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eBook MCSE Networking Essentials Study Guide (Exam 70-58) download
Author: Syngress Media Inc.,Global Knowledge Network
ISBN: 0078824931
Subcategory: Networking & Cloud Computing
Pages 512 pages
Publisher McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (April 6, 1998)
Language English
Category: IT
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 918
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eBook MCSE Networking Essentials Study Guide (Exam 70-58) download

by Syngress Media Inc.,Global Knowledge Network

Global Knowledge Network Study Guides are designed with one goal in mind: to help you pass a specific MCSE . Syngress Media, Inc. (Rockland, MA) is an independent company committed to creating the very best book, software and Internet based exam preparation tools.

Global Knowledge Network Study Guides are designed with one goal in mind: to help you pass a specific MCSE exam. No fluff or false promises. They have published over 20 certification study guides and over a dozen Personal Testing Centers. All of these products are created by leading content experts, many of whom are also full-time trainers. Series: Certification Study Guides. Hardcover: 608 pages. Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media (March 18, 1998).

Items related to MCSE Networking Essentials Study Guide (Exam 70-58) . Syngress Media In. Global Knowledge Network MCSE Networking Essentials Study Guide (Exam 70-58). ISBN 13: 9780078824937. MCSE Networking Essentials Study Guide (Exam 70-58). The authors have organized their book around Microsoft's outline of exam objectives. Because Global Knowledge Network trains more than 150,000 network professionals each year, they can highlight specific areas in the exam that are the toughest to master, then fine-tune their instruction to match the most recent changes in Microsoft's exam objectives.

Certification of Windows NT programmers and engineers is a fast-growing trend-required by many companies.

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Networking Essentials book. The Networking Essentials Accelerated MCSE Study Guide provides exactly the kind of guidance necessary to get you ready for the Networking Essentials exam—one of the core tests for getting your MCSE credentials. Pick any topic—from topologies to protocols,to cabling issues—and the information is all there,right where you want it. A complete,one-stop reference on how to study for and pass Exam 70-058: Networking Essentials.

I recently took and passed my CCNA, with little help from this book. Had I only studied this book, I do not think I would have passed. After reading and studying this book for a month, I was given a Cisco Press book, and I found I didn't know half of what I needed to. There are MANY things missing from this book, and they are constantly contradicting themselves. Very poor quality book. The Cisco Press book was much more clearly written, and there were few times in reading it that I was confused.

Find nearly any book by Global Knowledge Network. by Syngress Media In. Global Knowledge Network. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780078824937 (978-0-07-882493-7) Hardcover, McGraw-Hill Osborne Media, 1998. MCSE Windows NT Server . Study Guide (Exam 70-67).

Global Knowledge Network-the world's largest independent .

MCSE Supporting and Maintaining a Windows NT Server . Network Study Guide provides in-depth, element rich coverage of all the technical objectives required to pass the 70-244 Exam. Key Features Include: - Step-by-step exercises, Exam Watch and On the Job notes, and quick reference Scenario & Solution tables. More than 250 practice exam questions that match the actual exam questions in content and feel.

Certification of Windows NT programmers and engineers is a fast-growing trend--required by many companies. This study package provides complete coverage of exam issues, including LANs, WANs, and the Internet and includes practice tests for self-paced review. The CD includes MCSE's newest feature--Simulation Questions; four or more individual exams providing more sample questions than any other study guide; and a complete searchable electronic version of the book.
There are better books out there but this is OK, it seemed to be beaten up here but I did not think is was *that* bad. I am putting the book up on EBAY though to buy more books. So this isn't a save-it-for-the-grandchildren book, I did pass the test how much this book helped is hard to tell.
There are many MCSE preparatory guides on the market, of those I've seen covering Networking Essentials I found this to be the best for both the novice just beginning in the world of routers and Ethernet and the serious student pursuing an MCSE. The book is very well laid out and the topics are broken down well, with an extensive review of the OSI model. With the help of a partner and a few other study aides I was able to prep for the test and pass on my first attempt in only four weeks (admittedly a fairly intense four weeks). Being able to place that certification on my resume was probably the difference between landing and not landing my current job as a computer technician in a large suburban school system. The book is written well enough to explain without overwhelming, detailed and yet accessible to the average reader. The accompanying CD is merely an electronic version of the book, which my partner preferred while I did not. I was hoping there would be some "hands on" material included with the CD along the lines of a CBT course. The CD does include a few sample exams from other vendors though I've found the best freebie can be found directly at the MS website. My only other gripe was the large number of typos in, of all places, the quizzes that are found at the end of each chapter. These typos were present on the CD as well and I can only hope Syngress will do a better job editing these in the future. Aside from these minor inconveniences I can truly say this book has easily been the best self-help investment I've ever purchased and I am equally pleased with the other books in the series, which I heartily recommend as well.
This book only presents the basics of the topics needed to master the material. It does not cover the material in sufficient depth to prepare you for the exam. The material is presented in an extremely disorganized manner. Chapter topics jump around. Acronyms and terms were frequently used without defining them until much later in the book (if at all). Being new to networking concepts, this made it unnecessarily difficult to follow some of the subject matter. I bought this book because it looked as if it made the subject matter simple and straight forward, but it is not presented well and I would not recommend this book for someone needing to learn the concepts. This book would be a good review for someone familiar with networking and looking for a quick review.
I bought this book to start studying for the MCSE exams and was exremely pleased to score 90% on the end of chapter self tests however having done the Microsoft prep test this book simply does not take candidates to the required level to pass the exam. That said however I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to build a solid foundation and then progress from there i.e. by buying another publishers book to supplement this one. One major gripe was that the CD ROM was labled NT Server in the Enterprise and the self tests link to the wrong place sometimes. Apart from that a very useful text used at the correct level.
A little background first: I'm 16 and a full time student. I read the entire book and prepared thoroughly for the exam (via the book's chapter tests and included software) in under two weeks. I took the exam and scored a 933 out of 1000. That should be enough credit for the book there, however I will continue. The information presented was very well explained and easy to read. Even if one is not considering attaining a MCSE certification but is interested in networking, I highly recommend this book. My only complaints about the book are it's occasional typos (which I've found all throughout Global Knowledge Network's books). Anyway, excellent book, and I recommend reading it to anyone who is interested in networking.
I just bought the book for 3 days, and I figured out 2 errors in the CD. 1) On the CD, Chapter 2, Figure 2-2, I got a black picture, don't know what is that, need to refer back to the book. 2) When I do the end of chapter exam, Chapter 1, Question 3, after I answer the question, it bring me to Chapter 8. It is only the first 2 chapter I read, so I think there will be more and more coming up. But it is good they have 5 demo exams.
I read through the book which was an easy read, but after taking many practice exams and the actual exam, I'm glad that I also had the MS Press book for this test.
It's not that this book is that bad, it just doesn't prepare a reader new to this material to pass the exam.
I liked the format of the book and I wish it was better because I find myself looking for another publisher's series.
This book is a good introduction to networking and would be helpful for a novice beginning their MCSE quest. However, we didn't feel that it prepared us enough for the exam. It seemed to go into detail in the wrong areas. Feel free to check out our site for our MCSETutor.com recommended list for the Networking Essentials exam. There are other books that we would suggest instead of this one.