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eBook When the Earth Moves (Silhouette Desire No. 1648) download
Author: Roxanne St. Claire
ISBN: 0373766483
Subcategory: United States
Publisher Silhouette Desire; Original edition (April 12, 2005)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 568
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eBook When the Earth Moves (Silhouette Desire No. 1648) download

by Roxanne St. Claire

When the earth moves. roxanne st. claire

When the earth moves. All characters in this book have no existence outside the imagination of the author and have no relation whatsoever to anyone bearing the same name or names. They are not even distantly inspired by any individual known or unknown to the author, and all incidents are pure invention. When the Earth Moves roxanne st. claire. began writing romance fiction in 1999 after nearly two decades as a public relations and marketing executive.

Published April 12th 2005 by Silhouette Desire. Silhouette Desire, Paperback, 192 pages. Author(s): Roxanne St. Claire (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 0373766483 (ISBN13: 9780373766482).

by Roxanne St. Because only a bigger fool would agree to give away his own blood, no matter the betraya. .Books related to When the Earth Moves (Mills & Boon Desire).

When The Earth Moves. But, to Cameron McGrath's shock, Jo Ellen Tremaine wanted him simply to sign a paper. And grant her custody of a baby distantly related to Cam. Now, Cam did not want to raise any kid. But his code of honour demanded that he know more about this woman who wanted to mother a McGrath. And that meant moving into her mountain home for one week. But he'd been a fool to believe he could observe J. ithout wanting to touch, to taste, to take.

And that meant moving into her mountain home for one week. A little robot called WALL-E moves through the mountains of trash on planet Earth. The people escaped a long time ago when Earth became too dirty and dangerous

And that meant moving into her mountain home for one week. The people escaped a long time ago when Earth became too dirty and dangerous.

When the Earth Moves. Жанры: Любовный роман. And that meant moving into her mountain home for one week Because only a bigger fool would agree to give away his own blood, no matter the betraya.Входит в цикл: Mills & Boon Desire. When you think you know your heart's desire. Bestselling authors Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis and Maureen Child bring you three classic stories of sexy Irishmen and the women who love them The Sins of His Past by Roxanne St. Claire For one incredible night, Kendra Locke gave Deuce Monroe everything she had. Then he walked away without a backward glance to chase his big-league dreams. Tessa Galloway is a gifted nurturer-her verdant garden at Barefoot Bay's new resort is living proof. If only the woman who can grow anything could grow what she wants most: a baby.

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Who would have thought an earthquake could bring peace, love, and closure to such a tight knit family as the McGraths. Cam and Jo, and of course Callie, did just that an in the process found their own joy. Roxanne St. Claire has another killer book. Roxanne, please don’t stop writing!
I liked the book, in general. It was romantic and emotional, but it was just too short for my taste. I know it was stadard length for a Harlequin novel. I just think there could've been more depth here in the relationship(s) department. Other than that, the H and h had plenty of chemistry and the storyline was very good. I got annoyed at the H's brothers from the previous books and their attitude toward the h. It disappointed me how obtuse they were when it came to this woman's feelings toward "her baby" and how they assumed that thier "always responsible" brother would overlook the care of his niece for a bang-and-go relationship (which theirs was not). I would hope that most people understand that it takes more than blood relation to make a suitable, loving parent. However, they did redeem themselves in the end. I'll miss reading about these brothers... good stories!
Roxanne St. Claire did it again with the third, tie-up, in her McGrath Brothers triology...sewing things up in a well-defined way. This book has good tension, strong conflict and a wonderful happy ending that is not only realistic, but ties up the three books into a happily ever after that provides a satisfying ending to the reader. Good job! Can't wait to read more from this author.
Seriously?! I'm beginning to think there isn't a single thing by Miss St Claire that I don't fall head over heels for! This is a fantastic story! I can't believe how much emotion she packs into these books. I cry, I laugh, the romance is fantastic. But as I always say, my very favorite thing about Roxanne's writing is her ability to create such amazing leading ladies. They are respectable woman that I find myself wanting to be friends with. I loved this story and highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance! (And check out the other two in this series, they are just as great!!)
Corporate lawyer Cameron McGrath lives with the knowledge of his mother walking out on him and his two brothers when he was just a child. A confirmed bachelor and devoted Yankees fan, his world is rocked by a sexy automobile collision specialist. Jo Ellen Tremaine wants Cameron to sign over his custody to the niece he never knew existed. But she comes with more than just a piece of paper, she arrives with information about his mother, and the news will rock both of their worlds.

Although it took me a bit to get into this book, I really loved these two characters. Sparks fly from their initial meeting, and both characters have to compromise. Jo takes no prisoners, and I loved her non-traditional (for romances) profession. She's supportive and loving, yet stands up for her own ways. Cameron's desire to get to know Jo, and the baby, more is admirable, and the way he puts aside pasts hurts to learn the truth about his mother laudable. Both these stubborn individuals have to grow and compromise, and their journey makes for a very interesting read.
This is Cam, Jo and baby Callie's story. Warm and sweet, sexy and I think my favorite. This entire series is one not to be missed. Roxanne has woven three exciting and sensuous tales of three brothers who are afraid to love because their mother deserted them at a young age. Trust a woman, heck no! Lust after them, yes! However, when each meets three beautiful women who challenge them in every way and steal their hearts they're blown away.

In this story, Cam the oldest is approached by Jo with a secret, one hard for Cam to believe. His mother whom he believed did not love him is dead, along with a sister he didn't realize he had. Left behind is a baby, his niece. Jo (a friend of his mother and sister) wants to adopt the baby. As their story enfolds, Cam learns many lessons, one being love.

This is a wonderful and warm story, one I highly recommend.

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I'm no good at writing detailed reviews, but I can tell you this one is definitely another keeper. You can't go wrong with a Roxanne St. Claire book!