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Photo and Art
Author: Heather Child
ISBN: 0879512695
Subcategory: History & Criticism
Pages 140 pages
Publisher The Overlook Press; 1st Edition edition (March 31, 1987)
Language English
Category: Photo and Art
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 130
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eBook More than Fine Writing download

by Heather Child

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More Than Fine Writing is one of the most important books on calligraphy to be published in recent times. Focusing on the life and art of Irene Wellington - considered one of the truly original figures in the development of calligraphy in our century - it also provides a history of calligraphys development into the vibrant and dynamic art form it is today. More Than Fine Writing by Heather Child (Hardback, 1987). Brand new: lowest price.

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Heather Child Author. Bristol-based author, writing speculative and crossover fiction.

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Are you sure you want to remove More Than Fine Writing from your list? More Than Fine Writing. Published June 13, 1989 by Random House Value Publishing.

Looking for books by Heather Child? See all books authored by Heather Child, including Heraldic Design, and Calligraphy today, and more on ThriftBooks. More Than Fine Writing. Teen and Young Adult.

com: More Than Writing. The Life and Calligraphy of Irene Wellington. By HC, Heather Collins, Ann Hechle, Donald Jackson. Large 4to. 1st ed. Woodstock, NY (Overbrook) 1987. Fine in dust wrapper. Price: US$ 3. 0 Convert Currency.

Child, Heather (1986-01-01). More than fine writing: Irene Wellington : calligrapher (1904-84). Wellington, Irene (1977-01-01). The Irene Wellington copy book in four parts. New York: Pentalic Corp. Ann Hechle, ‘Wellington, Irene (1904–1984)’, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, Oxford University Press, 2004. "Administrative, Biographical History". Finding guide, Irene Wellington Archive, Crafts Study Centre Archives. Images of Irene Wellington's calligraphy, VADS (the online resource for Visual Arts).

by Ann Cechle & Donald Jackson : Heather Child Heather Collins. ISBN 9780712346054 (978-0-7123-4605-4) Hardcover, London: The British Library, 1998. Find signed collectible books: 'More Than Fine Writing: The Life and Calligraphy of Irene Wellington'.

More Than Fine Writing is one of the most important books on calligraphy to be published in recent times. Focusing on the life and art of Irene Wellington -- considered one of the truly original figures in the development of calligraphy in our century -- it also provides a history of calligraphy's development into the vibrant and dynamic art form it is today. The four contributors to this volume, themselves noted calligraphers, help to tell the story of Wellington's life and work, illustrate her methods and techniques, assess her legacy and place it in the context of twentieth century calligraphy. Their work makes this an essential resource for any present or future calligraphers.
This really has almost nothing to do with calligraphy. Very disappointed.
This book is a must for anyone wishing to delve deeper into the history of calligraphy's revival in the 20th century. A student of Edward Johnston, Wellington helped to shape and influence calligraphy as we know it today. While most books on calligraphy can be generally summarized as varying levels of "how-to," this book gives us an honest look into Wellington's personal life as well as her life as a craftsperson. Nevertheless, there is a lot of technical learning to be had from the chapters, and any advanced calligrapher will appreciate the content.
a glorious book a gem
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Writing an instructional book is in conflict with teaching itself. More Than Fine Writing Irene Wellington

Multiple versions of identical texts, some demanding more than a year to complete (military honor roll 6000 names) are included in the visuals. Irene Wellington's challenge to create stationery, certificates, addresses to Her Majesty, formal invitations is displayed in images beginning with pencil sketches, initial penwork, rejects, at times reproducing 16 laboriously completed then discarded exemplars.

Professional approach to art process, including discards, is portrayed, encouraging the calligrapher to try and try and try again. Irene Wellington's belief that writing abecedaria only made one proficient in writing the ABCs is embedded in this text. She encouraged the calligrapher instead to "do things": write manuscripts, invitations, address letters, actually engage in the process of fitting letters to page and intertwine with one another, flexibly altering form as demanded by ascenders descenders and flourishes. Her method is unique among calligraphy books, instead of repetition of alphabets her own first attempts, multiple repeats and failures in working process are displayed. She wrote but never published a book of instruction perhaps fearing that it was like a freeze frame of a moving film, stunting adventurous attempts to revise and develop the art by implying that this is the "only" way to write correctly.

More Than Fine Writing's images of rejects, parchment cut away and discarded, is practical, functional and realistic. The inspiring finished projects are connected to previously replaced compositions, failures and discouragements. Two year-long projects listing 6000 military heroes done 10 years apart show growth in her own calligraphic fluidity and composition, and reveals the artistic process of a professional calligrapher. Both critique and compliment of images are presented.

Other books provide either illuminated texts of such exalted quality as to be discouraging, or alphabets to be copied, deadening inspiration and creativity.

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5 star recommended avoidance of rote repetition with a unique approach to teaching the joy of beautiful writing
I first borrowed this book from my calligraphy guild and I did not want to return this book. I never understood why people would steal or take something that did not belong to them until I open the pages of this book. However, I did return the book because my conscience was strong and my moral beliefs and knowing what is right kept me from stealing. I said all of that to say if you love calligraphy and want to learn and sit at the feet of Irene Wellington just buy this book and feel yourself take a step back in time as you open the book and experiences the life of Irene Wellington which inspired me to do my best by looking at my work and evaluating my pen strokes and the letter spacing comparing the same written sentences to see which letter is written more correctly and did improving on that letter making it better. There is a quote by Ruskin that describe Irene Wellington and her book "More Than Fine Writing" -- When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece. This book is a masterpiece.
I brought this book back from England in the late '80 and it has been the envy of many of my American calligraphy friends ever since. How wonderful that it is now back in print, available and reasonably priced. An inspiration for the beginner but most especially for those who have some background or ambition in this art. The contributors themselves constitute a "Who's Who"
of the late 20th century British calligraphy world. A must have, you will love owning this book for the rest of your life. No regrets!
You HAVE TO read this book! Irene Wellington's works are delightful to look at. Her letters and drawings have a vitality that is sensed even in reproductions. Unlike many books on scribes, calligraphy etc, this publication is a reliable volume; editors of the book are prestigious professionals and this book can make all the difference in the education of any scribe. It is a lasting book, and although I bought this book months ago I find myself going to it constantly. The works are very appealing and refreshing.