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Author: Hugh McManners
ISBN: 0586067574
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Pages 304 pages
Publisher Grafton; New Ed edition (1987)
Language English
Category: History
Rating: 4.8
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eBook Falklands Commando download

by Hugh McManners

McManners Hugh Читать онлайн Falklands Commando.

Читать онлайн Falklands Commando.

Captain Hugh McManners led an amphibious operations team from 148 Commando Forward Observation Battery Royal Artillery, which was part of the Special Boat Squadron throughout the Falklands War. His team FO1, was part of the first British combat mission to land on the Falkland, a Special Forces raid (with SAS as well as SBS) in preparation for the main amphibious force landings on the Islands. Their mission was to prevent an Argentine heavy weapons company guarding the entrance to the Task Force’s intended harbour area from attacking the ships.

Falklands Commando book.

McManners writes contemporary folk songs and is currently working with producer Jez Coad on an album to be released in 2017. He performs solo with acoustic guitar, and with his Linden Tree Band.

This is about Hugh McManners' as a writer and author

This is about Hugh McManners' as a writer and author. After 18 years in the British Army, including several tours in the Ministry of Defence and the Staff College Camberley, Hugh left for a career as an author. This was the subject of Hugh's first book, the best selling "Falklands Commando", in which FO1 operate on their own 20 kilometres behind enemy lines, and as members of the SBS, and with the SAS. Hugh has now written some 17 books on a wide variety of military-related subjects. Hugh also had a television career - producing documentaries, then as a presenter. He still does the occasional telly pundit stint, usually expounding on terrorism and military stuff.

Город: OxfordПодписчиков: 1 ты. себе: Music and helping veterans, at Scars o. . себе: Music and helping veterans, at Scars of War Foundation Oxford University, Songwriter, Author & Rock Guitarist

The book covers: preparation and departure; at sea; planners and hoaxers; Ascension Island; and HMS Intrepid in "bomb alley". About the Author: Hugh McManners was Sunday Times Defence Correspondent for 5 years and is a television producer and presenter.

A soldiers eye view of the land war --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. Hugh McManners was among the first of the British Special Forces to land on the Falkland Islands and here, in this gripping narrative, is his first-hand account of this most famous of modern British military operations. This new edition includes a revised introduction, along with new photography and notes on the combat. Author BiographyEditors Note on new editionContentsList of maps & diagramsAcknowledgementsNew Introduction (2002)Original Introduction (1984)Chapter 1 The Calm Before the StormChapter 2 Preparation and departureChapter 3 At seaChapter 4 Planners and hoaxersChapter 5 Ascension IslandChapter 6 Our war beginsChapter 7 Fanning HeadChapter 8 HMS Intrepid in Bomb AlleyChapter 9 The Fox Bay raidChapter 10 SurvivalChapter 11 Operations Brewers ArmsChapter 12 Beagle RidgeChapter 13 Waiting to go homeChapter 14 HomeEpilogue (written for 2002)ChronologyGlossaryIndex
This would be a four star book but for the rant at the beginning of the book in which the author slams the MoD over and over. He might have some valid points, but it just comes across as bitter and immature, when the book itself is witty and sometimes enthralling. I'd recommend skipping the pre amble and go to the first chapter. A decent book with some good humour, interspersed - as with any war - with a good deal of tragedy. It does make you wonder reading this book that if the Argentine army had been half as courageous and well trained as their Air Force what the outcome might have been.
I knew little about the role of a military soldiers' role as a forward observation operative, but this portrays it well for the lay person.
Worth a read once you get past the whinging.
One thing the author does do well is convey the importance of supporting soldiers who have been through a traumatic time and the need for proper communications, it's just a shame this is a bit lost at the beginning.
Hugh McManners is a professional soldier, a commando, forward observation and artillery expert. Cold, wet and often bored, yet he and his comrades rained naval gun fire onto Argentine positions with trained and remarkable accuracy. The shells came from no where to the Argentinians, plotted exactly by McManners and his crew hidden in the peat bogs and rock outcroppings of nearby ridges. These were brave guys doing an important, but unsung mission. Unfortunately, way too many details without much action. All in all, job well done for the Brits.
An inspiring read!
A well written book by a veteran of a most accomplished, and unique, Special Forces unit.
An in-your-face account of maybe the last proper war....excellent read and wittily written. This is a must read for anyone interested in the Falklands War
"Falklands Commando" is Captain Hugh McManners' well-written memoire of his service as a commando forward observer with the British Army in the short, fiercely contested 1982 war with Argentina over the remote Falkland Islands.

The sudden Argentine invasion of the Falklands took Britain by surprise. McManners captures the controlled chaos of the departure of an expeditionary force to the South Atlantic to retake the islands. At sea, his small party had limited opportunities to train and prepare aboard over-crowded ships. Once off the Falklands, horrendous weather, difficult terrain, and the Argentine military itself created additional challenges to getting ashore and coming to grips with the enemy.

With more than a little understated humor and much fascinating personal detail, McManners describes the operations ashore, as his team leap-frogged across the islands, calling in naval gunfire in support of special operations forces. His narrative columinates with the British Army in command of the heights above Port Stanley and the Argentine military hopelessly trapped.

The Falkslands War is a long way back in the rear view mirror, but "Falklands Commando" has plenty to offer in the way of lessons learned for war on an austere budget in a remote location. It is highly recommended to students of expeditionary warfare.
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In this Royal Artillery captain's memoir of the Falkland Islands campaign, Hugh McManners book "Falklands Commando" describes his daily routines and provides a personal view of a soldier aboard ships and in battle. Because of his assignment with the 148 Commando Forward Observation Battery of the Royal Artillery, whose main purpose was to control naval gunfire, he personally witnessed many significant actions in this campaign.
A very well put together and even enthralling book, McManners gets into the nitty gritty of his own war, something that many books on The Falklands are lacking.