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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Dennis Boutsikaris,Richard North Patterson
ISBN: 1442340185
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher Simon & Schuster Audio; Unabridged edition (May 3, 2011)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 610
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eBook The Devil's Light download

by Dennis Boutsikaris,Richard North Patterson

I received this book as part of the first reads program here on Goodreads. I was really excited to get this as I have really enjoyed Richard North Patterson's books in the past

It made me glad to know that Osama Bin Laden has been killed and is no longer a threat. I received this book as part of the first reads program here on Goodreads. I was really excited to get this as I have really enjoyed Richard North Patterson's books in the past. This one was not quite up to what I feel are his regular standards. The plot was bogged down with too much information, and the plot was a little contrived.

By Richard North Patterson. Read by Dennis Boutsikaris. More books from this reader: Dennis Boutsikaris. Unabridged Audio Download. Mass Market Paperback eBook. Meanwhile Bin Laden announces to the world that he will make a major terrorist strike on 9/11/10, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover!

Unabridged Switch between reading the Kindle book & listening to the Audible narration with Whispersync for Voice.

Switch between reading the Kindle book & listening to the Audible narration with Whispersync for Voice.

0 1 5 Author: Richard North Patterson Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris

0 1 5 Author: Richard North Patterson Narrator: Dennis Boutsikaris.

Narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris. Books related to The Devil's Light.

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Devil's light Library Ed., Recorded Books, 2011.

by Richard North Patterson Read by Dennis Boutsikaris. Narrator Dennis Boutsikaris keeps the tension high as Chandler investigates his suspicions and subtly delivers the complexities of his friendships and his romance with an Israeli. The story is sometimes more of a treatise on the Middle East situation than an exciting thriller. Library Ed.

Written by Richard North Patterson, Audiobook narrated by Dennis Boutsikaris. But their wedding is followed by a massacre of innocents in a lethal burst of gunfire, challenging their marriage and his presidency in ways so shattering and indelibly personal that Kilcannon vows to eradicate gun violence and crush the most powerful lobby in Washington - the Sons of the Second Amendment (SSA). Same as the last book only not as good. By A. Wright on 10-29-03. By: Richard North Patterson.

Author(s): Richard North Patterson. Narrator(s): Dennis Boutsikaris. Author(s): Richard North Patterson. Genre: General Fiction, Suspense Thriller, Literary Fiction. Genre: Suspense Thriller, Literary Fiction. Product Number C5880. Released: May 06, 2011. Business Term: Purchase. Publisher: Recorded Books, Inc. ISBN:. Product Number EB00579362.

Richard North Patterson. Richard North Patterson. A young man has been murdered. His girlfriend, twenty-two-year-old Brett Allen, is found at the scene of the crime. New York Times–bestselling author Richard North Patterson delivers a riveting novel of suspense and a powerful family's secrets Peter Carey was born into privilege during the McCarthy era, when the paranoia of Washington infected his parents' house and seeped into Peter's bones. His father was so obsessed with the family publishing business that he never had time for his son.

THE DEVIL’S LIGHT tells the story of an AL Qeda operative named Amer Al Zaroor, who, on orders from Osama Bin Laden, directs the theft of a nuclear weapon from the Pakistani military, and then transports it toward its intended target, Israel. Meanwhile Bin Laden announces to the world that he will make a major terrorist strike on 9/11/10, the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Deep inside Washington, Brooke Chandler, a CIA operative whose cover was blown by an incompetent colleague in Lebanon, thinks he knows how the bomb is being moved toward its target and how to find it. First he must overcome the skepticism of the CIA and the White House, and then he must find the bomb and disable or detonate it before it causes the Middle East to go up in flames.
Richard North Patterson demonstrates his research prowess in “The Devil’s Light.” The novel is a clear look at the massive complexities of international relations, terrorism, religious passion, and clandestine espionage. To create the book, Patterson explains that he relied on a massive network of prominent experts in counter terrorism, intelligence, espionage, and nuclear issues, along with the intricate relationships between Middle East countries and the character of al Qaeda and Hezbollah. The result of his diligence is the realistic and mesmerizing tale he weaves of a stolen nuclear device and the race to both use it and to prevent its deployment.

A nuclear bomb is stolen in Pakistan by a clever al Qaeda terrorist who intends to drop it on a major city with massive consequences of death and destruction. His intent is to avenge past injustices against his people, make a religious statement, and to further advance terrorist ambitions. Word of the theft and the uncertainty of the intended target prompt a massive international search for the weapon and its caretaker. Two stories are really the foundation of Patterson’s novel. The first involves the theft and subsequent movement of the bomb from Pakistan to a launch point in Lebanon. It’s a rugged and clandestine journey involving many modes of transportation over daunting landscapes while maintaining the secrecy of movement, and involving the death of many involved in the scheme to ensure the efficacy of the final act.

The second story concerns an American secret agent of many faces who, along with a female Israeli Mossad agent, are the primary pursuers who don’t have a lot of information to guide their efforts. In fact the decision they make on where to concentrate their efforts raises a lot of doubt in the minds of high level government officials who are desperate to terminate the plot. The two agents must fight this opposition, clouded by their own uncertainties, and, of course, manage the inevitable love affair that seems to be doomed by their cultural differences.

Patterson is a terrific writer, another of the attorneys who gave up lucrative practices to concentrate on writing. His storyline is mostly credible, his skills are awesome, and the suspense is built by his master craftsmanship. His main characters are realistically portrayed, although the bit players strike me as being too numerous with names that are difficult to remember. But to Westerners, that’s the way of the Middle East; confusing in both name and philosophy.

I enjoyed this book and feel somewhat more informed about the complexities of Islam culture, nuclear terrorism, and the intricate network of the espionage community. The realism created by Patterson’s research efforts is palpable and educational.

Schuyler T Wallace
What is there to say. It is a wonderful, carefully crafted, realistic,beautiful story of life and death, courage and deceit, spy and counterspy, and intrigue.

There is also a love story, beginning with youngish love, then unrequited love, and finishing with hope.

The story involves every political terrorist group in Lebanon and surrounding countries, and their interactions: we have an American hero and an Israeli heroine. An adventure, a love story, and a war story. It is so realistic that as you read it you want to look out your window for trouble
THE DEVIL'S LIGHT by Richard North Paterson is one of the most compelling novels I've read that deals with THE MIDDLE EAST'S complexities. I have never been able to understand how the world tolerates HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, encouraging their people to strap bombs to themselves and going into buildings and killing themselves and innocent people. The PALESTINIANS are JORDANIANS--they have a country. Paterson's research allows someone like me, not extremely politically astute, to gain some insight into the ARAB LEADERSHIP. Not valuing HUMAN LIFE makes dealing with this leadership to arrive at a peaceful coexistence improbable. ISRAEL, as described in his book, has contributed more to the quality of human existence and deserves to live in PEACE. This book is more than a worthwhile read. A. J. MARCUS
Another novel about nuclear terrorism and issues with Arabs versus the rest of the world, but a good read without the extreme religious overtones that Rosenberg injects. R.N. Patterson used to pick an issue and make a good book out of it so you learned without much effort....like Preserve and Protect and similar. This is not quite that and it lists too many different organizations to keep track off, but I still learned a few things though it is hard to tell what is real and what he made up. Worth the time and good characters.
I'm pretty sure I have read all of Richard North Patterson's novels and while there are some that I have enjoyed greatly, I am really starting to find him a bit hit and miss. This one was a pretty good lesson in everything you ever wanted to know about terrorism and Middle Eastern peace issues. I also found it confusing at times with no clear distinction when the story is being taken back in time. Since there wasn't a description of the storyline on Amazon, I really bought the book in good faith because it was a North Patterson, but the subject matter is something that I wouldn't normally choose to read about. The reality of terrorism is bad enough, I don't need it in my fiction.