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Mystery and Suspense
Author: Anne Underwood Grant
ISBN: 0440225531
Subcategory: Mystery
Publisher Dell; 1st edition (July 13, 1999)
Language English
Category: Mystery and Suspense
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 608
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eBook Cuttings download

by Anne Underwood Grant

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The card was unfinished. The flowers were perfect. Sydney is thrilled that a large floral conglomerate has chosen her advertising agency to help it put on the annual international show covering all aspects of the floral industry. However, Sydney's joy is short-lived and anxiety begins when show participants start dying - just after receiving a beautiful floral arrangement.

Horace Grant Underwood (19 July 1859 – 12 October 1916) was a Presbyterian missionary, educator, and translator who dedicated his life to developing Christianity in Korea

Horace Grant Underwood (19 July 1859 – 12 October 1916) was a Presbyterian missionary, educator, and translator who dedicated his life to developing Christianity in Korea. Underwood was born in London and immigrated to the United States at age 12. He graduated from New York University in 1881 and New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1884

GRANT, Anne Underwood 1946-PERSONAL: Born February 24, 1946, in. .

GRANT, Anne Underwood 1946-PERSONAL: Born February 24, 1946, in Savannah, GA; daughter of William Emmett (in insurance business) and Ruth (Pollock) Underwood; married Maxwell Berry Grant, J. children: Elizabeth Keats, Leighton Kyle. Ethnicity: "Caucasian. Education: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, . 1970, graduate study, 1971; attended Warren Wilson College, 1994. Source for information on Grant, Anne Underwood 1946-: Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series dictionary. WORK IN PROGRESS: A garden book; a literary novel set in Chapel Hill, NC, in the 1920s; two fantasies. Biographical and critical sources: Online.

Not to be confused with Horace Grant Underwood. Grant Revon Underwood is a historian of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) and a professor at Brigham Young University (BYU). YouTube Encyclopedic. The following is a list of some of Underwood's publications: Books. Underwood, Grant (1993).

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Thomas Underwood, of Anne Arundel's Geni Profile . Contact profile manager. A book in the Library of Congress with a title similar to "The Underwood Boys" says that the above George Underwood supports this - stating that George, Thomas and William Underwood were the 3 brothers who came together from England (to Virginia?) and were all given land by Lord Baltimore in Maryland.

At a convention of floral designers, someone has made the perfect arrangement--for murder...The card was unfinished. The flowers were perfect. And both were found near a dead man in the crowded Charlotte Convention Center. The occasion was a world-class gathering of floral designers. The deceased was a leading practitioner of his art, felled by an apparent heart attack. For Sydney Teague, whose small advertising agency was working the convention, the death was alarming. But then another person dies--this time brutally stabbed.Now Sydney's balmy city is being smothered by a freak spring snowstorm, the convention is in danger of collapsing, and a madman's rage is in full bloom. Suddenly Sydney realizes how little she knows about some people around her, including her policeman beau. And for Sydney, time is running out. Because the next floral arrangement has just come to her with the greeting When words are not enough...
Anne Underwood Grant delivers another page turner with "Cuttings"! The plot is tight and intriguing, the protagonist is very likable, intelligent, and sassy, the setting is beautifully wrought -- this is a novel worthy of two thumbs up, 5 stars, and rereading for pure fun. A keeper!
I got into this book because of the flowers. I liked reading about all the flower decorations. I didn't get into the murder mystery with this one as much as I did with Multiple Listings but it was still good. I didn't guess the right murderer.
Cuttings was a great continuation on the series. Sydney and the kids are advancing through their lives and I can hardly wait for the next one. Couldn't put it down.
"Cuttings" comes in a paperback and is a mystery series, but Anne Underwood Grant does more with her amateur sleuth Sidney Teague than most authors do with their hardcover heroes.
In no way would one want to step into Teague's shoes. Sidney is a single mother of two who runs her public relations agency with the help of two staffers and a revolving door of salespeople. And instead of a house by the Atlantic or some other attractive location, Teague works out of Charlotte, N.C. Those who know the area will recognize the locations, the people and Grant's cutting knowledge of the city's foibles, from its inability to distinguish itself nationally to its overweening pride in being a "big city." The only bow to convention -- her boyfriend is a homicide detective -- is undercut by her uncertainty that they have a future together.
So Teague lives a life that's closer to the everyday hurly-burly that her readers will find familiar. Her time is not her own, even when there's a murder to be solved. During a long weekend servicing a convention of florists, their wholesalers and suppliers, she has to cope with her demanding client, her employees and her children. On top of that, she is shaken when a floral designer she had known for decades suddenly drops dead at a seminar he was conducting. Then a convention executive is found stabbed, and Teague finds herself targeted as well. She soldiers on, but she's clearly shaken, and her subsequent discoveries carries with them an air of tragedy far graver and more satisfying than one would expect to find in a paperback. If Anne Underwood Grant doesn't take care, she may find herself compared with Patricia Cornwell and James Lee Burke. And who would want that?
I read Cuttings by Anne Grant in one huge gulp. Sidney Teague is back! I started reading the series because Multiple Listings concerned Realtors. I thought she nailed us. :) My interest in her character has grown with each book. Cuttings concerns the floral industry (which I found to be surprisingly fascinating), and I was grabbed from the first page. The plot had a very unexpected turn, at least for me, and I loved it. It was one of those slap your forehead and say DUH times. The clues were there, but Grant had me so caught up in the story I missed them. It is a wonderful mystery that gives us a glimpse into the new urban south of Charlotte. I love Sydney and highly recommend this book and the first two Multiple Listing and Smoke Screen. You might as well buy them all while you are here, because you'll come back for them. Cuttings is a must read for mystery lovers.
Not a good book. Each book in this series is less and less enjoyable. With minimal secondary character development, a 'villain' whose motivation remains obscure even at the end, and a main character who seems to be predisposed to distrust her significant other [who has never given her any reason not to trust him] and a plot that doesn't connect from one incident to another, don't bother!
CUTTINGS is the best classic mystery I've read this year. As a lover of Dorothy L Sayers and Dame Agatha Christie, I have a hard tiime finding an author who pays attention to the details of plotting the way Ms. Grant does. I havent' read her other two books, but I'm going to find them today!
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