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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Steven Martin Cohen
ISBN: 0671854690
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Pages 352 pages
Publisher POCKET BOOKS; New Ed edition (1998)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 302
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eBook Becker's Ring download

by Steven Martin Cohen

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Steven Martin Cohen’s most popular book is Becker's Ring. Becker's Ring by. Steven Martin Cohen. Seven Shades Of Black by.

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Weird, wild, and utterly original, Becker's Ring will have readers teetering on the uneasy edge between fear and antic fun.

Cohen's hardcover debut pits New York City's finest against a serial mutilator who dishes out a fate literally worse .

Cohen's hardcover debut pits New York City's finest against a serial mutilator who dishes out a fate literally worse than death. The first victim, paroled carjacker Freddy Lopez, is dumped on the Upper West Side minus hands and mouth (though whoever operated on him has thoughtfully furnished his cheek with a new blowhole, such as it is, for the purposes of breathing and eating). But it's not until the second casualty that &.

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Published by SIMON & SCHUSTER LTD, 1997. AbeBooks has millions of books. ISBN 10: 0684817586, ISBN 13: 9780684817583. View all copies of this book.

Clifford, Steven Martin Cohen here, author of Becker's Ring, a book. You had requested that someone contact you if there were any more titles by me. Well there are: Toy Inventor, and Katherine's Bosom

Clifford, Steven Martin Cohen here, author of Becker's Ring, a book. Well there are: Toy Inventor, and Katherine's Bosom. Toy Inventor has some of the same characters as in Becker's Ring, and Katherine's Bosom has all new characters and is literary fiction with thriller dimensions.

by. Police - New York (State) - New York - Fiction. Vigilantes - Fiction.

Samuel C. Heilman and Steven M. Cohen, both distinguished scholars of Jewish studies, have joined forces in this pathbreaking book to articulate this vibrancy and to characterize the many faces of Orthodox Jewry in contemporary America. Who are these Orthodox Jews? How have they survived, what do they believe and practice and how do they accommodate the tension between traditional Jewish and modern American values? Drawing on a survey of more than one thousand participants, the authors address these questions and many more.

What David Lynch's Blue Velvet and Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction brought to movie audiences, Becker's Ring brings to the reading public--a dark, daring portrait of America, delivered with a manic, off-the-wall humor. Weird, wild, and utterly original, Becker's Ring will have readers teetering on the uneasy edge between fear and antic fun.
Over the course of several weeks, numerous victims of a serial mutilator are found scattered throughout New York City, each succeeding victim more horribly mutilated than his predecessor. Freddy Lopez, the first victim, has had his mouth sewn shut and a blowhole carved in his cheek. As a final insult, his hands have been amputated. A few weeks later, Jerome Lewis is similarly disfigured, only his arms are joined at the wrists to create what the media calls a "hooper" (think about it, it'll come to you). Jerome is found with his newly joined arms encircling the base of a lamp post.

Lieutenant Brent Kramer of the NYPD lands the case. Although he knows the media sideshow will be unbearable, he is thrilled by the prospect of searching for a "mentally disturbed needle in a mentally disturbed haystack". Assisted by his colorful sidekick, forensic chemist and jack of all trades Nigel Atkerson, Kramer uses his considerable wiles to track down the mutilator (who barely avoids being tagged with the ignominious moniker "Dr. Smegma") before he or she can commit another heinous crime.

Mr. Cohen chronicles the resulting mayhem with panache. His characters are quirky and larger than life, their dialogue crisp and laugh-out-loud funny. Cohen's narrative bounces around like a pinball--you never know what's next. The reader is presented with gross out horror, scientific asides, manipulative agents, sympathetic victims, weird suspects, a bizarre villain, a Late Night Top Ten List ("10 Things You Can Do With a Hooper"), a frenzied media, an eccentric botanist and more--it's as outrageous as real life, only a little bit more organized. Even the chapter titles are witty--my personal favorites where "Things Busy People Do Late at Night", "An Afternoon with Zippy", "Pfffffft!" (you'll get this after you've read the book), and "A**wipe".
You'll never read another book with this premise I guarantee. It's not about a serial murderer instead it's about a lunatic who performs serial disfiguring surgery on the victims. It has a lot of detail both on the procedures and on the hunt for the perp. But not so much you feel like you're in the first year of med school. This is an old book from the mid-90s and the author has apparently given up any thought of more mysteries which is a shame.
I enjoyed this book, and I want to read more. Could someone leave more titles by this author in another review? Or how I could find them, for they seem to be out of print? Thanks


OK, after a decade, I tried to re-read this story. I also got another of this authors books. Tried to read it...

This is one of the first genre books I read. Since then, I have seriously read over 1000 of them. My taste has matured. I wouldn't give this a five star review today.
A rather off-beat, sadistic, tense, yet highly entertaining tale with elements of dark humor told by a very talented and gifted author. This is a book the likes of which compare to few others I have read. Had he been alive today, I suspect it would have been a favorite of one Edgar Allen Poe.
Incredible read. Dark humor at its finest.
This book was quite comical. If you're looking for a story that has some sort of truth to it, then this is not for you. There are some funny parts to this book, ESPECIALLY the media coverages and the talk shows. Read it and you'll see.