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Author: Lynne Graham
ISBN: 026314447X
Subcategory: Contemporary
Pages 288 pages
Publisher Thorndike Pr (April 1, 1996)
Language English
Category: Romance
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 404
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eBook Crime of Passion download

by Lynne Graham

Love has nothing to do with what is between us," Her knuckles showed white as she tightened her grip on her glass. There is nothing between u. "Look at me and tell me that-show me the courage of your conviction," Rafael derided. Georgie felt as though she was being torn apart.

Start reading Crime of Passion (The Lynne Graham Collection Book 7) on your Kindle in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle? Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App. Now years later she needs his help and he is going to help her only on his terms. How this story evolves was great. I love reading Lynne Graham's books and this is one I have reread several times.

Crime of Passion book. Unfortunately she Re Crime of Passion - Lynne Graham brings us a Bolivian romp along with a second chance at romance. The h is 23 when the book opens and has decided to take a little jaunt to Bolivia to see her pregnant BFF. The BFF had invited her to come over and wait out the last stages of the BFF's pregnancy and the h just finished her degree from a teaching college.

Her crime was to have loved him. You go to pieces when I touch yo. .However had she tried, Georgie couldn’t deny how physically attractive she found Rafael Bernaza. Donde se aloja usted? The small room was unbelievably hot and airless. Georgie shot her interrogator a glittering glance from furious violet eyes and threw back her head, a torrent of tousled multi-coloured curls every shade from gold to copper to Titian red dancing round her pale triangular face. I do not speak Spanish!’ she said for the twentieth time. He thumped the table with a clenched fist. Como?’ he demanded in frustration.

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Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has five children. Her eldest is her only natural child. Her other children, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted. The family has a variety of pets, and Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collecting allsorts and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

By (author) Lynne Graham.

Though some have hated this story I have to say it was written back in the 90's. That said the Alpha male type from Bolivia and the way men thought of women then, may be even now, was spot on for me. Raphael thought Georgie a loose woman due to the interference of her step-brother. He never confronted her or let her know what he was led to believe was true. Now years later she needs his help and he is going to help her only on his terms. How this story evolves was great. I love reading Lynne Graham's books and this is one I have reread several times.
Her crime was to have loved him...... "You go to pieces when I touch you..." However hard she tried, Georgie couldn't deny how physically attractive she still found Raphael Bernanza. But four years ago he had devastated her emotions and her pride, and she had vowed never to let him get that close again. So it was with a sinking heart that Georgie realized she was stranded in Bolivia, a country where only Raphael could help her. But at what price?

Yes, it does have the usual macho nonsense you might expect from the back cover, but it is still a good read. It has good chemistry and good dialogue overall and I recommend it. If you like Lynne Graham, you will like this book.
l should have listened to the other bad reviews. This book is a bad example for young self respecting young women and girls out there. The H was abusive and a louse, she was just a sexually out of control idiot. I continued reading just to see his reaction when he discovered that she was still a virgin. He was remorseful for about a day as mentioned in the previous review. He soon reverted to form. The ending was not even great. If this is how some women truly react to love, then I would feel embarrassed to be a woman.

the other bad reviews.
Lynne Graham is a clever author. I enjoy her style. Some of direct language I can imagine a couple saying to one another. I have an issue with the time they spent about (four years). That is a long time in anyone's language, but overall a good read. This story was written 20 years ago or so, and some of the grammar is so politically incorrect. I enjoyed the fact the the heroine had become so fiery in nature and not shy as saying what was on her mind. At times she is so angry with him and all he has to do is kiss her and she become putty in his hands...would have like him not to be so aggressive but win her over with words instead of lust. However, in the storyline he is told she was sexually active when all indications from her persona was the opposite, so the story reads that he can't resist her, against his better judgement. Love wins out in the end...
I reread this story after a long time and loved every word. LG is at her best. Her earlier hs have spunk and the dialogues are clever and make you laugh. The Hs are men of honour and far more admirable than those in her later books. I am so looking fwd to reading her earlier works.
The story is a reunion one, and I generally like them; also here, they've been torn apart by the selfishness of another man, and the H has kept pining for her, unaware that one of her own closest relatives had falsely accused her of wrongdoing...it is full of angst and emotive love scenes..highly recommended!!
The spelling and grammatical errors made this book unreadable. Only upside is that from the little I did read it looks like I didn't miss much.
So hard to find a real satisfying read ( in a harlequin romance novel) with a dialogue that doesn't stumble, a decent story, and enough heat to raise your temperature during that late night read.

All the really good ones were written in the 90's huh?