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Author: Chuck White
ISBN: 0782140947
Subcategory: Graphics & Design
Pages 1006 pages
Publisher Sybex; 1st edition (June 15, 2002)
Language English
Category: IT
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 577
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eBook Mastering XSLT download

by Chuck White

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. XSLT (E x tensible S tylesheet L anguage T ransformations) is a powerful tool for transforming XML to other formats.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

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Focusing on XSLT's capabilities and uses, this book features quick, efficient introductions to the key concepts, written for people who know their XML. It covers: understanding the XSLT data model; working with expressions; using variables and parameters in XSLT; using functions; managing output; using looping, iteration, and repetition; and more.

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Chuck White, Chelsea Valentine

Chuck White, Chelsea Valentine. From the Publisher: XSLT's capabilities and uses are so extensive that many books get bogged down in the complex W3C specification and provide little in the way of practical, real-world instruction. NASA Enterprise Visual Analysis. Maria Lopez-Tellado, Brenda DiSanto, +6 authors Chuck White.

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Chuck White is a Web development professional who has written numerous articles and books on Web development, including Mastering XSLT and Developing Killer Web Apps with Dreamweaver MX and C and tutorials for IBM DeveloperWorks

Chuck White is a Web development professional who has written numerous articles and books on Web development, including Mastering XSLT and Developing Killer Web Apps with Dreamweaver MX and C and tutorials for IBM DeveloperWorks.

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For more information, see Mastering XSLT by Chuck White (Sybex, 2002). You can also learn more at the World Wide Web Consortium's Web site at ww. 3. org; just look for XSLT in the table of contents. Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver. ISBN: 0764596373 EAN: 2147483647. Year: 2003 Pages: 181. Authors: Kevin McDonald, Andreas Wilmsmeier, David C. Dixon, W. H. Inmon. CompTIA Project+ Study Guide: Exam PK0-003

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a powerful tool for transforming XML to other formats, such as HTML and PDF. It is at the heart of most XML applications and is a notoriously difficult language to understand. Mastering XSLT offers experienced XML developers comprehensive how-to information, plus an in-depth XSLT reference, including XPath. The book has a special emphasis on converting XML to HTML, a major application of XSLT. A entire section of the book focuses on specific implementation issues, including dealing with different kinds of non-XML output, such as special characters and math computations. Author Chuck White is a communications professional who has done extensive work for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is President and Chief Creative Officer of The Tumeric Partnership, an integrated marketing communications firm, and is the lead author of Mastering XML, Premium Edition from Sybex. He is also webmaster for Javertising, a popular website for advertising and web development professionals.
This is just another disturbing computer science book that has never been competently edited. Very verbose, but the real oddity is the lack of meaningful words, or any words, to explain syntax when it is obviously needed. I was really sorry that I waisted my money and time reading this book after reading positive reviews. Never again will I make a purchase on so few reviews. Look for similarity in negative comments to find the truth about books in reviews.
I can see where the author of the previous review is coming from. I agree that this book is not a good starting point for beginners. The writing consists of dialog and narration in long paragraphs compared to other computer books that have a lot of screenshots, diagrams and bullet points for fast reading and organization (which I generally prefer).
However, if you have programming background and some experience with HTML/XML you won't find another book with as many detailed examples and as thorough explanations. I am currently developing some XSLT templates for a project in my company and this book has proven to be a great source of ideas and techniques for solving a wide range of uncommon problems that other books do not cover.
Highly recommended for experienced users to be used as a thorough reference.
It's so easy
Okay, I suppose the weenies who say you have to know XML to understand this book are right. So, yeah, if you don't know XML, go to remedial school and learn it. Maybe I'm being kind of tough, but the truth is, if you're a Java programmer, or a C programmer, or a Javaascript programmer, this author knows how to talk to you. He tells you how XSL is different than OOO programming. And the differences are huge. No simple iterations and loops here, no dynamic variables, no anything you're used to, and this author explains it all in a way that makes sense. This book is absolutely the most comprehensive beginner-to-advanced-level book on XSL I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. If you want straight reference, go to Michael Kay's book. If you want to actually learn the language, this is your book.
If you want something that explains XSLT, don't buy this. The author hardly bothers to explain what anything really is, how it works, or what it's for. He provides lots of code examples, but doesn't explain them. He simply shows the code and the results. He seldom explains how the code generates the results.

The author constantly introduces topics he says he'll explain in later chapters. You're often left wondering why he bothered because introducing things and not explaining what they do or what they are makes it difficult or impossible to follow the point he's trying to make.

In addition, he sometimes introduces new features with examples that show how NOT to use them. He then does not provide examples of correct usage.

I really wasted my money on this book.
Before I bought this book, I took a look at many books for deciding which one to buy.I bought this book 'coz it seemed the best one for me, and. indeed, it is. It explains a lot about xslt template and the neccessary functions. Many other books don't have any explanation about how to use it. I strongly recommend this book!