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For Children
Author: Dick King-Smith
ISBN: 0517598302
Subcategory: Animals
Pages 104 pages
Publisher Knopf Books for Young Readers; 1st edition (March 7, 1995)
Language English
Category: For Children
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 126
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eBook Harriet's Hare download

by Dick King-Smith

Illustrated by Valerie Littlewood. Harriet pinched herself, hard. Wake up, she thought. This whole thing is a dream, hares don’t talk, and then she said it aloud: ‘Hares don’t talk.

Wiz came from Pars, which was a very peaceful and equal world.

Harriet's Hare book

DICK KING-SMITH was a Gloucestershire farmer until the age of 45, when he gave up farming to become a primary school teacher.

Dick King-Smith was born and raised in Gloucestershire, England, surrounded by pet animals. After twenty years as a farmer, he turned to teaching and then to writing children's books.

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Ronald Gordon King-Smith OBE, Ho. Ed (27 March 1922 – 4 January 2011), was a prolific English writer of children's books.

Illustrated in black-and-white. Eight-year-old Harriet Butler is not really lonely--her housekeeper is a hoot and her dad's awfully nice--but she lost her mom when she was little. The last thing Harriet expects is to meet a space alien on vacation from another planet! But one morning Wiz (as she names him) appears in her father's wheat field disguised as a hare. Proving to be a wonderful friend, Wiz turns Harriet's summer into one that's truly memorable.  
Book was in great condition!!
The book is somewhat odd. The story is a bit too predictable - we can figure out pretty quickly that Harriet's father will marry the new woman in town (and before Harriet knows her, she gets in the car with her to get a ride - a stranger). Also it's kind of funny how Harriet notices the hare "fighting" with another hare...and voila, there are offspring a while later (which he ends up abandoning when he leaves Earth). So it seems that the hare's mission was to get her father together with this new woman, thus completing Harriet's family (although Harriet and her dad seemed to be pretty happy already). The fact that the hare has his own offspring seems irrelevant to the story. Also, the hare talked to her about how they are all vegetarians on his planet, Pars. Harriet gets her father to agree not to kill or eat hares anymore, but it didn't seem to bother her later that they ate seven-hour lamb for dinner (so what was the point of bringing up how on the planet Pars, they don't kill for food?)
At the first page of the book,I was excited and wanted to continue with it as long as I can.This story is about Harriet,a girl whose mother has passed away.She longs to see a talking hare and her wish comes true.A hare who is a Partian comes to Earth for a vacation.To the hare,Earthlings are like cave dwellers who are not developed at all.All the Partians there can change shape at any time.Wiz(that's what Harriet names the hare)and Harriet have a lot of fun together.Wiz can predict the future at any time.But it's a pity that Wiz has to go back to his planet when the full moon rises.Harriet really dreads the day that Wiz has to go.I also wished that he will stay.I will recommend this book to all children of all ages.
This book is about a girl named Harriet who finds a hare that landed in a spaceship in her father's cornfield. She names the hare Wiz. They become good friends, but her father never finds out about Wiz. There is a cleaning woman who says that Harriet is a funny scream. Then she talks about what her late-lamented hubby used to say. I liked this book because it was really funny.
I enjoyed the story as a 7th grader, though it was way too easy for me. It was very cute. Dick King Smith has a great way of giving animals their very own personalities. Great story for the younger generation.
I don't like it much. I think it could be more interesting. It has too much fantasy. I think it could be a little more realistic.
-- this is a review from a 9-year old girl.