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Author: Yuir Buranov
ISBN: 0879758864
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Pages 241 pages
Publisher Prometheus Books; First Edition edition (June 1, 1994)
Language English
Category: History
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eBook Lenin's Will (Russian Studies) download

by Yuir Buranov

Lenin's Will (Russian Studies) Hardcover – June 1, 1994.

Once one of the wealthiest members of the Russian aristocracy, Sofia Panina spent her final years living on a pension while in exile from her homeland

Russia is the native country of many renowned scientists. Author of 170 papers, including books published abroad.

Подборка книг по истории России зарубежных англоязычных специалистов, которые я прочитал лично и могу порекомендовать для ознакомления.

Lenin's body is not an exhibit but a legend, like . He is interesting to study but this experience is not relevant for the present moment.

For most of the twentieth century, the Soviet Union was viewed by the outside world as a mysterious monolith, whose leadership was protected by secrecy and ruled by naked fear. What few know is that in the early years of the Soviet state, an incredible coup took place.Lenin's Will presents a fascinating, detailed account of political intrigue at the center of power in 1922 and 1923, when Vladimir Ilyich Lenin - the father of the Revolution - lay incapacitated by several severe strokes. Previously top-secret documents, here published for the first time, reveal how Josef Stalin (a close political associate), and the Central Committee of the Communist Party deliberately collaborated to falsify and suppress Lenin's last political testament and take control of the young Soviet government. Reaching into the once highly secret document files of the Soviet archives, Yuri Buranov has combed the hidden recesses of Communist Party plotting to reveal the power plays and back-room intrigues that helped make Stalin the unquestioned successor to Lenin and an abolsute dictator feared both at home and abroad.
In this book we see a detailed analysis of how Stalin overtook the Soviet Communist Party (The Bolsheviks) that Lenin helped establish and ousted Trotsky, his main threat, in order to become the sole dictator of the Soviet Union. The writer uses primary literature (letters sent in between the Soviet party members), and presents the evidence that shows how Lenin's letters were kept from the ones who needed to read it most, or otherwise how they were falsified in order to better reflect on Stalin. The process by which Stalin takes power during Lenin's illness and after his death is always a given, but here the writer provides a clear outline of how exactly it happened. We see how Stalin hides Lenin's letters to the Soviet Committee which include notes on the restructuring of certain programs, how Stalin exploits Lenin's illness in order to show himself in better light and prevent Lenin himself from receiving information about the actions of the party, and finally how he alienates Trotsky and ousts him out of the party in order to clear a path for his takeover. The flow of the book is impeccable and the writer provides clear evidence and interpretations in order to prove his point. There is even a transcript of Trotsky's declaration of resignation from the Communist party (with heckling included) showing in just what state Stalin had transformed the Bolshevik party and how he had brainwashed everyone. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants a more clear presentation of what happened after Lenin's death, and how exactly Stalin, a man who was at a disadvantage in popularity compared to Trotsky, could have possibly gained so much support that the Bolshevik party basically handed over complete control to him. An informative and compelling read.