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For Children
Author: Joe Kaufman
ISBN: 0600392651
Publisher Hamlyn (1972)
Language English
Category: For Children
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 714
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eBook What Makes it Go download

by Joe Kaufman

Joe Kaufman (Author).

Joe Kaufman (Author). While the information in this book is somewhat dated (published in 1971) it contains good cut-away pictures and explanantions of basic everyday methods of transportation (boats, planes, cars) as well as telephones, rockets, etc. that are easy to understand for the younger child (not toddler). 6 people found this helpful.

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Illustrated by the author. It is certainly more of a reference book than one a child is likely to read cover to cover, and, as such, a handy aid for parents and children together when something breaks down in the house or when a bicycle has to be repaired. Probably what pleased me most, given the nature of the book, is that no point is made about this being necessarily a boy's subject. The appeal is obvious to a woman, like myself, who was never, as child, initiated into the nuts and bolts side of life. Even so, I am an incorrigible taker apart of things.

Written in the beginning of 1970's, the book seems now, after many decades, also historical Kaufman presents a basic introduction to the mechanics and the concepts behind a variety of appliances, machines, and vehicles. The book is especially designed for young readers. It has plenty of excellent illustrations which are both informative and humorous.

While the information in this book is somewhat dated (published in 1971) it contains good cut-away pictures and explanantions of basic everyday methods of transportation (boats, planes, cars) as well as telephones, rockets, etc. My children thoroughly enjoyed this book when they were growing up and I am replacing their worn-out copy for my grandson who is also enjoying it. Popular Categories.

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Joe Kaufman Joe Kaufman's What Makes It Go? What Makes It Work? What Makes It Fly? What Makes It Float? ISBN 13: 9780307157676. Joe Kaufman's What Makes It Go? What Makes It Work? What Makes It Fly? What Makes It Float? Joe Kaufman.

Author:Kaufman, Joe. What Makes it Go. Each month we recycle over . million books, saving over 12,500 tonnes of books a year from going straight into landfill sites. All of our paper waste is recycled and turned into corrugated cardboard. Read full description. What Makes It Go Kaufman Joe Hamlyn Board Book Good 0600392651. Pre-owned: lowest price.

What Makes It Float? Joe Kaufman ~ Golden Press, 1977. Though some of the info in this book is wildly outdated, it still totally rocks. Not completely sure who Joe Kaufman was/is (fill me in someone please) other than an amazing illustrator, but the way all things are explained here and the incredibly cool cut-a-ways make this a book I sometimes "accidentally" leave in the bathroom to peruse myself. My son is just starting to get into asking how things work, so it was an ideal time for this book to arrive in my possession. We've enjoyed other books by Joe K. - but this one looks especially fun with all the cool 70ish pictures.

Having this book as a child was one of the most inspiring things I owned. It is still easy to pour over it for hours. While many may think it is obsolete because the technology is old, I would argue that you should know how you arrived at the current state of tech. How many kids even know what a rotary phone is? You can appreciate the functional engineering in old mechanical things that doesn't exist with electronics. The cover has changed, but the content is the same. It's worthy of any library.
This is an extremely interesting book. My children learned from it and now I want my grand children to be able to read it. So I bought a copy for each household.
I LOVED this book as a child, I still think back to many of it's explanations. There are a few dated references in it but it's still jam-packed with great, educational and fun info. I can't wait until my son can enjoy it as I did.
I had this book as a child and am loving the nostalgia this one is bringing...
My kids found it as interesting as I did when I was growing up in the 1970s
I remember this from my childhood, and I can't wait to see my oldest when he opens it at Xmas.
Just lucked into a copy of this awesome book at our local book shop; it's an absolute treat for my preschool daughter and I to read together. If you have a youngster around that is interested in building, I highly recommend reading this book to them. Lots of wonderful cartoons and diagrams of how the appliances around your house function, and great illustrations of physics concepts that kids can grasp easily. Of course there is also the illustration of the Saturn V Rocket, as well, and we have spent many nights just talking about how the astronauts aboard conducted their trips to the moon.
I still have my '70s copy of this book, and my daughters (5 and 7) now like it too. While some items are out of date -- the 8mm movie camera, the rotary phone, the record player and reel-to-reel home tape deck -- most hold up surprisingly well. Cars and televisions and pianos haven't fundamentally changed much, after all. My girls are as mesmerized by the cartoon cutaway view of the ocean liner as I was when it was the first thing I learned to read by myself 30 years ago. If only the introduction didn't suggest that people and dinosaurs lived together. :)