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Graphic Novels and Comics
Author: Vittorio Giardino
ISBN: 0874160332
Subcategory: Graphic Novels
Pages 96 pages
Publisher Catalan Communications (January 1, 1987)
Language English
Category: Graphic Novels and Comics
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 850
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eBook Hungarian Rhapsody download

by Vittorio Giardino

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Vittorio Giardino (born December 24, 1946) is an Italian comic artist. Giardino was born in Bologna, where he graduated in electrical engineering in 1969. At the age of 30, he decided to leave his job and devote himself to comics.

Vittorio Giardino is an Italian comic artist. Posts About Vittorio Giardino. His first adventure,

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His first adventure, Hungarian Rhapsody was serialized in the first four issues of magazine Orient Express, bringing Giardino in the limelight of the international comic scene. The book, collected as A Jew in Communist Prague, won the Angoulème Alfred prize for best foreign work in 1995 as well as a Harvey Award at San Diego in 1999. Giardino detailed art style recalls the French ligne claire, while his writing owes to hard boiled and spy story authors like Dashiell Hammett and John le Carré.

Hungarian Rhapsody book. I give this reluctantly because Giardino is an amazing storyteller -the best- but he assumed the reader could understand too much and had very specific historical knowledge

Hungarian Rhapsody book. Contem a história Rapsódia Húngara. I give this reluctantly because Giardino is an amazing storyteller -the best- but he assumed the reader could understand too much and had very specific historical knowledge. The art was EXCELLENT as it always with Giardino.

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Book in the Max Fridman Series). by Vittorio Giardino. Select Format: Paperback. ISBN13:9780874160338.

Story and art by Vittorio Giardino. In this spy thriller set in Budapest and Paris in 1938, the amateur Max Friedman cooly outwits the professional plottings of several intelligence agencies in an action-packed race to uncover a scecret that plays a role in Hitler's invasion of Austria. 96 pages, full color.

Book by Giardino, Vittorio
I find myself agreeing with the guy who said "never read this book." He's right, there are some disturbing images, depicting sexual nudity and even sado-masochism. To be fair, this is quite a lot worse than what most decent people expect when they sit down with a book.

Also, the plot is so drab it's hardly worth the money. Think every B-spy movie and you've got it: happily retired spy gets called back to service, is thrown into confusion by the bad guys, starts working (and sleeping) with a nervous and mysterious co-agent, chases around the continent of Europe, sorta finishes the job, then goes to bed. Cheesy, to say the least.
I FIRST DISCOVERED Italian cartoonist Giardino through his series A Jew in Communist Prague but the first of his books was this one about spy Max Friedman. Set in Central/Eastern Europe just prior to Hitler rolling into Austria, it's an elaborate spy tale in which no one can be trusted. Friedman was former officer in the International Brigade fighting against Franco, but he grew disillusioned with Soviet hijacking of the struggle and left before he got shot. Here he is roped into a shady operation in Budapest by the French Deuxiéme Bureau, the outcome of which is depressingly realistic. Giardino has clearly been influenced by such morose spy writers as Graham Greene, John LeCarré, and more recently Alan Furst. However, more compelling than the convoluted plot is Giardino's strong art, which really blossoms in showing cityscapes, architectural details, and ephemera such as background posters and advertisements. Here the city is Budapest-subsequent Max Friedman adventures take place in equally well-displayed Istanbul (Orient Gateway) and Barcelona (No Parasan!).
I would be appalled by the one-star review here if it weren't so absurd. Herge? Apples are not oranges. I am sorry this "disgusting" book offended the reviewer; what did he expect, "Donald Duck"?

Dealing within the proper context, "Hungarian Rhapsody" is a bit sprawling compared to other Max Friedman tales; the improvisational tone of some of the plot is more a trait of "Oriental Gateway" than "No Pasaran" or "A Jew in Communist Prague," both of which are by necessity more historically focused. Budapest is a less cliched location than Barcelona, Prague, or North Africa, and perhaps this allowed Giardino a little too much freedom.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed HR as much as the other Max tales, especially as its story "feels" complete at its end (well, as much as any Max tale does). Giardino seems to like cliffhanging: will there be a third "No Pasaran"? Or does he consider this story (or "Jew in Communist Prague," for that matter) finished also? Open endings and unexplained circumstances may be a bit maddening for traditional reading, but Max's world seems to float in and out of a horrible decade, much like the historical references.

Women serve a pretty familiar role in Max tales; but that's why I'm curious about Ethel. Unusually, I think she DEVELOPS as a character; by the end, she knows that she has to go her own way. Compare her to Cleo, the quintessentially beautiful "woman of mystery" - which is no mystery at all.

For me, then, HR has the weight of the other Max tales; "No Pasaran" has the advantage of the Spanish Civil War as a "sexy" backdrop.

Keep the pen flowing, Vittorio...
The people who are complaining of the "graphic sexual" nature of this book were obviously misled when purchasing/reading. This book is erotica. It is supposed to be erotic. What good would an erotic book be without nudity, sexuality, etc. This book is sold in adult stores...expect a little graphic sexuality. So in that sense, it accomplishes it goal. However, I will agree that the plot line is jumpy, sporadic, and over all the book is not the most well written piece ever. The story line does make the reader want to get to the end, to figure what happens to the character, and it is a pretty short/easy read. It is not great though.
"Hungarian Rhapsody" is a graphic novel that shows explicit sex and other inappropriate images. Furthermore, it has no artistic strong points -- it is amateurishly drawn and has a bizarre plot. Great graphic artists like Herge never had to resort to the twisted to tell a story, and their pictures are beautiful, too. Never read this book.