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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Martha Grimes
ISBN: 0747268436
Subcategory: Mystery
Pages 448 pages
Publisher Headline Book Publishing; New Ed edition (November 1, 2001)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 857
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eBook Cold Flat Junction download

by Martha Grimes

A marvelous gallery of idiosyncratic characters. a thoroughly delightful reading experience. Grimes has created a work of value here, a book that expands her art, her reputation-and possibly her audience. Richmond Times-Dispatch

A marvelous gallery of idiosyncratic characters. The San Diego Union-Tribune. Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Martha Grimes (born May 2, 1931) is an American writer of detective fiction. Cold Flat Junction (2000). Fadeaway Girl (2011). She is best known for a series featuring Richard Jury, a Scotland Yard inspector. Grimes initially became known for her series of novels featuring Richard Jury, an inspector with Scotland Yard, and his friend Melrose Plant, a British aristocrat who has given up his titles.

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Martha Grimes is the bestselling author of eighteen Richard Jury mysteries and also the acclaimed fiction Foul Matter, Cold Flat Junction, Hotel Paradise, The End of the Pier, and The Train Now Departing. Библиографические данные. Cold Flat Junction Emma Graham Series.

Martha Grimes is the bestselling author of 25 Richard Jury mysteries and also the acclaimed fiction Foul Matter, Cold Flat Junction .

Martha Grimes is the bestselling author of 25 Richard Jury mysteries and also the acclaimed fiction Foul Matter, Cold Flat Junction, Hotel Paradise, The End of The Pier and The Train Now Departing. In the twenty-fifth mystery in the bestselling Richard Jury series by MWA Grand Master Martha Grimes, an unlikely trio of detectives teams up to solve three puzzling murders. Written with Grimes’s signature wit, sly plotting, and gloriously offbeat characters, The Old Success is prime fare from one of the most fascinating mystery writers today (Houston Chronicle).

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Cold Flat Junction book. I love this series, the first books by Martha Grimes I have read. Hotel Paradise drew me in, and I cannot wait to find the third so I can finish the story

Cold Flat Junction book. A once fashionable, now fading resort hotel  . Hotel Paradise drew me in, and I cannot wait to find the third so I can finish the story.

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one of the year's best.

Emma Graham is quizzical and persuasive, imaginative and pragmatic, shy and belligerent. And curious-oh, so curious . one of the year's best. Now, Grimes returns to the same small town, intertwining the threads of one young girl's unexplained death with another young girl's attempt at making sense of her own life.

This book concluded the plot in Hotel Paradise and was the better of the 2 books. The writing was exquisite and a joy to read, written entirely in the first person voice. The pace is soothing and relaxing so unlike the fast paced thrillers and police procedural that I usually read. What a relief like settling into a warm sauna. The imagery and tone is country life in the 1950s. This 12 year old is precocious, confident and strong. Emma likes herself and knows what to say and how to charm adults to get information she needs. Quite humorous! Fast paced? No. But so darn good, I was up late reading just to experience what Emma would do next! Very, very well written! I'm a new Martha Grimes fan! "Belle Ruin" is next. Anxious to enter that atmospheric realm again!
Martha Grimes boggles my mind. She's written a lot of books I admired, a few that seemed lacking, and at least one that struck me as a total disaster (see "Bite the Moon"), but here she dispels all fears that her skills as a writer have atrophied.
There is scarcely a paragraph in this book that doesn't contain a gem of humor, poignancy, or simply character observation worth savoring. It's especially interesting that the theme is similar to the one in the much maligned effort mentioned above - a lonely and resourceful kid tackling some very adult problems. But here there's something very genuine about the emotions. The characters are wonderfully realized and their interaction is often hilarious. It's a coming-of-age story as well as a mystery, evocative and lyrical and clearly the work of a master.
Martha Grimes is one of the all time best cozy mystery writers. This series is a little different from her other books - the main character is a 12 year old girl. I didn't think I'd be very interested, but I gave it a try because of my love for her Richard Jury series and I was pleasantly rewarded.
I like some of her books, but this I couldn't get through. It kept refering to people and events that occured in her previous novel (which I read several years ago), i just didnt get the rehash of info..
This is the best book that I have read in a long time. I bought it used, but when received, it was in very good condition.

I have read several of Martha Grimes books, and I love them all. She is an excellent writer. Reading her Emma Graham books is like reliving my own 12 year old self, although I wasn't as adventurous. The characters are so well drawn that they become friends, and the solution to the 40 year old mystery is very satisfying.
Really enjoy Emma Graham as a protagonist. Martha Grimes in this series is more focused on the characters and their lives than on the mysteries but they are a lot of fun to read. This one we really see how young Emma is in her understanding or non-understanding of her friends and how much they care for her. This was a fun read.
Martha Grimes gets right there in this one with a twelve-year-old heroine Emma Graham who understands her life's limitations and expansions. The wry humor wipes out the pity you might feel for a fatherless girl, stuck waitressing at the family's seen-far-better-days hotel while her mother takes a vacation without including her or even explaining why she's left behind. The mystery left over from HOTEL PARADISE deepens and winds around here and there through some interesting characters, many of whom we'll grow to like because they're treating Emma with some respect and kindness. This is a great book.
What can I say? It's Martha Grimes...her insight and empathy for young people has always been demonstrated in her incredible series of Inspector Jury books, where there is always a child to lead the way!
This series with Emma Graham is lyrical and touching and profound...and I have read them more than once, and will probably read them again and again...