» » Solaris 9 System Administration Training Guide (Exam CX-310-014 and CX-310-015)
eBook Solaris 9 System Administration Training Guide (Exam CX-310-014 and CX-310-015) download
Author: Bill Calkins
ISBN: 0789729229
Subcategory: Certification
Pages 1008 pages
Publisher Que (April 12, 2003)
Language English
Category: IT
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 684
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eBook Solaris 9 System Administration Training Guide (Exam CX-310-014 and CX-310-015) download

by Bill Calkins

Author Bill Calkins is the leading voice of this industry, and he's once again delivered the perfect study companion for UNIX system professionals preparing for the Solaris 9 System Administrator exams (310-014 and 310-015). Readers preparing for this exam find our Training Guide series to be the most efficient self-study tool in the market. This book is their one-stop shop because of its teaching methodology, the accompanying PrepLogic testing software, and superior Web site support at www.quepublishing.com/certification. Training Guides are subjected to rigorous technical review by a team of industry experts, and are Cramsession Approved Study Material!

The accompanying CD features PrepLogicâ„¢ Practice Tests, Preview Edition. This product includes one complete PrepLogic Practice Test with approximately the same number of questions found on the actual vendor exam. Each question contains full, detailed explanations of the correct and incorrect answers. The engine offers two study modes, Practice Test and Flash Review, full exam customization, and a detailed score report.

Purchased this item to get Solaris Administration - easy read if you are a Unix nut...never did get around to taking the exam though..
one life
In short, the book covers the how to part with "step by step" instructions. There are exercises with what to type.
Often when seeking help or learning, you just want to how to perform a task. And this book comes thru. Learn by doing. Not by memorizing endless forgettable facts.
Questions at the end of the chapter to help reinforce the material.

So it's READ, DO, QUIZ.
I've got Microsoft, Novell and Cisco Certs, but don't recall a book that provides the detail that this one provides.
Give me screen captures and "step by step" instruction over endless paragraphs of mind numbing text.
Good Job Bill. We appreciate the extra effort.
This is the second time I have used Mr. Calkin's study guides to pass the Sun Solaris System Administrator exams. The way the book is formatted, the presentation and depth of each topic, along with the practical questions at the end of each chapter is what sets it apart from the other study guides. It is far easier to read and several thousand pages shorter than the official Sun documentation. All in all, you can not go wrong in purchasing this book.
I used this book only to get the certification. I do not know other books with the same topic. But I will say this book is the most tasteless book I have ever read and it is missing many key points of the certification test. It just list hundred commands and options you can use. If you are a machine, then this book is not bad. You can just scan it in and sort it out. But as a human reader, you will not remember anything for this first 2 or 3 readings. And I do not like the tone used by the writer. It is like your boring, no fun manager just saying something meaningless to you. I have read many other books, I like the style of WROX books the best, it is like your very knowledgeable and nice co-worker sitting besides you and show you how to do things. You do not feel anything from this book, just a boring manager asks you to finish some job you hate very much. The only reason I did not change other books is that I had this book, and I do not have the extra money to buy another one. So if you have not bought this book. DoNot.
This is the only book I used to study for the exams. In the few areas where the book was weak on a topic, I sought additional information or clarification from articles I found on the Web. There are a few typos here and there, but nothing major. Overall, a good book.

Of course, the best testament to the thoroughness of the book for covering exam objectives is this: I can now add the letters 'SCSA' after my name. Thank you, Mr. Calkins.
This is the best book available to prepare you to pass the Solaris 9 certification exams (it's better than the Exam Cram book which, as its title suggests, is a bit sketchy and doesn't have anything like the kind of depth of explanation that Calkins' book does).
I'm really surprised that even a couple of people have indicated in their reviews that they think the Exam Cram book is better. By all means buy the Exam Cram book if you can afford to, it's a handy supplemental text, but if you have to choose only one book then get Calkins' one, it's a hands down better choice.
Calkins' book sticks rigidly to the certification topics, introducing no extraneous material. The certification topics are covered and explained in detail; if you study the book, you will really LEARN something, and you can rest assured that whatever you learn will help you to pass the exams. Important issues of practical experience aside, if you study this book well, I can't see you not passing the exams. I passed them both well, this book was my primary preparation.
Good luck to everyone.
I am in an intermediate class as we speak and so have the intermediate class notes. This is most likely all the training I can afford or my company can afford for now. I want to pass the
14 and 15 exams next year.

My instructor Mr. Menendez recommended I get an Ultra 60 as a study machine. So after my other studies will try to get pass these exams next year. After reviewing the other books, will buy this one. I have class notes for ess and intermediate so I am ready. SO armed with this book and exam cram, some good practice questions, away I go. An Ultra 60 is about $400. I plan to be a beginner Sun administrator.

So sometime in 2006 after I pass (or not pass :)) these exams will come back and update my review.
Well its April 2006, goals change. I still have the training. Must be getting old. So they sent me to it but not sure for NOW about doing Sun adm cert. So my review can not speak for the book.
I'm a Solaris instructor and must comment on the Dalia Aziz comments who wrote that the Calkins book is full of filler. Aziz is flat out wrong-it's a great, in depth training guide. Our firm reviewed the Gibbs book because it was the first one out and we needed a Solaris 9 training guide for our students; I returned it. In short, here's our review: and here's why Gibb's book (Pub. Osborne) is several hundred pages less than the Calkins book: Gibbs has 3 sentences on managing disks with SMC, nothing on managing core dumps, nothing on Flash archives, nothing on fssnap, nothing on printers, 1 sentence on smpatch (Calkins has 7 pgs on smpatch). Gibbs devotes an entire chapter to vi and another entire chapter on basic command syntax- both are not on the exam (talk about fluff). Gibbs also includes sections on Admintool and Adminsuite when both products have been discontinued in Solaris 9. Gibbs still refers to SVM as DiskSuite and contains numerous typos. Gibbs tells the reader to use rlogin, rcp, rsh and does not even speak of the secure shell. I could go on and on about what that book missed. I gotta give Calkins credit for waiting to get it right vs. being first to market with a sub standard book. Great job Calkins- we use this book in our Solaris Admin 1 and 2 courses and our students are getting certified!! Hey Aziz, better check your reference: there's a total of 12 exam objectives not 6.