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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Dick Francis and Felix Francis,Martin Jarvis
ISBN: 0307877345
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher Books On Tape (2010)
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 848
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eBook Crossfire download

by Dick Francis and Felix Francis,Martin Jarvis

Dick Francis (pictured with his son Felix Francis) was born in South Wales in 1920. He was a young rider of distinction winning awards and trophies at horse shows throughout the United Kingdom. At the outbreak of World War II he joined the Royal Air Force as a pilot, flying fighter and bomber aircraft including the Spitfire and Lancaster. The characters' various British accents enliven a gripping story.

Слушайте Crossfire (автор: Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Martin . Автор: Dick Francis и Felix Francis. Читает Martin Jarvis. The Field of Swords (Emperor Series, Book 3). Автор Conn Iggulden.

Слушайте Crossfire (автор: Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Martin Jarvis) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Слушайте аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. A Suitable Vengeance. Автор Elizabeth George.

From Dick Francis and his son, Felix, comes Geoffrey Mason - a defense barrister . Dick Francis’ witty blend of horseplay and mystery is an incredible combination. Martin Jarvis read this book in great style, conveying the depth of characters and the great plot with his inimitable style.

From Dick Francis and his son, Felix, comes Geoffrey Mason - a defense barrister whose true passion is riding his thoroughbred. Mason's two lives collide when a fellow jockey is accused of murdering a colleague with a pitchfork. Mason prefers not to get involved. As a result, each of his equestrian novels gallops onto best-seller lists. In Twice Shy, Dick Francis whips up a fast-paced race through the risky world of horse betting. A pleasure to listen to.

Felix Francis (born 1953) is a British crime writer. He is Dick Francis’ younger son. Felix studied physics and electronics at London University, and then embarked upon a 17-year career teaching Advanced Level physics at three schools, the last seven as head of the science department at Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, before quitting to look after his father's affairs. He currently lives in Oxfordshire.

Dick Francis's Gamble book. Thereafter Dick and Felix collaborated on several novels. Last year's dual Francis offering - Crossfire - published after Dick Francis's death was also a collaborative entry. Although Dick Francis’s early novels were firmly set in the horse riding world of England, his later novels, while set in that world, were often about other topics. Nevertheless, they all had an innate feel of that horse riding world and the villains were also part of that world.

Martin Broughton nominates Dick Francis, champion jockey and champion author. I'm busy writing the next book. Felix Francis and Dick Francis. 24 December 2018 ·. Merry Christmas everybody. Do you fancy a taster? First sentence: It is said that everyone over a certain age can remember distinctly what they were doing when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated, or that Princess Diana had been killed in a Paris car crash, but I, for one, could recall all too clearly where I was standing when a policeman told me that my wife had been murdered.

Narrated by Martin Jarvis. Shell-shocked and missing a foot-lost to an IED during his tour of d.

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Аудиокнига "Crossfire", Dick Francis, Felix Francis. Мгновенный доступ к вашим любимым книгам без обязательной ежемесячной платы. Слушайте книги через Интернет и в офлайн-режиме на устройствах Android, iOS, Chromecast, а также с помощью Google Ассистента. Скачайте Google Play Аудиокниги сегодня!

Francis, Dick;felix Francis. The front-page headline of Sunday’s Racing Post couldn’t have been more blunt. The paper lay on the kitchen table when I went downstairs at eight o’clock to make myself some coffee after a disturbed.

Francis, Dick;felix Francis. That bastard Rambler, she was shouting.

Dick and Felix: Top Storytellers. As a Dick Francis fan I was a little unsure of having him team with another writer, even if it is his son. I feel Crossfire is as good as any of the earlier Francis books

Dick and Felix: Top Storytellers. I feel Crossfire is as good as any of the earlier Francis books. I like that the heros are flawed and are working to overcome their handicaps both physical and emotional. I think the characters were well developed, the story line gripping, and the backgrounds colorful. Just exactly what I expect in a Dick Francis novel. I will continue to look for Felix Franics novels in the future. оставлен cookskb3504. As usual, the title fot the story!!

Unabridged, 9 CDs, 11 hours Read by Martin Jarvis An exhilarating new novel from the New York Times-bestselling authors.
I have been ordering large print books for my sister-in-law Mary to give, after I finish them, to her disabled and vision impaired friend in a nursing home. I find I enjoy the larger print because I don't need reading glasses with them.

I had high hopes for this title. My husband and I were both fans of the earlier Dick Francis mystery novels (written, I believe with some assistance from his wife). I knew that after his wife's death, his son began to assist him. There has been a lapse of years since I last read a Dick Francis horse racing mystery so I was looking forward to this book after ordering it.

It's an ok (fair) book but lacks the characterization pizzazz of the earlier Francis novels. The mystery plot is fine but the main character, the protagonist, is hard to warn up to. The character is a man who has been in the military since leaving home at 17. He is now home, permanently because he has been disabled by losing a lower leg to an IED.

My biggest problem with the character is the repeated quotes from military strategy books and the character's instructors at Sandhurst. It seems forced. I found the plotting to be more than fair but this forced characterization of the central character in the book is its weakest aspect.

Still, I am going to try some of the other Felix Francis books to see if he improves over time.

Recommended for die hard Dick Francis fans only. Readable however not re-readable. Once is enough.
A professionally done book, but lacks that certain Dick Francis spark and pure Britishness (not sure if it is even a word, but you get my meaning, I am sure ;-)). I frankly did not like the main character all that much.
What I found illogical / unbelievable / not convincing :
* There was ONCE mention of two older siblings of the main character, and they are NEVER mentioned again. Vanished into thin air?
* That there was not psychological counseling after surgery (at least it was not mentioned)
* That someone who has grown up in a stable knows nothing about horse bridles
* That a intelligent and strong woman does not even TRY to find out who is blackmailing her
* That he has not taped (video and audio, or only audio) the slimy accountants confession
* That the main character was left to die of dehydration instead of simply pitching him from parking garage (it was the second floor). It is a much more believable cause of death, that to find a ex-military chained to wall dead from exposure/dehydration. And it avoids unnecessary complications. And solves the problem immediately.
* That he really plans to take over the stable from his mother (he know nothing about running it, and she is a to strong a personality to let him take over just like that)
CROSSFIRE is classic Dick Francis. Captain Tom Forsyth encountered and IED in Afghanistan and lost his right foot. He has just gotten out of the hospital and is beginning a six-month leave. He wasn't a good patient being both bitter and impatient. Because the army has been his life since he was seventeen, Tom is at something of a loss about what to do. He decides to go to his mother's home in Lambourn where she is a famous race horse trainer despite the fact that they really don't get along.

When he arrives, he finds that his mother is under more than the usual stress and that she is being blackmailed. It doesn't take long for Tom to get deeply involved in trying to find out who is blackmailing her and solving the problem that led to the blackmail in the first place.

This one delves into hedge funds, murder, and modern vices and has Tom using the lessons he has learned as a warrior and the guidance of Sun Tzu's The Art of War as he solves the puzzle.

This was a mystery with a hero who is competent in his own field and who brings that competency to his investigation. Tom is smart and honorable. He is dealing with and adjusting to the probable loss of the career he loved. His mother's problems give him a new focus. While this one is wordier than early Dick Francis books it is still a fast-paced story filled with tension and danger. I really liked it and recommend it to mystery fans.