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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Luke Daniels,J. A. Konrath
ISBN: 1455812072
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (January 10, 2012)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 883
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eBook Origin: A Technothriller download

by Luke Daniels,J. A. Konrath

A. Konrath (Author), Luke Daniels (Narrator), Brilliance Audio (Publisher) & 0 more. This is a good, fast paced, action, science fiction techno-thriller.

A. I havent read Konrath in a while and dont recall if this is his strong suit or not. Too many characters for a story of moderate length and not enough development of any of them. Basically I would say read this for the originality of the plot and quality writing. I felt the characters were sufficiently developed to justify their actions.

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Narrated by Luke Daniels. When linguist Andrew Dennison is yanked from his bed by the Secret Service and taken to a top secret facility in the desert

Origin - A Technothriller book. Konrath is a fun author and I’ve enjoyed his Jack Daniels crime series as well as his collaboration on the mega stellar DRACULAS

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Written by J. Konrath, Audiobook narrated by Luke Daniels. The explosive thriller from bestselling author .

Written by J. Better than expected. By Sammie on 07-19-19. Narrated by: Christopher Lane. Length: 9 hrs and 58 mins.

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Konrath has won the 2006 Bob Kellog Humanitarian Award and the 2004 Derringer . The above are all collected in the book "Jack Daniels Stories".

Konrath has won the 2006 Bob Kellog Humanitarian Award and the 2004 Derringer Award for Flash Fiction.

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Luke Daniels, J. Konrath is one of the greatest thriller writers alive. -Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Wayward Pines

Luke Daniels, J. -Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Wayward Pines. In 1906, a crew of workers at the Panama Canal unearthed something that could not be identified or explained. One hundred years later, a team of scientists gather at an underground facility in New Mexico to determine what this being is-the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind-and how it has managed to survive. A biologist will analyze its structure.

"Konrath is one of the greatest thriller writers alive."--Blake Crouch, bestselling author of Wayward Pines

In 1906, a crew of workers at the Panama Canal unearthed something that could not be identified or explained. Something sinister. And very much alive . . .

One hundred years later, a team of scientists gather at an underground facility in New Mexico to determine what this being is--the most amazing discovery in the history of mankind--and how it has managed to survive. A biologist will analyze its structure. A veterinarian will study its behavior. A linguist will translate its language. But even the greatest minds in the world cannot answer one inescapable question: Could this ancient creature, this mockery of God and nature, actually be the ancient demon known as . . . the Beast?


From bestselling author J.A. Konrath comes a tense and thrilling exploration into the mysteries of life and death, good and evil, and the original source of our darkest fears . . .

Praise for J.A. Konrath's bestselling thrillers

"EXCELLENT."--Lee Child

"UNRELENTING."--James Rollins


So, back in the early 1900s something is discovered. The powers that be decide we shouldn’t know about it and the secret is passed on from President to President.

Finally, after over 100 years of studying their discovery, it recently woke up. New people are drawn into the big secret and things quickly get out of control.

I found myself very intrigued by the plot. It would be awful to be trapped underground with something ancient and evil through and through. As the characters fall for it’s trickery, they meet some bloody ends.

I’d love to see this as a movie. The action is relentless and the author pulls no punches when throwing horrific things in your path. Watch out for ceiling vents and corners. You never know what’s waiting to jump out at you.

Chilling reading served up just the way I like it.
Great Book. POSSIBLE SPOILER. I love the concept of the book, which is that several individuals are brought to a secret military base to investigate true evil, but I thought the true origin fell just a bit flat. I have recently discovered J.A. Konrath/Jack Kilborn and have been tearing through his books. He's a great writer and really sucks you into the story telling.
This is a scary novel. I was electronically turning the pages with a shadow of foreboding hanging over me. It's just one gotcha after another and sometimes even overlapping with one already in progress. It's exciting, thought-provoking with a lot of constant movement. There is quite a bit of soul searching going on among the characters. All have flaws that affect how they handle the situation they find themselves mixed up with. Some much worse than others. Not the least of which involves the constant harangue between two men, one a rabbi and one a priest, over the impact the creature, who is the star of this show, will have on the world should it be allowed to survive. Some think it's the Devil. The backstory for the creature, who is called "Bub", could be anything or anyone from the past history of Earth. This is a very complicated look at the possibilities. As you might imagine, the ending is really astonishing. This is a good read and you won't ever be bored whilst reading it.
I was interested in Origin's concept which is why I picked it up. I loved the idea of digging up a creature that could have conceivably generated the stories and legends of humanity's origin. I have to admit that I almost put the book down several times. I got bogged down in the characterization and religious explanations of the Christian and Jewish characters and the action took too long to kick in. After rereading the reviews that came before several mentioned it took 50% of the book to get started so I held in there. The action really does kick in then. I wish there had been a bit more balance.

The gross factor made me squirm a bit so if you're a fan of that kind of horror, this book is for you. I wasn't disappointed with the concept development. It was an intriguing take on humanity's beginnings and what would happen if all of our belief systems were tested. I'll give another Konrath book a try.
Maybe not a thinking man's horror book, but loaded with well-defined characters and a storyline that moved at a brisk pace. Lots of memorable passages including the bloodcurdling for example "Bub twisted the sheep in half only a few feet away from her, a tangle of intestines stretching out between the pieces like hot mozzarella on a pizza" and "There could be no worse death...Or no greater death" to the wickedly funny like "I'm not a soldier. It's not my job to fight the devil. I know exactly what will happen. I saw Jurassic Park..." and this exchange " "I see you mean to distract me by playing on my weakness." "What's that?" "Spandex." So long as you keep in mind this being capable of making a good B-grade horror movie, it made for an entertaining read, and the more I read of J A Konrath the more I can say I've come to know what to expect and generally look forward to his books.
I loved the premise but the characters’ actions just stretched credibility too far. When the creature starts talking, they don’t pull up a chair to listen. No, they go play raquetball. have a date. They spend chapters talking to each other, debating religious theory.

The way Bub ‘tricks’ them into letting him out- so beyond transparent.
They spent the whole beginning throwing up because he was so freaky and disgusting.
But yet, they’re more than happy to trust everything he says.
Then when the typical horror starts happening, again, I didn’t understand their choices at all.

*** spoilers ***
So he’s very dangerous. He can reanimate dead things and turn them into more of himself.
What do you do? I’ll tell you: you pickaxe your way out and run like hell.
Then as he comes out of the hole too – that you dug for him – you say pretty much “oops”

Maybe one character I can see doing it? That’s the more expected thing.
But ALL of the survivors? Their only concern was for their own lives. Not one person thought, we cannot let this thing get out and eat grandma/my sister/my mother. Not a moment of guilt even or a second of ‘well, maybe we should take our lumps to save the world?’
It was presented by every character as the only logical choice: they can’t nuke this place because I’m in here.

I couldn’t empathize with anyone in the book.

I loved the premise and the beginning, but it let me down so hard.