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eBook The Melody Lingers On (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic) download
Author: Mary Higgins Clark
ISBN: 1410478505
Subcategory: United States
Pages 395 pages
Publisher Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (July 8, 2015)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 106
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eBook The Melody Lingers On (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic) download

by Mary Higgins Clark

In memory of June Crabtree. Dear friend since our days at Villa Maria Academy. Harper pressed her lips together and looked up at the ceiling.

In memory of June Crabtree. 1. Thirty-year-old Elaine Marsha Harmon walked briskly from her apartment on East Thirty-Second Street in Manhattan to her job as an assistant interior decorator fifteen blocks away in the Flatiron Building at Twenty-Third Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Her coat was warm but she had not worn gloves. I think you’re right, she said.

Mary Higgins Clark, international and New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 suspense novels . The melody lingers on. By Mary Higgins Clark. Published by Simon & Schuster.

Mary Higgins Clark, international and New York Times bestselling author of more than 50 suspense novels, celebrates 40+ years as the Queen of Suspense. June 23, 2015 Press Release. The mistress of high tension - The New Yorker. A flawless storyteller. Publication Date: June 23, 2015.

All Dressed in White (Thorndike Press Large Print Basic - Hardcover NEW Mary Hig. £3. 4. Genre: Crime & Thriller.

The Melody Lingers On. Mary Higgins Clark. Another big hit from the classy Mary Higgins Clark. If you like a good classy mystery. See and discover other items: print books. You will enjoy this book.

Published April 19th 2016 by Pocket Books. Paperback, 384 pages. Published July 8th 2015 by Thorndike Press. Large print, Hardcover, 395 pages. Author(s): Mary Higgins Clark (Goodreads Author).

It was perfect sailing weather, sunny, a slight breeze, the kind of day that was made for him to go out on his boat. Especially since it had been raining for the last three days. hoarse and forcing a cough, he phoned his unwanted golfing partner. Len, this is a real disappointment. I was looking forward to taking your money today. But I feel really lousy. I’m going back to bed. Didn’t sleep last night so I’m turning off the phone. I’ve been looking forward to our rematch, Len replied.

Series: Thorndike Press Large Print Basic. Paperback: 471 pages. The Melody Lingers On Mass Market Paperback.

Harper pressed her lips together and looked up at the ceiling.

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Mary Higgins Clark is the acknowledged queen of psychological suspense. Astonishingly, all Higgins Clark suspense books have been bestsellers and most are still in print. 2015 - The Melody Lingers On. Here is a list of the books and stories she has written over the years. 1968-1989: The Early Years. 2010 - The Shadow of Your Smile. 2015 - All Dressed in White. 2016 - As Time Goes By.

Publisher: Thorndike Pr. Author: Higgins, Jack. Notes: A copy that may have been read, very minimal wear and tear.

A beloved aunt's agreement to help her niece with college essays reawakens past secrets about the night a grandparent was murdered, an event that compels the woman to investigate a treasured music box to uncover the truth. By the best-selling author of Mount Vernon Love Story. (suspense). Simultaneous.
A story of an investment banker, Parker Bennett, who deceived his clients; the aftermath for those who were affected; and the mystery of what happened to the supposedly deceased crook, grabbed me from the first page of The Melody Lingers On.

Lane Harmon is a young interior designer, an assistant to Glady Harper, famed designer to the rich in Connecticut, Manhattan, and nearby wealthy neighborhoods. A single mom to four-year-old Katie, Lane finds herself unexpectedly drawn to Eric Bennett and his mother Anne, who reside in a downsized condo now being renovated by Lane and Glady.

It is obvious that there is considerable question as to whether or not Parker Bennett is actually dead, and if not, how he pulled it all off. There is also question as to how much, if anything, his wife and son knew of his dealings. Various FBI agents and undercover operatives bring out interesting perspectives.

Typically intense, this page turner kept me going, wondering about the answers to what happened, who knew what and when, and what the mysterious music box in Anne’s home had to do with anything.

Of course I had my own guesses about the characters and events, but the author also offers the reader a peek at what went on before the downfall, and we get to watch the mysterious drama unfold. The fun is in wondering just how far the deception went and how much of his family had been privy to his goings-on, as well as who is in danger and who will save the day. 4 stars.
This book reminded me of a McDonald's bacon club burger. It was a fast, easy read, tasty and satisfying, but ultimately leaving you wishing for something more substantial. It was good fast food. I am wondering why the heroine is again a young widow with a child. Lane is a nice young woman, but she doesn't seem to have a life beyond her daughter and her job. Does she read? Watch television? Enjoy sports? Has she no friends? She loves her mother but the relationship is strained because she does not care for her stepfather, whom her mother married when Lane was 17, after 10 years of widowhood. Lane has a political pedigree, but she's not interested or involved in politics at all. I'm sure I would like her, as she is a kind, thoughtful, and empathetic young woman, but she is not very interesting. She does enjoy her job as the assistant for a top interior decorator and has learned to get along with her volatile boss Glady.

When Glady and Lane are hired to decorate a townhouse condo for Anne Bennett, the wife and possible widow of Parker Bennett, a financier who has swindled many middle-income and older people out of their life's savings, Lane feels sympathy for the frail woman; Anne's son Eric, who is suspected by the SEC of being involved in his father's plot, is very interested in Lane. He swears to her that he is innocent and wants to clear his name. She believes him and her daughter Katie takes to him as well, which makes her even more sure he's innocent.

Ranger, one of the elderly victims of Parker Bennett, has just lost his wife Judy after her second stroke. He is consumed with rage that he was unable to provide the care his wife needed and the beautiful retirement they had both desired. He swears to get his revenge by killing Anne, Eric, and the young woman he believes to be Eric's girl friend and possible partner in crime.

As usual, Mary Higgins Clark presents a rich cast of characters, many of whom lay claim to the readers' sympathies, including Parker's assistant, a woman who is indicted as an accessory to his crimes but swears that she is innocent. There are FBI agents and private detectives as well. Little background details are provided for many of them so that you get an idea of who they are aside from their jobs.

In the end, there is the usual triumph of good over evil. However, in my opinion the ending is too fast and too abrupt. Although I'm not a fan of chase scenes, and I was glad there were none, I think the denouement should have been more than a couple of pages long.

Mary Higgins Clark writes well, but she has a trait she shares with James Patterson. They write many short chapters, and often a chapter will end at the top or middle of a page, leaving a lot of blank paper. Yes, that makes for a fast read, and it's easy to put down because it doesn't ever take long to finish a chapter, but the book is shorter than it appears to be. It is an appetizer rather than a main course, but it is delicious. Perhaps it's not as nutritious as one would like!
Parker Bennett has bilked hundreds of hard working, small-time investors out of their life savings to the tune of five billion dollars. His characterization draws a Bernie Madoff parallel in Mary Higgins Clark’s thriller, “The Melody Lingers On.” Avoiding prosecution, Bennett has faked his own death. Everyone is convinced of this, including the FBI, Bennett’s frail wife, Anne, and his suspicious son, Eric. Yet none of them can prove it.

Lane Harmon, a budding interior designer, is the leading character in Clark’s fast-paced, well executed mystery. Lane, along with her mentor, is hired to redecorate Anne Bennett’s new apartment, a step down from the stately mansion once inhabited by the swindler’s wife. The suspicion surrounding Anne Bennett is minimal; she appears as the naïve, unsuspecting wife she has always been. However, much suspicion surrounds her son, Eric. The FBI is hoping to prove the possibility of his collaboration. Lane, a widow by a tragic accident, becomes drawn to Eric. Was he involved in his father’s grand embezzlement, or wasn’t he?

Mary Higgins Clark is at her best, once again enrapturing the reader in a well-conceived and captivating whirlwind. Her characters are genuine and memorable. The story is the type for which she’s known best. As usual, a song from a time gone by is remembered in the story. Anne Bennett’s music box plays an Irving Berlin tune—“The song has ended, but the melody lingers on...”

On the island of St. Thomas, Parker Bennett lives discreetly as George Hawkins. Yet he has to get back to the states. His cash is running low, and his mistress is blackmailing him. Inside his wife’s music box is the number to an alternate bank account, one where he has hidden other people’s money. Once he arrives back in the US, the fast-paced action explodes to an unexpected conclusion, reminding the reader why Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen of Suspense.