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Author: Robert Charles Wilson
ISBN: 0356190803
Subcategory: Social Sciences
Pages 240 pages
Publisher Orbit; First Edition edition (1990)
Language English
Category: Politics
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 502
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eBook Gypsies download

by Robert Charles Wilson

by Robert Charles Wilson. One turns in all directions and sees nothing. At five, he already reads ferociously.

by Robert Charles Wilson. Yet one senses that there is a source for this deep restlessness; and the path that leads there is not a path to a strange place, but a path home. The man at the drugstore always yells when he catches Tim reading that way. Tim, predictably, doesn’t care.

Walker and Julia and William. We all had different parents, or no parents, but we used to think of ourselves as brothers and sister. William was the oldest. I admired him a lot. He was always surprising the doctors and nurses, doing things they didn’t think he could do. I think William carried the whole plenum around inside him: he was that big, that powerful.

And that was all Willis ever wanted, she thought, to protect us-he claimed so. But it wasn’t enough. Cardinal Palestrina moved quietly with Carl Neumann beside him to the open door of the cell. They’ll hear us, he said. They can’t, Neumann said, and his voice boomed down the corridor. He had admitted that. It’s not worth jack shit. He tried to protect us with fear, she thought, and I tried to protect Michael with ignorance. And here we are. It doesn’t get worse than this. They can’t hear or see us out here. It’s part of the spell. Look: you can look at them.

Robert Charles Wilson (born December 15, 1953) is an American-Canadian science fiction author. Wilson was born in the United States in California, but grew up near Toronto, Ontario. Apart from another short period in the early 1970s spent in Whittier, California, he has lived most of his life in Canada, and in 2007 he became a Canadian citizen. He resided for a while in Nanaimo, British Columbia, and briefly in Vancouver.

Karen White can open doors between universes. Yay, another excellent book by Robert Charles Wilson!

Karen White can open doors between universes. Yay, another excellent book by Robert Charles Wilson! Again, it's a parallel universe theme, but compelling characters and story make up for the repeating themes in his books.

Robert Charles Wilson's time has come. His first novel from Tor, Darwinia, was a finalist for science fiction's Hugo award, and a Locus bestseller in paperback. His next novel, Bios, is a critical and commercial success. Beginning with "The Perseids," winner of Canada's national SF award, this collection showcases Wilson's suppleness and strength: bravura ideas, scientific rigor, and living, breathing human beings facing choices that matter.

Читать бесплатно Gypsies Robert Charles Wilson. She booked tickets and a hotel room through a travel agent. The process was frightening-she had never traveled so far in her life. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: Laura’s college had taken a respectable bite out of the savings, though, and Tim’s education remained in doubt-he was bright but refused to take a job. The draft was a threat, but Tim claimed he would. Is this a vacation? the travel agent asked.

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I adore Robert Charles Wilson. I refer to this book as his "Stephen King book". Just when you think you know where Robert Charles Wilson is headed with this there's always a new twist. At times it feels like King, if King were a better prose stylist and wrote Science Fiction, rather than horror and fantasy. This is one of the first Wilson books I read and I found it engrossing and completely entertaining, with a wonderful Arthur C Clarke kind of philosophical SF that also tells a great story. I'm glad I read this and to me anyway, this work far surpasses most other works of Science Fiction.

It was still ther. he number he had pilfered from his mother’s address book, his father’s phone number in Toronto. Hasty blue pen scrawl on old green memo paper. There was a telephone in the kitchen-an old black dial phone on the counter next to the cookbooks.

1st edition large trade paperback fine
As always, Wilson’s writing is superb. Rich fleshed in characters in equally complete worlds.
The plot borrows lightly from his “spin” series where entire worlds lie through dimensional doorways, but in some ways, the richness of the characters feels more like his Julian Comstock.
In the end, it is it’s own story though and I loved the little paths and side trips on the way to the ending. Definitely recommended
A lot of twists and turns in this one! I've read every book he has written and I have never been disappointed!
The ability to summon the alternate world of your liking would be the ultimate travel guide, and since there are infinite possibilities.....? This story moved at a surprisingly brisk pace, although it stayed close to home in the nuclear family. I just wish more extrapolation would have been done concerning the actual worlds themselves. Perhaps in books to come...
speculative fiction always takes readers to new places.
fire dancer
I really love the way the way Wilson's words bring the action, landscape and characters to life. My favorite read this year and now on to his Spin Trilogy.
Tori Texer
Really enjoyed all of Robert Wilson's books. Excellent story and character development. Looking forward to more books from him soon.
Just a wonderful novel, one that will stick in your memory. RCW is a Humanist who delves deeply into the inner workings of his characters and their self discovery as the novel progresses. I didn't want this novel to end, the characters growth made me want the story to continue, although the summation was ideal. This man can write!
Nostalgia! Read this as a kid, made an impression on me