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Gays and Lesbians
Author: Peggy J. Herring
ISBN: 1594931070
Subcategory: Mystery & Thrillers
Pages 288 pages
Publisher Bella Books; First Edition edition (October 9, 2007)
Language English
Category: Gays and Lesbians
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 817
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eBook All That Glitters download

by Peggy J. Herring

All That Glitters book. Peggy J. Herring lives on seven acres in south Texas with her cockatiel, hermit crabs, two wooden cats and several chickens.

All That Glitters book. Life is good for retired Army Colonel Marcel Robicheaux  . When she isn't writing Peggy enjoys traveling. She is the recipient of an Alice B. Medal and author of over a dozen romantic novels. Books by Peggy J. Herring. Mor. rivia About All That Glitters.

All that glitters Herring, Peggy J. Неизвестно 9781594931079 : Retired Army Colonel Marcel Robicheaux enjoys her new life as an antique dealer. All that glitters, Herring, Peggy J. Сейчас книги нет в продаже. Возможно появится в будущем.

Peggy J. Herring is an American writer. Her short fiction appears in literary journals and anthologies in Canada and India. Herring served in the United States Army from 1974 till 1977, and from that year - as a civil member in Fort Sam Houston in Texas. Nowadays, Herring works as a journalist and international development consultant and volunteer, as well as a teacher. Her first novel was This Innocent Corner.

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Life is good for retired Army Colonel Marcel Robicheaux. She's finally left the military life behind and is enjoying her new career as an antique dealer. It also feels good that she's finally managed to ease her way out of the closet and that she and her lover, Naomi, have just celebrated their six year anniversary

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Marcel shares a home with her mother and her friend, Cricket Lomas, who also happens to be her mother's lover. Roslin, Marcel's mother, is a gambler by trade who experiences a run of bad luck with the cards. But Roslin finds it difficult to stop. Sometimes its just not about the money.
Not a bad book by Peggy Herring. Just not one of her better ones.

This is a sequel to an earlier book Peggy wrote. The main characters are Marcel (a retired Army officer now in the antique business), her mother Rosln (a quite successful gambler), Cricket (a schoolteacher who's Marcel's best friend, and Roslin's lover), and Naomi (Cricket's fellow teacher, and Marcel's partner).

What was unbelievable was that Marcel and Naomi have been together six years and don't live together!! Commitment issues? Or maybe they never heard the joke about what lesbians bring on the second date (a U-Haul). Marcel lives with Roslin and Cricket, in Roslin's home (hoy, that sounds creepy just TYPING it).

Too much togetherness is a bad thing when a trip down to Key West turns awry. Roslin bails to go play poker with her friend Senator Skippy, and as a result of her actions, she and Naomi are "kidnapped" (but it's just a temporary setback, folks).

The back of the book is quite misleading with this event. The "kidnapping" takes up all of 23 pages in a 237 page book. The bigger event was Marcel dealing with Cricket and Roslin (how freaked out would you be if your mom's S.O. was your own best friend?!?!) Cricket can be a pain in the rear, but Marcel won't move out as she has a sense of duty to Roslin. I know...what about her sense of duty to her partner? Somehow, that's not mentioned.

A big lack of communication between Marcel and Naomi leads to the inevitable separation and the inevitable getting-back-together of our ladies. And maybe Marcel can figure out how to move out of her mother's home now that she's 40+ years old.

And hopefully that won't cost her One Red Cent.

Take a pass on this one...or wait and buy it used. It just wasn't worth the price or the time it took to read it.
Peggy Herring is an experienced and accomplished writer. She knows how to spin a tale and keep it moving to hold the reader's interest. All That Glitters certainly fits that pattern. There's enough action, suspense and drama to keep a reader happy, unless you were a fan of Calm Before the Storm. Sometimes a writer should think twice before writing a sequel to a book. If the characters have been established and the story was well developed the first time, it might be best to leave well enough alone, especially if the follow up book is going to impact on the integrity of the characters. Something happened to these characters between the books. The best word to describe them is that they got "silly." The most disappointing character is Marcel. She was a strong former officer who was bemused by her flamboyant mother, mature and in charge, but now she becomes perpetually puzzled by everyone around her. Whenever the tension starts to rise, Marcel goes fishing and she does a lot of fishing. The question is why Herring revisited these characters if it ended in them being less than they were before.

All That Glitters is an enjoyable book and an easy way to spend a few hours. However, if you're familiar with Herring's work and liked these characters before, you may find this to be a disappointment as a sequel.
This book had little character and plot development. Seemed choppy. Sex scenes pretty good. I would call them the high point.
We find the people from the author's earlier novel 'Calm Before the Storm'.

This novel is more the study of the relationship that 47 year old Marcel has with her mother than a romance between Marcel and her girl friend of six years, the school teacher Naomi. The whole adventure was very amusing and a bit exciting as Marcel deals with her mother the professional gambler, her g/f of six years who doesn't live with her because Marcel lives at home with her mom and her mom's partner Cricket who is also Marcel's friend since high school. Also included in the novel are antique dealers, congressmen, drug lords, vacations in the Florida Keys, a flight to Europe and dealing with the IRS. I thought they were all great characters and I was happy to see them back.

I had a great time reading this novel - a perfect vacation read.

Reading the earlier novel is not required to fully enjoy this novel but it would be alot of fun.

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In this sequel to `Calm Before the Storm,' Peggy J. Herring delivers a readable book, but certainly not her best effort to-date. I have read and enjoyed most of Herring's books, but this was a disappointment overall.

Her error may be in writing a sequel. As far as I can tell, she has not written one before now. As a reader, I think the author has to plan the premise of a sequel while writing the original. The prequel to `Glitters' was a romance - two women coming together and falling in love. `Glitters' is a completely different kind of book and - except for common characters -- doesn't even seem associated with the original.

I have to agree with Reading Junkie, this book is not pure gold. It wasn't really worth the price or time it took to read.
All that glitters is a sequel. The antiques, the yard sales, the sex and romance, the family ties, the kidnapping and of course "Fireball". makes for one great read. Peggy is my favorite author and I must admit "all that glitters" is now my favorite book. Peggy is able to reach into each soul of her character and you truly feel they are friends. Which makes the story so real. Peggy is a genius with words. I recommend this book to any one who loves a romance novel
I thought for a sequel this was an excellent read. I enjoyed it and I do recommend it.