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eBook Bronze Mystique (G K Hall Large Print Romance Series) download
Author: Barbara Delinsky
ISBN: 0783890478
Subcategory: Contemporary
Pages 277 pages
Publisher G K Hall & Co (September 1, 2000)
Language English
Category: Romance
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 490
ePUB size: 1723 kb
FB2 size: 1782 kb
DJVU size: 1822 kb
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eBook Bronze Mystique (G K Hall Large Print Romance Series) download

by Barbara Delinsky

Bronze Mystique book.

Bronze Mystique book.

Workaholic author Sasha Blake makes a lucrative living from passion and intrigue-even though her life is completely devoid of romance. The sparks between Sasha and Doug are real and incredibly intense. And maybe the hero of Sasha's new novel is starting to resemble Doug

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Barbara Delinsky (born August 8, 1945, in Boston, Massachusetts, . as Barbara Ruth Greenberg. is an American writer of romance novels, including 19 New York Times bestsellers. She has also been published under the pen names Bonnie Drake and Billie Douglass. Delinsky was born on August 9, 1945 near Boston, Massachusetts. Her mother died when she was only eight.

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When romance novelist Sasha Blake crashes her motorcycle into Doug Donohue's sports car, she realizes that she must have hit her head harder than she thought when Doug begins to look exactly like the hero from her last novel.
This is more of a 3.5 which puts me in the middle or on the fence about it. For its day, it is a well written book. I liked all of it up until the ending, which unfortunately is where the books that go wrong, go wrong. I loved that the H in the story had already decided he needed to take stock of himself and what he had become as a human being. Yes, he realizes that opening up his heart to the h is what changes him but it wasn't that meeting her did it if you understand me. You need to want to change yourself. I liked that he admitted he wasn't a perfect guy and although she had difficulties to overcome from her past the author didn't drag it out to the point where I wanted to hit the h over the head myself; it was a fast moving relationship and she took the right amount of time to decide if she wanted to move forward. That being said, the intrigue part of the story was awful and loses it the 2.5 stars. If we had occasionally slipped into the mind of the stalker it would have actually had some tension or intrigue to it. I know writers are told to let the reader feel like they are smarter than the characters by letting them figure things out first, but as soon as the "villain" is mentioned in the storyline you knew who it was and there was no suspense. It was a very juvenile attempt.If this h writes best seller romantic intrigue she should have been able to figure it out. And to be some what of a spoiler, the way she is rescued in the end was just so helpless female. None of the last 15 pages made sense and left me with a bad taste in my mouth, which is unfortunate as a really enjoyed the first 7/8ths of it. My recommendation is to read that far and then shut the book knowing that they will leave HEA.
Harlequin's latest 2-in-1 collection is a combination of a 1984 Harlequin Temptation, "Bronze Mystique," by Barbara Delinsky and a new Harlequin Intrigue by Gayle Wilson, "Secrets in Silence." I'm always skeptical of these collections. They usually exploit the better selling author, in this case Delinsky, by reprinting one of her older books that is dated and nothing like the books she's writing now, while drawing attention to the newer author who might not get it otherwise. Since the newer author's book is more contemporary and suited to today's readers, it comes off better than the reprint and makes the old favorite look weaker. That was the case in the last one of these 2-in-1 Intrigue collections, with Delinsky's "Threats and Promises" and the then-new "Her Secret Past" by Amanda Stevens. The difference is more noticeable here since "Bronze Mystique" was not even an Intrigue. Why not reprint an actual Intrigue in an Intrigue collection? Nora Roberts's "Night Moves" seems a perfect fit with this book. Anne Stuart's "Catspaw" fits even better, with her Wilson collaboration on a new "Catspaw" sequel coming out next month. Wilson's book is so good only something like those books would have been able to withstand direct comparison in a collection like this.

I found the book inexplicably chosen instead, Delinsky's "Bronze Mystique," to be a solid read. Anyone reading it in 1984 might like it even more. But the series romance novels of 1984 were very different than most of what we see today and I don't think it's fair to completely judge it in today's terms. Readers may want to keep in mind that the book is seventeen years old and does read like it. Those more familiar with Delinsky's current work and bestsellers will find something far different here. The romance is good, though the story is very slowly paced and the subplot takes a while to develop. Ironically, that would normally make it a perfect companion for a Wilson story.

Wilson's "Secrets in Silence," though, is nearly worth the price of the collection by itself. I've had a wide range of responses to this author's Intrigues over the years. One thing has remained the same for all of them: I've never understood why her books were Intrigues and not Intimate Moments. None of her Intrigues have been plot heavy or mystery oriented whodunits, the two elements that typically separate Intrigues from Intimate Moments. I've never been able to tell the difference between her brand of romantic suspense and the Intimate Moments version.

"Secrets in Silence" is a first. For me, it's the first Wilson contemporary that is unmistakably an Intrigue and doesn't feel like it could be an Intimate Moments. Most of her books to feature a whodunit ("Echoes in the Dark," the Home to Texas books, "Her Private Bodyguard," "Never Let Her Go," "Heart of the Night") failed as mysteries because there were too few suspects and so few developed secondary characters that it was too obvious who the villain had to be (like most Intimate Moments). "Secrets in Silence" is the first to feature a large cast of characters and a number of suspects to keep readers guessing to the end. It's the first Wilson Intrigue to feature a heavily plotted, intricate mystery that's as important as, if not more than, the romance. This has to be the best contemporary murder mystery Wilson has ever written. So of course, it's not being published as an Intrigue. What irony.

The story: Ten years after a little girl was murdered in a small Alabama town, Callie Evers has come to investigate. She found a connection that links this case to the murder of another little girl. No one seems willing to discuss the murder that tore the town apart, especially not former police chief Ben Stanton. Stanton was torn apart for bungling the case and failing to charge the killer. Now he may have a second chance. Callie has become a target of someone who doesn't like the questions she's asking. Can Stanton finally close the case that's haunted him all these years and save one more victim from a deadly killer?

If "Bronze Mystique" was dated in a bad way, "Secrets in Silence" reminds me of old Intrigues in a good way. It's a throwback to the kinds of books the line used to publish. Dark, atmospheric, full of small town secrets, it's the kind of story I've missed. Some category readers may want to be warned that this story contains some mainstream elements not everyone will be comfortable with. The murder of children is not an easy topic to read about, and I found some parts of the story unsettling (and rightfully so). This may not be a story for everyone. Those that do try it will likely find a wonderfully engrossing and suspenseful tale you won't want to read in the dark. It's one of the best Intrigues of the year.

Normally, I wouldn't recommend paying a higher price for a category-sized novel and a reprint. In this case, "Secrets in Silence" is worth the price all on its own. One of the very best by the author.
I throughly enjoyed this story. An earlier Delinsky, and less complex than her bigger books perhaps, but one of her best romances.
This is the first book of Barbara Delinsky's I've read that I didn't like. It was so predictable. I can't believe men really talk like that in real life. I couldn't wait to finish it.
I hope that I can meet a man like Doug one day. He is my true fantasy. What a great book!