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Author: Carl Von Clausewitz,Carl Von General Clausewitz,J. J. Colonel Graham
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Publisher Dodo Press (March 28, 2006)
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eBook On War download

by Carl Von Clausewitz,Carl Von General Clausewitz,J. J. Colonel Graham

Carl Philipp Gottfried (or Gottlieb) von Clausewitz (/ˈklaʊzəvɪts/; 1 June 1780 – 16 November 1831) was a Prussian general and military theorist who stressed the "moral" (meaning, in modern terms, psychological) and political aspects of war. His most notable work, Vom Kriege . .

Carl Philipp Gottfried (or Gottlieb) von Clausewitz (/ˈklaʊzəvɪts/; 1 June 1780 – 16 November 1831) was a Prussian general and military theorist who stressed the "moral" (meaning, in modern terms, psychological) and political aspects of war. His most notable work, Vom Kriege (On War), was unfinished at his death. Clausewitz was a realist in many different senses and, while in some respects a romantic, also drew heavily on the rationalist ideas of the European Enlightenment.

Graham's translation of the original work is adequate. If you are looking for the complete works I recommend Carl von Clausewitz, On War, eds. and trans.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Clausewitz examines with great clarity the distinction between what war is and what war ought to be. His theory is one that if examined closely will reveal that war and politics are interchangeable.

NOTE: This version of Carl von Clausewitz's On War is the long-obsolete . Graham translation of Clausewitz's Vom Kriege (1832) published in London in 1873. In June 1854 he was promoted to lieutenant-colonel on the unattached list (. He sold his commission in 1858. Graham's book Elementary History of the Progress of the Art of War (1858) is a rather sophisticated work.

Author: Carl von Clausewitz. Release Date: February 25, 2006 Last Updated: October 19, 2019. Translated by colonel . Brief memoir of general clausewitz. 1909 was the London reprinting. Eighth impression in three volumes. Book I. On the nature of war. The 1976/84 Howard/Paret version is the standard translation today; for the most accurate text one should always consult the 1943 Jolles translation. Consider the more modern versions and other relevant books shown below. Vom Kriege, by Carl von Clausewitz, ed. Werner Hahlweg.

OXFORD WORLD’S CLASSICS CARL VON CLAUSEWITZ On War Translated by MICHAEL HOWARD and PETER. on war on war general carl von clausewitz translated by colonel . The Complete Art of War. 1,138 Pages·2013·3. 58 MB·528 Downloads·New!. Carl von Clausewitz - encyclopaedia. 158 Pages·2007·398 KB·65 Downloads. Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter. 276 Pages·2013·672 KB·102,671 Downloads·New!

On War Carl von Clausewitz OCR. pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File . df), Text File . xt) or read book online for free. On War. General Carl von Clausewitz. Translated by Colonel J. J. Graham.

On War Carl von Clausewitz OCR. by.

General Carl von Clausewitz (1827). Translated: from the German by Colonel . Graham : by Charles Keller for Project Gutenberg/Brian Baggins, Andy Blunden Copyleft: Clausewitz Reference Archive (marxists. Permission is granted to copy and/or distribute this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.

Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz (1780 - 1831) was a Prussian General, influential military theorist, and disillusioned officer amongst those baffled by how Napoleon's army had changed the nature of war through his ability to motivate the populace and thus unleash war on a greater scale than was generally fought previously. He spent a considerable part of his life fighting against Napoleon and there is no doubt that the insight he gained from his experiences provided much of the raw material for the book. On War represents the compilation of his cogent observations. It is a book on military strategy and tactics written mostly after the Napoleonic wars, between 1816 and 1818, and published posthumously by his wife in 1832. It is one of the most important treatises on strategy ever written, and is prescribed at various military academies to this day.
There is absolutely no formatting on all. Each page says "On War.txt" and is obviously just a printed text document in Courier New font. This is embarrassing. DO NOT BUY THIS EDITION.
Colonel J.J. Graham's translation of the original work is adequate. However, Graham's edition only contains the first four books of the work. If you are looking for the complete works I recommend Carl von Clausewitz, On War, eds. and trans. Michael Howard and Peter Paret (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1984), particularly if you are using this book for your scholarly or research work. This recommended edition will provide far more guidance than Graham did on the contents by the three translators, includes some of the updates, and its organization is better. I did not realize that I did not have the complete works until two classmates referenced chapters that I could not find in this edition. Further, research revealed this to be an incomplete work. The absence of a conclusion and the abrupt end was a little strange to me but now makes sense.
Book arrived today and is clearly just a computer text file printed and bound by a self-publishing house. The header is even printed as "On war.txt". No attempt has been made to do any formatting or copy editing. The book is printed in that ugly, difficult to read font which comes as a default on most basic text editors. Needless to say the page formatting and spacing is atrocious. Actually, I can't think of a way this sorry excuse for a "publication" was not made as cheaply and carelessly as possible. Amazon should be ashamed to have produced this and can expect a complaint. This is product is a shameful ripoff and I want my money back.
This is just a bound .txt file. Seriously, there's no publisher information.
The book I got only has Book I-IV. It's supposed to be through to Book VIII, where is the second half?? Also the table of contents shows Book IV ending on page 308...however this entire book only has 161 pages. So something is off here. The table of contents does not match the rest of the book and it seems I was shorted half of the book.
Warfare is a complex matter, going from the daily routine of the soldier up to the highest reaches of government. Its influence permeates entire societies and has always been a factor shaping the destiny of nations. Not being a military man, I nonetheless found it fascinating and enlightening how Clausewitz tried to cut through the complexity and penetrate to the heart of the matter.

His central point is that war is an instrument of policy. As a result, there is no purely military problem. The commander needs to understand the political goals and act accordingly. When the process fails it's because the policy itself was bad, not because of politicians interfering in "purely military matters".

It can get a bit humorous when Clausewitz talks about armchair generals. He dismisses them as useless pedants, deriding them for coming up with an excess of useless rules and concocting impractical schemes. Clausewitz points out that there is a lot of "friction" in war, when issuing orders and moving men around, that non-soldiers seldom appreciate. More to the point, he emphasizes the role of the commander's judgment in dealing with the specifics of a situation.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone interested in military matters. With that said, don't dive into it blindly. Clausewitz draws heavily on examples from the campaigns of Frederick the Great and Napoleon. Familiarize yourself with the Seven Years' War and the Napoleonic Wars before picking this up. A brief overview of the wars between the Grand Alliance and Louis XIV wouldn't hurt either.
Just like Sun Tzu's "Art of War", Chief Joseph's account of the Nez Perce fighting withdrawal and the writings of Washington, Patton, Rommel.
Von Clausewitz is required reading for any member of the Armed Forces aspiring to rank, competency, and excellence. To my Brothers and Sisters still in stay safe and God Bless, the same to Vets and Welcome home. From an Airborne grunt, Combat Vet.
Please avoid this edition of On War.

I thought it was a little strange when I opened it and found it was printed in that same small-print Courier font as say a text file prints in.

Then I looked at the top, and each page had a heading of "On War.txt"

This edition of this book is literally a text file of On War dumped to a cheap printer, with no formatting, no editing, and it being painfully obvious that they didn't review it at all before hitting print.

I'm now looking for a better edition to replace this one.