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Health and Fitness
Author: L. Ron Hubbard,Lrh Personal Compilations Bureau,Medicus
ISBN: 0884040623
Publisher Bridge Publications; English Language edition (February 1990)
Category: Health and Fitness
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 182
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eBook All About Radiation download

by L. Ron Hubbard,Lrh Personal Compilations Bureau,Medicus

All about Radiation book. Personal Compilations Bureau.

All about Radiation book. Get the straight facts about how radiation is affecting you and. In All About Radiation, best-selling self improvement author L. Ron Hubbard presents clear, concise data about radiation and its effects-data you can use to deal with one of today's most serious health threats.

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All About Radiation is one of the books by L. Ron Hubbard that form the canonical texts of Scientology, although it is no longer promoted by the Church of Scientology nor included in their "Basics" book canon. Its first printing was from HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists International) by way of the Speedwell Printing Company, Kent, England, 1957.

I gained interest in the Scientology Purification Process from reading this book.

Get the straight facts about how radiation is affecting you and your body. I gained interest in the Scientology Purification Process from reading this book. Recently retired after twenty years in the army airborne and special operations I have been plagued by bad health; the stories of which I will not bore you with. Some doctors I have consulted refered me to the poisons I was exposed to in Iraq during Desert Storm.

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About L. Ron Hubbard. Book One. The Fact About. Are people generally aware of their responsibilities as individual members of the human race?

About L. Short of this final limit are possibilities, already almost probabilities, of slow degeneration, insidious illness and increasing sterility in all living things.

Hubbard is/was a joke. His personal biography, written by himself, is like something a twelve year old would make up.

There's a reason it isn't published anymore : it's embarassingly ridiculous. Hubbard is/was a joke. It is, of course, wildly untrue. Ron Hubbard that form the canonical texts of Scientology, although it is no. .The Hubbard Association of Scientologists (HAS) was the original corporation founded in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard that managed all Scientology organizations. Ron Hubbard that form the canonical texts of Scientology, although it is no longer promoted by the Church of Scientology nor included in their Basics book canon. The HAS evolved from the Office of L. Ron Hubbard located in Phoenix, Arizona.

В ваших силах указать дорогу к более безопасной и счастливой жизни.

I have a serious issue with writers writing on subjects about which they are not qualified to write. Whatever you may or may not say about L. Ron Hubbard and his Scientology work, he does not hold any degrees that give him the authority to write about radiation and radioactive study. And this book plays down the effects of radiation as though it were simple sunburn (which is in fact radiation in very, very mild doses); I just cannot read this particular book with a sound mind. Had too much problem jiving with this book, and I do not recommend it to others for factual accuracy.
The first section of "All About Radiation" is mostly standard fare, including basic information about radiation. It makes a few serious errors (for example, implying more than once that radiation travels slower than light), but if it were all the book consisted of, I wouldn't have a serious problem with the book (the false information would only give false hope to people who are about to die- I suppose that's not the most serious of issues, although I dislike that it misinforms the reader at all). It is the second part which is the reason I am giving this book one star, as I am about to explain.

The second part of the book consists of a series of 'lectures' by L Ron Hubbard, and presents a continuous stream of lies and garbled information. Within the first two pages of this section, L Ron Hubbard goes from claiming to have been in "the first class in nuclear physics [...] which was taught at the George Washington University", to claiming that he was, in fact, 'trained as' a nuclear physicist. This is a serious misrepresentation: while he did indeed take a physics course at George Washington University (I do not know whether it was the first or not), he failed the course, and soon dropped out of college altogether, never having taken another physics course. So he starts by misrepresenting his qualifications, and things quickly go downhill from there.

Among his more astonishingly false claims are that the unit of human memory is the tiniest particle in the universe, that radiation is either a particle or wavelength, but that nobody can say for sure which, that radiation can be defined as "a capability of influencing matter, and that that capability can be exerted across space", that gamma rays float in the air, and that, well, I'll have to use two small quotes here, because no one would believe that he really said this if I paraphrased it: "A sixteen foot wall cannot stop a gamma ray but a body can. We thus get down to our number one medical question: How is it that gamma rays go through walls but don't go through bodies?", and, shortly thereafter, he answers this question by saying "I can fortunately tell you what is happening when a body gets hurt by atomic radiation. It RESISTS the rays! The wall doesn't resist the rays and the body does."

He also claims Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and TNT in order to make war too horrible to contemplate (while I believe Nobel said, after inventing them, that it would be the case that it would make war too horrible to contemplate, as far as I know, he invented them for civilian excavation purposes); that diseases are caused by cures (yes, seriously); that the fact that diseases are caused by cures is a result of genetics (as my own undergraduate studies were in genetics, this is not only laughably wrong, but a grossly offensive misrepresentation of the state of scientific knowledge of the 1950s, when this book was written); that a treatment he is calling "Dianazene" (consisting of, according to him; nicotinic acid (aka niacin), ferrous gluconate, vitamin b1 (aka thiamine), vitamin b2 (riboflavin), vitamin c, and dicalcium phosphate) will "run out" radiation and prevent the harmful effects (a laughably wrong claim - the primary long-term harmful effect of radiation is damage to the structure of DNA by ionizing radiation, damage which cannot at all be prevented or repaired by this combination); that "dianazene" will cause and then treat cancer (again, laughably false); that the sun is powered by nuclear fission; that Arabs and Indians are, without the aid of Scientologists, INCAPABLE of living in anything, essentially, resembling a civilized fashion; and a completely wrong explanation of how fission reactors work, involving an electron gun (I have heard of a design using a synchrotron to accelerate protons, but electrons would only ionize an atom, not cause fission).

These are merely the more egregious errors in this text, and they alone show that L Ron Hubbard was not only not the expert he claimed to be, but was in fact, dangerously misinformed. While the first portion of the book would be a tolerable, if unremarkable, short read on radiation (assuming the errors about radiation traveling slower than the speed of light were fixed), the second (and longer) part of the book is unconscionable, and as a result of the vast technical errors in the book, I can only condemn it in the strongest possible terms. The only good reason to buy this book is to laugh at the glaring errors in it. If you are looking for a factual reference on radiation DO NOT buy this book.