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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Daniel Pollock
ISBN: 0061000876
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Publisher Harpercollins; Reprint edition (September 1, 1990)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 812
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eBook Lair of the Fox download

by Daniel Pollock

Clive Cussler - Lair of the Fox is as exciting tale telling as you'll want to read.

Clive Cussler - Lair of the Fox is as exciting tale telling as you'll want to read. Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books.

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Clive Cussler-"Lair of the Fox is as exciting tale telling as you'll want to read. The pace, the tension, the sheer intrigue are spellbinding. Dan Pollock is a bright new force in adventure writing. Publisher's Weekly- "Written with authority, this is a classic, can't-put-it-down thriller.

Daniel John Pollock (24 August 1968 – 13 April 1992) was an Australian actor best known for his role as Davey in the 1992 Australian drama film Romper Stomper. Pollock was born in Melbourne, Victoria, the son of John and Lucy Pollock. Pollock attended Swinburne Senior Community School in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn in the mid-1980s. He acted in the films Lover Boy (1989), Nirvana Street Murder (1990), Death in Brunswick (1991) and Proof (1991).

Ismet accepts, and as the world's special forces are launched, he and Amanda vanish into a labyrinth of intrigue and terror, with Paul Cyrus racing recklessly behind as Amanda's sole chance of surviving the Fox's lair. From the Back Cover: "An exciting journey to Istanbul and beyond in the company of some most intriguing characters. The suspense is unrelenting, the plot absorbing and, for an added bonus, the background is exceptionally well observed.

Ships in a business day with tracking.

What luck?" cried Fred, forgetting the foxes for a moment in hisanxiety to hear the result of Horace's trip. No, not diamonds," said Mac. "But we 've found something valuable. And he told of their discovery of the black foxes. But the problem ishow to get them," he finished

What luck?" cried Fred, forgetting the foxes for a moment in hisanxiety to hear the result of Horace's trip. None," said Horace curtly. He looked tired, dirty, and discouraged. I went clear to the Whitefish-nothing doing. But the problem ishow to get them," he finished. The only way I can see is to shootthem at long range.

A first novel showing what happens to a Kurdish terrorist operation when a sympathetic movie star butts in. The producers of Barbary!, a miniseries dramatizing the kidnapping that provoked American hostilities against Tripoli, have commissioned the . . The producers of Barbary!, a miniseries dramatizing the kidnapping that provoked American hostilities against Tripoli, have commissioned the George Washington, a full-scale replica of the frigate from which Lydia Markham was seized in 1800. The TV script comes alarmingly to life when Kurdish nationalists led by the wily Ismet (""the little fox"") seize the ship, lying in the Bosphorus, and make the usual demands

Millburn Senior High School.

This book was a pleasure to read - if you don't get too flustered by not knowing what every single word means..... The author is very descriptive and uses a lot of boat / boating jargon. The story line was interesting and kept my interest all they way to the end. I look forward to reading more from this author.
I guess the writers style and I just don't mesh well. His prose is a little too laced with info to show he did his research but fitting into the story well. The characters were good but mot to the point that I could relate well to them. I didn't care for the revolutionary heroine but maybe that's me.

With all of that said I'm still reading it and enjoying it.
Pollack has crafted a marvelous well plotted novel keeping the reader rapidly turning every suspense filled page. The beginning with Paul and D.A. almost made me put it down. Their superficial relationship quickly devolved and put Paul in the forefront of protagonists out to rescue the hostages with the movie star Amanda becoming his major concern.
Read it in one day, plot twists kept my attention to keep reading and finish it. Well laid out plot and plausible ending with just hint of romances and plenty of action - good recipe for book,
I can't be as assertive in giving praise to this book as the other reviewers did, but I did enjoy it. I found the character of Paul Cyrus to be less than credible. He places himself in danger of death and leaves his cozy life on a yacht because some actress called him lacking in gonads? Well, it is a fantasy adventure book so I'll accept that flaw.
There is an interesting terror(or freedom fighter) theme about the Kurds' unending drive for a country of their own. The author does a good job of demonstrating the sometimes ambiguous nature of those terms by making the terrorists(my terms) a bit sympathetic. But for me murder, kidnapping, piracy, extortion etc. are always inexcusable regardless of the "righteousness" of the cause. The other plot that runs through the novel is the Russian angle which brings all of these people together in a quest for their own purposes to the Greek isles which leads to a satisfying conclusion.
I did find the character of the British film star Amanda Morgan an ultra-liberal, willing to put her words into action, more compelling. She and the true believer Kurd leader Ismet were both interesting characters and kept the reader intrigued by their unusual relationship- like a reverse Stockholm Syndrome.
This is a classic international thriller, in the same league as Ludlum, Follett, and Grisham. It grabs you from the first page with is immediate mix of character and action, and pulls you along all the way through to the last page. Apparently it is Mr. Pollock's first novel and its a good place to start if you are just discovering his work. The plot is intricately developed - set in the 1980s it involves terrorists, a Hollywood starlet, a cynical KGB officer, a brutal British mercenary, and an American diplomat in the hero role. The American joins forces with the KGB team to chase down the terrorist cell that has kidnapped the beautiful actress and threatens the world with a new form of poisonous gas stolen from the Soviet Union. All of this is brought to together in exotic locations in Eastern Europe, coming to an explosive ending on a tiny Greek Isle. I won't say more for fear of spoiling the twists and turns in the plot, but suffice it to say: this is a darn good read!

Disclosure: I am a crime novelist myself (published under the name Christopher Bartley) and I occasionally exchange correspondence with Mr. Pollock - though even that, I would note, is based on my admiration for his writing.
An example of good character depth, intrigue and intensity. A couple of miss spelled words, probably due to spell check. But well written.
The plot was interesting and fast-paced. The ending had some nice twists to it, as well. I will keep the author on my list to follow up.