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ISBN: 0553401882
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Publisher BANTAM JUVENILE (1991)
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eBook Amy Moves in (Sweet Valley Twins) download


This series is alternately titled Sweet Valley Twins and Friends. Book 53. The Slime That Ate Sweet Valley.

This series is alternately titled Sweet Valley Twins and Friends. Shelve Amy Moves In. Want to Read. Mr. Bowman's sixth grade English class is making.

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Sweet Valley Twins (also known as Sweet Valley Twins and Friends) was the first spin-off to originate from Sweet Valley High, and was created by Francine Pascal and written by Jamie Suzanne. Published by Bantam Books on 1 July 1986, the series starts with the twins wanting to differ from each other. They begin to dress differently; Elizabeth moves into her own room and starts up a sixth-grade newspaper; and Jessica starts wearing make-up and becomes a member of the Unicorn Club.

AMY'S TRUE LOVE Written by Kate William Created by FRANCINE . There's a well-established clinic right here in Sweet Valley that has asked local schools to seek out student volunteers.

But when Amy's family had moved away, the girls' friendship had naturally lapsed. Then, earlier in their junior year, Amy's family had moved back to Sweet Valley so Mrs. Sutton could take a job as a sportscaster on a local television station. Elizabeth was thrilled at the news. But the new Amy Sutton was nothing like the sixth-grader Elizabeth had known.

Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales .

Francine Pascal, the creator of the enormously successful teen tales franchise, explains how she's gone about following her heroines into adulthood. And what I really liked was how it moved things on from Sleeping Beauty-esque romance novels where the girl had to wait for the hero. This would be girl-driven, very different, I decided – and indeed it is," she says.

The complete series list for - Sweet Valley Twins Francine Pascal. Francine Pascal Series List. Series List:118 titles.

Find the complete Sweet Valley Twins book series by Jamie Suzanne & Francine Pascal. Amy Moves In. Jamie Suzanne. Lucy Takes the Reins. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Francine Pascal, Jamie Suzanne. Mademoiselle Jessica.

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Thank you, Francine Pascal, for this delicious trash that nourished me in my youth . Just what it says on the tin. Thank you, Francine Pascal, for this delicious trash that nourished me in my youth. Sweet Valley Twins - Best Friends (Audio Cassette Book) - Продолжительность: 27:59 Sweet Valley Unlimited Recommended for you. 27:59. Манифест Чудес I Аттракцион 432 Гц Я поднимаю вашу вибрацию - Продолжительность: 3:00:44 Brainwave Power Music Recommended for you.

In #44 of the Sweet Valley Twins series, the main character, Elizabeth Wakefield (one of the Sweet Valley Twins of course) is shocked to find out that the day after doing a science project with her best friend, Amy Sutton, that Amy was injured in a house fire.
After the fire, Amy is allowed to come stay with the Wakefield family and tells Elizabeth the "silly and boring" details of the fire, which she feels ashamed of and holds back a secret from even Elizabeth about the potential cause of the fire.

During Amy's stay at the Wakefield family's home, Jessica Wakefield (Elizabeth's more popular twin) now jealous of Amy and Elizabeth's friendship, takes it upon herself, with the enlistment of her friends, a group called "The Unicorns" to give Amy a makeover and make her their project when Amy exaggerates her experience in the house fire.
Elizabeth becomes frustrated and angry that Amy's description of her experience gets more elaborate and sensational and Amy refuses to do anything on her own, using her broken arm as her excuse.

Amy tests her friendship with Elizabeth to the limit and it seems as though Amy and Elizabeth will never be friends again.
When a huge party is held in Sweet Valley, things begin to change for Amy.

Do Amy and Elizabeth ever reconcile? Does Amy apologize for hurting Elizabeth? Will Amy remain a member of The Unicorns?
You'll have to read to find out! :)

I think these books are absolute reading "fluff" for female YA readers but they are enjoyable and they always have a lesson to be learned or moral to the story.
I re-purchased this book after growing up and having children of my own who are now reading young adult.
This was the first Sweet Valley Twins book I ever bought (in 1991) and I cherished it.
Buying this book was just a bit of nostalgia on my part and I look forward to buying more of the original books that I so loved and remember from childhood/tweens.
I was absolutely tickled that it was an original, exactly the same as the book I owned 25 years ago!
When doing a report for school,Elizabeth and Amy are going to have a fire in a fireplace.Elizabeth wanted to sleepover at Amy's but Mrs.Wakefield said No,the family went to out to dinner. The next morning at school,Amy isn't at School,Elizabeth is worried. She finds out her house has burned to the ground[True] Amy has broken both legs[not true] the ambulance went so fast it crashed[not true]. When Elizabeth gets home from school,Amy is on her bed,She tells Elizabeth what happened. She tripped on a shoelace and broke her arm. They lost all their stuff. Amy's baton,her report,her books. Her parents made it out alive. It's like having another sister around. When Amy goes to School,she is wearing a purple ribbon in her hair. The Unicorns want her to sit with them at the Unicorner at lunch.When The Unicorns are being nice to Amy,they let Amy borrow their clothes untill Amy can get clothes of her own. Amy is rude and bosses Elizabeth. Elizabeth brings out a stuffed Koala bear,when she is lonely,and then Bruce Patman calls Elizabeth"Baby Bear" Brooke Dennis is having a party for "Car Capers" and The Unicorns let Brooke sit with them,too. Amy lies a little bit about the fire,and she suspects that she did it,but it was caused by Faulty Wiring.
Oh no! Amy Sutton's house burned down and now she has a broken arm. But the good news is she gets to stay with her best friend, Elizabeth Wakefield. At first it's great having Amy stay over until her parents find a new house.Then Amy turns snobby on Elizabeth. She starts hanging out with the Unicorns and then she tells them a deep dark secret about Elizabeth that gets spread around school. Now Elizabeth's not sure if she can be Amy's friend. Will Elizabeth forgive Amy? Find out!
Poor Amys house has burned to rubble and she is now staying with the wakefields until her mum and dad can find a new house.Only problem is that the stress of the rercent fire has troubled Amy and she is being rude to Elizabeth..this is much like Amys Pen Pal.
This book is good but I have read better. I have also read a whole lot wworst, this book is in between