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Author: Robert V. Remini
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Publisher Harper and Row; 1st edition (August 1, 1988)
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eBook The Life of Andrew Jackson download

by Robert V. Remini

Robert V. Remini's prize-winning, three-volume biography Life of Andrew Jackson won the National Book Award on its completion in 1984 and is recognized as one of the greatest lives of a .

Robert V. In this meticulously crafted single-volume abridgment, Remini captures the essence of the life and career of the seventh president of the United States. As president, from 1829-1837, Jackson was a significant force in the nations's expansion, the growth of presidential power, and the transition from republicanism to democracy.

Robert Vincent Remini (1921–2013) was an American historian and a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago

Robert Vincent Remini (1921–2013) was an American historian and a professor emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He wrote numerous books about President Andrew Jackson and the Jacksonian era, most notably a three-volume biography of Jackson. For the third volume of Andrew Jackson, subtitled The Course of American Democracy, 1833–1845, he won the 1984 US National Book Award for Nonfiction

Robert V. Remini's prizewinning, three-volume biography, The Life of Andrew Jackson, won the National Book Award upon its completion in 1984. Now, Remini captures the essence of the life and career of the seventh president of the United States in the meticulously crafted single-volume abridgement.

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We’re dedicated to reader privacy so we never track you. Jackson is a highly controversial figure who is undergoing.

Robert Remini, Exhaustive Andrew Jackson Biographer, Dies at 9. Robert V. Remini, an admired historian best known for his study of Andrew Jackson, including an exhaustive three-volume biography that traced how the seventh president harnessed his populist appeal to wield unusual executive power, died on March 28 in Evanston, Ill. He was 91. The cause was complications of a recent stroke, his daughter Joan Costello said. He said, ‘No way, I can’t sell two volumes,’ Mr. Remini recalled in a 2006 interview with Steve Scully of C-Span. Mr. Remini kept pressing.

Robert Remini is the expert on Andrew Jackson and the Age of Jackson. This book, which is a culmination of many of his works on Jackson, is a masterpiece of biography. Highly readable, Remini shows why Jackson was one of the best Presidents we ever had. Remini does a good job on not just what Jackson did, but the man himself.

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Traces the life and career of the seventh U.S. president, describes his military exploits, and examines his leadership qualities
In recent years, Andrew Jackson, America's controversial 7th president of the United States, has made his way back into the modern conversation. Last year, there were conversations about taking Jackson's face off the twenty dollar bill after the Broadway play, based on Alexander Hamilton, made it unpopular to remove his visage from the ten dollar bill. This year, the term Jacksonian has been thrown around to describe the policies and character of the current presidential administration. The 45th president himself visited the Hermitage to praise parts of Andrew Jackson's legacy. With the spotlight returning to this controversial character in US history, I decided to read a summary of his life and was not disappointed in this book.

The biography starts off describing Andrew Jackson's personality from his childhood to young adulthood, showing him off as having a temper, being a bit mischievous, but also able to control himself and his emotions when necessary. From there, it describes his time serving in the American Revolutionary War, which personally cost him a lot and led him to form some of the positions and hatred that would color his later actions. From there, his early life as a lawyer and soldier in Tennessee follows, along with the strange circumstances of his marriage. His adventures during the War of 1812, which would make him a hero to the American public, are discussed at length as are his exploits in then Spanish Florida. His popularity would throw him into the political arena and the circumstances that made him the seventh president instead of the sixth would lead him on a personal crusade to make sure the public's voice was heard by the leaders in Washington. Details of his time in the White House follow, including all his triumphs, missteps and failings, before ending with his death back at the Hermitage.

The author's passion for his subject matter shows, although I was happy to see that it didn't lead to him trying to cover up some of Jackson's darker actions and aspects. It is an enjoyable read on this man's life, with plenty of details and interactions fleshed out. The author does his best to explain Jackson's thinking to the reader and he does a good job of it, allowing the reader to understand Jackson's train of thought while agreeing or disagreeing with it on their own terms. It's a fascinating character study of a flawed, passionate man and the time in which he lived.

Whether one admires, despises, or is torn about Jackson is up to the reader. What is undeniable, however, is his impact on the US and its government. Understanding his popularity is key to understanding part of the American story, unsavory bits and all. Personally, I'm very glad that I read this biography as it gave me a better understanding of a man who still has a part in the conversation going on in America today.
I had seen the musical, "Bloody, Bloody, Andrew Jackson," and had wondered if he was a bad a president as the musical portrayed him. So I wanted to find a non-biased book that would tell the good, the bad and the ugly... and this book did. I have to say that after reading it, I can say that Andrew Jackson was, like most people, a mix of good and bad. I can admire parts of his life and am disappointed with other choices he made... but I do feel like I know him, his motivations, his strengths and weaknesses now. This is history... real, honest and complex.
This seminal one-volume biography tells in detail the amazing life of our seventh president and the tumultuous times he lived in. Back in the days when generals like Washington and Jackson led their armies from horseback, armed with swords, Jackson finished creating the USA in it entirety by winning the enetire SE section of the country. He and his vision for a UNITED States was unstoppable.

People today tend to focus on Jackson's banishment of Native American cultures and condemn him for that. The fact is that America could only have been formed as a single nation if the indigenous people and the blacks were denied equal access. Otherwise we could have become
a confederation of ethnic identities like the Yugoslav states - , each having its own army always fighting each other. Jackson's vision was one of national unity which is why he is considered one of the greatest of our Presidents.
It depicts Gen. Jackson”s life exceedingly well and graciously generous. He was definitely one of our best presidents and it is truly deplorable that in these days of “political correctness” ignorant people revile him and try to dishonor his good name. He was, after all, a man of his time with all the attributes therefore.
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"The Life of Andrew Jackson", by Robert Remini is an abridgement of Remini's classic and authoritative three-volume biography of "Old Hickory". It's natural to be skeptical of an abridgement of such a monumental work - even by an acclaimed historian and writer as is Remini. This one, however, is a very credible effort. It maintains the continuity of Jackson's personal development, gives adequate profiles of the primary factions and views in the major controversies involving Jackson, presents a balanced portrait of Jackson's strengths and weaknesses, successes and wrecks and displays the "family side" of Jackson that many other biographers and historians have often given short shrift. It also provides a decent, albeit cursory, look at the "Times" within which Jackson's life occurred.
As is, this abridgement could well be considered and used as an historical "primer" or "short course" for study of the important transitional political era that Jackson's life and career spanned. It can also be thoroughly enjoyed as the entertaining tale of one of the most interesting and amazing figures in out national experience. In Jackson's time he was described as "the President of The People" and today, nearly 200 years later, it would probably still be correct to say that no other President has been as closely linked to, and dearly loved by, Mr. and Mrs. America as was Andrew Jackson.