiful. Why did she suddenly have to be so beautiful? Why did she suddenly have to look so fragile? What does being with me, making love with me, have to do with your survival?

Most of us use only a fraction of what we have because our minds are so crowded with other things. Clarissa was a different matter. Clarissa DeBasse had been her first client. Most of us use only a fraction of what we have because our minds are so crowded with other things. Was it impulse that led you to Matthew Van Camp? A shutter seemed to come down over her eyes. No. Again he found her puzzling. remembered, during those first lean years.

Mind Over Matter book. I have a love/don't love so much relationship with Nora Robert's books

Mind Over Matter book. I have a love/don't love so much relationship with Nora Robert's books This is one of the times I feel Meh about her books. Mind over Matter has be re-released in 2017. It was first published in 1987 and and I am not quite sure why it has been re-released.

Most of us use only a fraction of what we have because our minds are so crowded with other things. The Van Camp case was the one that had brought her prominently into the public eye. He would have thought she would have been anxious to speak of it, elaborate, yet she seemed to close down at the mention of the name. David blew out smoke and noticed that the cat was watching him with bored but steady eyes.

Roberts has more than 400 million copies of her books in print. From Booklist: Savannah-Chatham police lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is one of the best hostage negotiators in the business, and her latest mission involves talking down a suicidal jumper from a building owned by Duncan Smith.

Nora Roberts publishes numerous books every year, including detective romances .

Nora Roberts publishes numerous books every year, including detective romances as . Explore a list of all of Nora Roberts' canon. Nora Roberts releases several new romance novels every year, making her one of the most prolific authors of our time. From series to individual stories, she has published more than 200 novels in total-some sweet, some suspenseful, and some fantasy. Roberts has hit the New York Times Best Seller list regularly. Roberts must have had Ireland on the mind because in 1988, she turned her debut novel into a series that would be known as "Irish Hearts. You'll also find these volumes under the title "Irish Legacy Trilogy.

Mind Over Matter Books is dedicated to helping children overcome adversity by teaching them resiliency. for children and adults alike. 2 April 2018 ·. mindovermatterbooks.

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Protecting her mother's interests pitted no-nonsense Aurora Fields against a very determined David Brady. But there were few David couldn't charm if he set his mind to...and this time it really mattered.
Having come to read Nora Roberts just recently, I discovered this book on sale wondering how she wrote in 1987 compared to now. I discovered I appreciated this 1987 novel as much as her newer ones. What a gifted writer -- depth of character, depth within a simple plot, depth of descriptors --
all heart-warming and charming and irritating and not any needless or empty words. Within this book live two stubborn people with stubborn rules. A highly successful producer, David Brady, and a famous and tough talent agent, A.J. Fields, butt heads at first handshake. And the story starts. I enjoyed every word.
I love almost all of Nora Roberts books and probably read this one in paper back when it first came out. I enjoyed reading the electronic version this time.
As always there's the determined, strong independent woman and the strong handsome, exciting male who melts her heart as she melts his.
There's some sex but not overboard with unnecessary details that take away from the story.
What do you do with a life perceived so differently than most other people-walls of distance. Tender and passionate love story of two driven people. Who almost passed each other by.
I know that her later books are deeper, more complex stories, but this book held me enthralled. I loved the way the psychic aspects were presented - without fan-fair or excessive emotion. The relationship between Aurora and her mother was lovely, too. The role reversal seemed natural and caring. The masterpiece of the story, of course was how the relationship between Aurora and David developed. Neither of them wanted to fall in love or even have a long-term relationship. Work and a desire to protect their feelings were too important to each of them. The question was if they could act on what they thought was important.
If you can get this book on sale, then go for it. Even a 3 star Nora Roberts outshines most other authors’ offerings.

I won’t buy Nora’s books full price anymore, since she started writing as if she is “cranking out the book in one sitting”. She is one of the most (if not THE most) gifted writer, ever. But a few years back, she quit investing ALL of herself into her writing. All of her characters are similar now, and the plots are (for her) are embarrassingly shallow.

This book IS a pleasant read. There are even moments, where you would not want to put the book down. But, for the most part - it’s a book you can be happy reading over several days.
I am a Nora Roberts fan I have probably read at least 25 of her books . This is the first time I was disappointed. In fact, I really didn't want to finish the book. David, the male half of this couple, took charge in a rather old fashion alpha male manner that would have me dumping him after the first week. For most of their relationship he not only felt entitled to make all the decisions, he is extremely forceful when they had sex. I actually skipped pages at a time to avoid their sexual encounters because I didn't find them either endearing or sexy and they made me like him less.. I honestly find it hard to believe that I am writing this about a Nora Roberts novel when usually her stories are warm and endearing Read any or all of her other books but skip this one
A.J. Fields was as tough an agent as you could find. When David Brady wanted to do a documentary on paranormal phenomena, he wanted Clarisse DeBasse to be the focus of this show. One problem...Clarisse was A.J.'s client and A.J. was absolutely NOT going to let anyone exploit Clarisse's talents. She didn't like what David wanted to do and the past he wanted to bring up, and was set to tell him no. Clarisse called at that moment and tied her hands by telling her to accept.
A.J. kept a close watch on all the things that involved her client which meant daily contact with David. He was attracted to her and informed her that they would be lovers. That went over really well. Lay the fuse, light the match...wait for it...it won't take long now... Fireworks!!!
A wonderful love story from two characters who at first seem to have nothing in common. But if you take the time to look deeper, you can be surprised. I recommend it. A good romantic read.
In this tale of romance and intrigue, David Brady needs a performer for his documentary on paranormal psychology. He learns his agent has a psychic client, A.J. Fields, and becomes thrilled. But A.J. has some concerns about the well known psychic working with David's producer who is a skeptic. David thinks A.J.'s icy thoughts are just a front. She must have some secrets of her own and he wants to know those secrets. This novel is totally enjoyable which has humor, romance, great characters, and trust issues. You can always rely on Nora's stories to be great and entertaining.