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eBook One Pilgrim's Progress: How to Build a World-Class Company, and Who to Credit download
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eBook One Pilgrim's Progress: How to Build a World-Class Company, and Who to Credit download

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One pilgrim's progress offers wise and godly advice dreived from almost 60 years in business. by. Pilgrim, Bo, 1928-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on April 3, 2013.

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Bibliographic Details Publisher: Thomas Nelson November 2005. Publication Date: 2005. Bo Pilgrim had no college education, but he did have a big dose of Texas courage and a heavenly calling that led him to start his own business after World War II. Reggie Wallace, who worked with Pilgrim for fifty years, describes it this way: "All we had in the beginning was a two-wheel buggy, a shovel, some burlap sacks, and Bo's big ideas. Today, Pilgrim's Pride is a enterprise that employs more than 40,000 people and processes 30 million chickens a week.

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The subtitle alluded to Mr. Pilgrim’s robust Baptist faith, which he later exhibited in his everyday business and personal interactions and imparted as a Sunday school teacher for a half-century. Classes were often held in the boardroom of the community bank he had bought several decades earlier and renamed the Pilgrim Bank.

World-class engineers also have a personal backlog of things they want to fix/change/improve, and they work on this list in the gaps.

We want to make Creative Market into a world-class company with a world-class product and world-class engineers to build it. The good news is that we already have a group of incredible engineers who make that job pretty easy. But the team had some frustrations too, and most of those centered around a feeling that we aren’t shipping features quickly enough or making enough progress on the things that matter to them, like replacing older, problematic portions of our codebase. World-class engineers also have a personal backlog of things they want to fix/change/improve, and they work on this list in the gaps. Good engineers are satisfied with writing good code.

He has built development programs for retail . Great book on how to develop & promote your Franchise. A must read if you are looking to grow your franchise business.

He has built development programs for retail, and service concepts. He is former President of Franchise Update Media Group, and Associate Publisher of Entrepreneur Media. Steve entered franchising in 1980 as co-owner of a multi-unit franchise in Houston, and was awarded Franchisee of the Year. Difficult to find good books that speak to those interested in creating a company that is franchise-based. One person found this helpful.

Book by Pilgrim, Bo
Clearly written, extremely well thought out and inspiringly honest, Bo Pilgrim doesn't not hide his beliefs, when it comes to his consumers, his partners, his employees or his faith.

While some may say that much of the book is common sense, that's not its weakness, but its strength. After all, while other business authors seems determined dazzled their readers with questionable statistics and bold, controversial pronouncements, One Pilgrim's Progress illustrates the power and promise of simple truths, clear virtues and strength of character.

Honest and straight forward, One Pilgrim's Progress is a clear reminder that, before you can add market value to your products, you've got to have personal values.
Interesting read. This man and his brother built a poultry empire from nothing. His faith was a strong feature throughout the book.
He learned early on that if we give to God first and realize that all blessings come from Him He will continually bless us. This man of God knew the principles of God and put them into practice. The book is full of practical advice and a blueprint for the rest of us whether we apply his principles as a business person or simply to our daily lives.
I have read this book from cover to cover. As a HR director for his now defunct company, I was sickened by his need for you the reader to believe he is a Man of God. I've met Men of God and he is not one of them.

I lived for years in Mt Pleasant Texas where he had his corporate headquarters. Throughout the town and his nearby town of Pittsburg Texas you will find egotistical statues of him. One is maybe 40 feet tall and utterly ridiculous. I would often apologize to out of town business visitors for these narcissistic displays.

I really don't care one way or the other about Bo Pilgrim. It just galls me that he would conduct himself in ways that prove he considers all people to be his chattel and then write a book that glorifies himself. How pathetic.

PS. I questioned why we had a buy each and every employee in the company a Bo Pilgrim book back when it came out and exactly where the money went. I questioned this basically because the book was a sham and it was expensive. Especially when multiplied by 30,000 employees. The company was struggling and we were in a massive cost cutting mode. I was told it wasn't my choice and all proceeds went to Bo's personal account.
This guy is self-indulgent, pompous, and at the end of the day, sad. It is clear by this narcissistic book that it wasn't enough for him to build a large company, which he never actually explains how to build, but he needed an outlet to brag to everyone about how rich and grand he is now for having done it. At one point he tells the reader he has finally reached a personal goal of his, which is that he is now, or at that time, worth a billion dollars. At another point he describes all of the statues of himself in the backyard of his house, which is called, "Chateau de Pilgrim", and according to Bo Pilgrim will be a museum when he is gone. Yeah, it goes on and on... Each sentence read and each page turned is Bo Pilgrim talking about how awesome he is. All the while he states this under the guise of christianity and an unwavering devotion to God. The saddest and most ridiculous part is that he names his book, "One Pilgrim's Progress". A play off of the title, "The Pilgrims Progress" written in the 1600's and considered one of the most important writings of religious english literature. This is simply another nod to how awesome he truly believes that he is. Now with everything that I have stated here I would like to go ahead and throw it out there that if a "One Pilgrim's Progress: New Testament" comes out I am definitely going to buy it because I want to hear his saintly version on his company going bankrupt, being taken away from him, and being kicked off the board of the new, and might I add thriving company, Pilgrim's. This book definitely ranks as one of the worst books that I have ever read.
Look into the mind of a business owner who started with nothing and ended up with a billion dollar net worth with out compromising his integrity.