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Author: William Samuel
ISBN: 1877999091
Subcategory: Philosophy
Pages 413 pages
Publisher Butterfly Publishing House (May 1, 2010)
Language English
Category: Politics
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 808
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eBook The Child Within Us Lives! download

by William Samuel

The child within us lives! Visionary, Mystic and Philosopher William Samuel, pulls together the true nature of things, particularly time, space, matter and awareness (life). The result is a deeply meaningful perception of our original nature, the Child. Each sentence seems to build on the last until you start to get a glimpse of awakening as being present right now.

The Child Within Us L. .

William Samuel charts a course that leads to self discovery, peace and tranquillity.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read paperback, 413 pages. Published December 28th 1989 by William Samuel Foundation (first published 1989). The Child Within Us Lives!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking The Child Within Us Lives! as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. paperback, 413 pages. The Child Within Us Lives! ISBN. 1877999091 (ISBN13: 9781877999093).

A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics.

How do we do that? Now we are coming to reason for this book. In the mind's eye, we can equate "Child" with PHOTON" which is also, like the Child within us, everywhere in space at once

How do we do that? Now we are coming to reason for this book. Something enormous is soon to happen in the world; there is no sensitive person who doesn’t feel this deeply. In every field--science, religion, philosophy, government, business, or whatever--a strange sense of disquiet is growing, a feeling of Something Imminent. In the mind's eye, we can equate "Child" with PHOTON" which is also, like the Child within us, everywhere in space at once.

William Samuel "The Child Within Us Lives! . I have read a thousand books on spirituality. There are many that are great, and many that are just bullshit.

Maury Lee has been making transcripts of all William Samuel's audio. Sandy, Yes. Yes. What I like about Bill is that he dispenses with having to adopt any particular belief system, religion or metaphysics.

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Home Samuel, William The Child Within Us Lives! View Larger Image. The Child Within Us Lives! Samuel, William. Published by Mountain Brook Publications, 1986. ISBN 10: 0938747010, ISBN 13: 9780938747017.

William Samuel Books. The Child Within Us Lives! Dedicated to the carefree, joyful, triumphant Child within each of us! THE CHILD WITHIN US LIVES! brings SCIENCE, RELIGION AND METAPHYSICS ALIVE. Eclectic and non-sectarian, it puts, QUANTUM PHYSICS, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics in a new perspective, BEYOND theory and speculation. It takes the reader to the reason for the APPEARANCE of things and events, including science and history, in our experience. By the time the reader has read half the book, he will SEE how to test and PROVE the words for the CHILD within HIMSELF.

A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics by Legendary American Mystic William Samuel

There are Mysteries and Secrets contained in these pages, all of them related to the Divine Imprint already present in the reader's Heart.

This book is dedicated to the carefree, joyful, triumphant Child within each of us.

Much more than an academic compilation and comparison of ideas about reality, identity, Illumination, time and space...

Much more than an imaginative theorizing about one's true identity, about life's perplexing mysteries... more than a commentary...

THE CHILD WITHIN US LIVES! charts a practical and livable course through the labyrinth of the objective sciences and religions into the mysterious states of the new sciences and metaphysics... and, further, we are taken to the transcendence of such divisions in the discovery of our original nature, the Child within.

Here is a working and proven metaphysics that does not decry the reality of matter, but insists that matter be understood as part of one's self-discovery in process. Samuel speaks to the primal nature of light and linear time and to the necessity of understanding them.

Those on the path of self-discovery will appreciate this well written work that is filled with clarifying analogies that relate to transcending dualism and understanding the reason for this human experience.

Many of the prophets have spoken of a mysterious Child and childlikeness to prevail in the end days of linear time -- This book is about that Child, the Unobstructed Spirit and the grand view which includes the rediscovery of simple subjectivism, a new mark in non-space, non-time, and the fulfillment of the Original Purpose for tangible life on earth.

I really don't understand how Samuel's writing makes me feel like this. The first time I encountered him was through the 2+2=Reality pamphlet. I'm smiling with the memory of it. This feeling is so warm, fuzzy and bubbly and silly! Somehow it shines through. The Child Samuel speaks of is somehow alive between the lines of his writing. Much of it is good writing, although some of it is all over the place and even convoluted at times. But this doesn't matter at all. Samuel's writing unties all my knots. If I stick with it, the effect diminishes, and I have to admit this feeling is not really "on tap" for me. It's not something that is at my disposal. But go a couple months without looking at Samuel's writing, and come back to it, and there it is again! No other book of this type -- books for seekers -- have done this for me, at least not to this extent. And Samuel himself is aware of it, amazingly. Again and again he reminds the reader to read from the Heart, to squint at the words, to jiggle them around until you know their essence as your own. But again, how is it possible for someone to write this way?
From the Introduction: "Surely, for all of us, the study of truth becomes a knot of intellectualism until Something bursts through to help."

That is my experience of this book, and more. it resolves unequivocally such neo-Advaita and spiritual-materialistic errors as, "Since I'm already the one consciousness, there is nothing to do." and "The body is not real, but please God heal this chunk of unreality." The discussion on the true meaning of "Render to Ceasar" etc. is worth the price of this priceless book--that is, if you want to truly unsuffocate the Child within and let it lead you to the mountaintop. Filled with practical approaches to living the Truth of what you are, so you can authentically be lived by Truth. After all, being lived by the truth is the end of crying and suffering. Have intellectual conclusions--no matter how deep, how brilliant, how unshakable-- brought crying and suffering to an end? If not, then this book is for you.
William is great, all his books are worth reading, but this one is a writing of a man who has seen when mountains became mountains again. It gives some great tools and advice for before and after the change. But it also transmits an undercurrent, something that is not understandable by the mind, but is felt somehow somewhere. It moves and stirs in the deep. Often after some time you see results, but don't know how it happened.
I have been on a spiritual quest for over 30 years and here in this work I have found the missing piece the bridge and interface that has allowed me to reconcile myself with Truth and ways of dealing with this reality, written in such simple terms. This is a jewel of a work that has exceeded my expectations one hundred fold - any seeker will be able to see and apply the wisdom contained within this work effortlessly and peacefully - Thank you William Samuel for providing this road map to Tranquility - what an exceptional gift.
With many books in my library of this nature I have to say that this is a favorite because William Samuel make the mysterious and difficult pleasure to read and understand. Each sentence seems to build on the last until you start to get a glimpse of awakening as being present right now. Just let go of who you think you are, your beliefs, your story and personality is what he implies and teaches clearly.
"The Child Within Us Lives" by William Samuel answers questions that other books have tried but failed to answer. If you want to know: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of this world? Read "The Child Within Us Lives by William Samuel and find the 'peace that passeth understanding' others have found and spoke of, this time in terms easy to understand.
This book can appear dense and convoluted in the writing style, but if you are willing to sift through his analogies and read it, there is a lot of good information. He talks about the Child Within as the quickest way to find the 'I Am'. Having read the book, I find that I am enjoying more childlike innocence and freedom in my own life!
Your mind and heart will know the simple truth that is in this book. It is the real you speaking to you, taking your hand and walking you out into a light filled with incredible gentlness and peace.