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eBook Start Here! Learn JavaScript download
Author: Steve Suehring
ISBN: 0735666741
Subcategory: Operating Systems
Pages 232 pages
Publisher Microsoft Press; 1 edition (September 25, 2012)
Language English
Category: IT
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 699
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eBook Start Here! Learn JavaScript download

by Steve Suehring

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If you have no previous experience with Script, no problem-simply start here This book introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

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Publisher: Microsoft Press PTG. Print ISBN: 9780735666740, 0735666741. The print version of this textbook is ISBN: 9780735666740, 0735666741. This book's format is not supported currently, please contact the publisher.

Ready to learn jаvascript? Start Here!

Learn the fundamentals of modern programming with jаvascript—and begin building your first apps for the web. If you have no previous experience with jаvascript, no problem—simply start here! This book introduces must-know concepts and techniques through easy-to-follow explanations, examples, and exercises.

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Early on the book says you can use anything as a script editor, even Notepad. I did not have Visual Studio 11 on my computer and was lost from the start. The text and samples all seemed to be for that specific program. It should have said so in the book's description.
Would say the book works as an introduction to JavaScript and the JavaScript environment.
Don't know if it would work for someone who hasn't programmed before. Knowledge of HTML and CSS is almost a must. The author does take a couple of pages to explain HTML and CSS, that wouldn't be enough for a true beginner.

If someone has some knowledge of HTML and CSS then this is easy book to read and understand. The author explains the concepts without going into too much detail, as an introduction book should. This book won't make the reader an expert in JavaScript, but will give a good beginning to the world of JavaScript.

The book also gives an introduction into jQuery, Ajax and also touches on JSON. With only about 200 pages, all subject matter is more introduction than in-depth.
One last thing, the book uses Visual Studio for the development environment. The reader can get the free version of Visual Studio (Express) from Microsoft and the book tells you how to do it. The reader can use another text editor, just realize that the examples in the book use Visual Studio.
This book works well as an introduction to JavaScript for someone who hasn't programmed before. The thing I love about the book is that the author explains things a bit more than I was able to find online but not so much detail that my eyes gloss over.

Not sure what the other reviewer was referring to but I think this is a great book for a newbie. The book is meant for people like me, who really haven't programmed before, so if you already know what a "do while" loop is, then you're not a beginner! It was nice to see the author respond to that other reviewer in the comments here on Amazon though.

I'm not quite there yet, but I see this book also covers programming for Windows 8 with JavaScript. This book is a tailored for Microsoft Visual Studio (probably has to be in order to program for Windows 8) but from what I can tell the author's other JavaScript book programs in other editors and shows more things.
This book feels like a very shallow introduction to JavaScript, and it fails to mention very important things. I was hoping to use it as a supplementary material to a college course, but it's not nearly enough to be used as such. I was forced to stop reading after Chapter 3 because I realized it would be a waste of time because of the reasons described below.

For example, look at Chapter 2. Where is the "do...while" loop? Missing in action? We have a few short examples on "for" loop, and the "while" loop that hardly even begin to explain how to use loops and how complex they can get, and there is not even a mention of nested loops or nesting anything within loops for that matter. Then, the book jumps straight into conditionals, which really should have been mentioned BEFORE loops. And yet again, total disaster! Where are the nested if/elses? Where are some more examples on how to use if//else if/else?

My professor in college is bombarding me with more and more complex info where he asks to create programs with many nested if/else if's and elses and the book doesn't help here at all. Now we have an assignment where I have to nest my if/elses within loops and I am completely lost! In chapter 3 the book goes into introducing new concepts such as objects and functions, but what is the point of trying to learn these things if nothign was explained well enough or deep enough in chapter 2?

Really, I am not asking much of this book. The class I am taking in college is not an "advanced" class. It is an "intro" JavaScript class. And if this book cannot assist me in doing well in this class, I really cant say it's a good book.

I hope that someone can pop in here and point out that I missed a later chapter where all the mentioned things are explained and used in more detail, because I couldn't find anything like that.
I just started programming with JavaScript and this book was a great resource in learning the language. The examples provided useful references for someone who is new to the language and me to easily create a working script. Again very useful for a beginner in learning how to program in JavaScript.
I have done some HTML programming along with Java, C and other languages. But when I saw this book I figured I would give it a try. Definitely good reading for someone interested in the workings of webpages. I like the author's style and plan on reading his Java Script Step by Step, which I probably should have read first. The author does a good job of explaining the code, but does not explain what to do if there is an error. The author uses Visual Studio, which is needed for some of the exercises from Chapter 5 on. While working in Chapter 5 I encountered a Server Error that would not let me work with the Post method. Removing all the file to my Desktop and changing the paths I found everything worked ok. While in Chapter 6 and using the code from the book website I discovered a possible solution. In the book the author has a line in the js file as $('#myform').on('submit', function(){. But the code from the website has .live('submit'. Changing it to what the book had allowed the program to work without error. The author insisted that you name your html file index.html, which is ok if indeed this would be your homepage. But you can easily use the same names for the main html, js, and css files, just open the html file in the browser. I like doing this better than deleting the code and paste into the index.html each time. One thing that I found help with reading and working with the exercises is to realize how important the paths to files are. Working with this has given me a better understanding of where files should be located.