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Author: Marijane Meaker
ISBN: 0452265398
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Pages 256 pages
Publisher Plume; First Edition (1 in number line) edition (December 1, 1990)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 890
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eBook Shockproof Sydney Skate download

by Marijane Meaker

Sydney Skate considers himself shockproof. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Marijane Meaker including rare images from the author’s collection. Fiction Coming of Age.

Sydney Skate considers himself shockproof. For as long as he can remember, he’s known that his fashionable Manhattan mother is secretly a lesbian, although he’s never let on that he knows. When he’s called to help remove a snake from a bathtub that belongs to the gorgeous and sophisticated Alison Gray, everything changes. Impression. He spends his summer days caring for snakes at the local pet shop before leaving for college at Cornell, shrugging off his father’s demands that he skip college and join the exciting world of swimming pool sales for suburbanites. Far from throwing himself into work, Sydney can’t seem to keep his thoughts from wandering to women. For as long as he can remember, he’s known that his fashionable Manhattan mother is secretly a lesbian, although he’s never let on that he knows

Sydney Skate considers himself shockproof.

Sydney Skate has dubbed himself "Shockproof": He decoded his mother's gossip with her glamorous lesbian girlfriends at age eight (but has never let on to her that he knows she's gay). He easily shrugs off his father's demands to skip college and join him in the exciting world of swimming pool sales for suburbanites. During his summer days, he deftly cares for snakes at the local pet shop.

Shockproof Sydney Skate book. The frequent references & quotes from books were not at all familiar to me & I found them annoying & unnecessary

Sydney Skate considers himself shockproof. Shockproof Sydney Skate - eBook. The frequent references & quotes from books were not at all familiar to me & I found them annoying & unnecessary. I wanted to shake Sydney (who is a male, by the way), who wanted so badly to be a stud, but who was so stupid when it came to girls.

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To aspiring young novelist Marijane Meaker, however, Highsmith was more than a role model. Written with wit and brassy candor, this is a rare and revealing look at the life and loves of a controversial icon of popular American fiction. More . Book rate: 3 downloads

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When seventeen-year-old Sydney Skate and his lesbian mother both fall in love with a girl from Bryn Mawr, he is ready to jump ship to live with his father, a swimming pool salesman in Doylestown, Pennsylvania
I discovered this book when I was a teenager in the 70's. I never could get the book out of my mind. I had given all my finds to a favorite nun who would read them return them to me with her advise. I remember the reviews were mixed. I read the book & was in love. I as an avid reader & as a child finished our library's selection of childrens' books in a few months. Then the Liberian guided me through the adult selections beginning w/ the classics. No book left such an impression on me. Little did I realize what a landmark book this was or how beloved by people other than I. I was so happy to purchase this book. It was a visit from a dear friend. I like Sidney had a mother who spoke in code. I would get comfy under the kitchen table & enjoy the gossip sessions w/ stories of "pg" & losses of "pg." if only my mother realized at 5 I broke her code & figured out her stories. What was so shameful about pregnant? O well she was strict Catolic in the 50's. Thank you Sidney for such a delightful, ground breaking book.
I was 23 when I read this book in 1972. It has always stuck with me. In 1972 I didn't know that this was lesbian literature. Yes, the mom is a lesbian, but, for me, the focus was on Shockproof, how he thought and felt. What astonished me then, was how a woman writer was able to so accurately describe the psyche of a 17 year old boy with whom I could so closely relate; that she could see into ME.
It seems that Shockproof Sydney Skate is likely to be made into a movie; that Cameron Crowe is the screenwriter. Perhaps, but likely not, the movie will speak to me as this wonderful book did.
I'm finding it difficult to decide whether I enjoyed this book or completely disliked it. One thing for sure is that it has stuck with me. Shockproof is an unlikeable character. His range of affectations is limited; he's sarcastic and selfish; he's obsessed with the mating habits of animals (an obvious symbol of his own sexual dysfunctions); and he possesses a latent hatred for women. But his weird, awkward hookups (and hangups) with some of the girls/women in his life make him more interesting. The author successfully climbed into the mind of an emotionally crippled 17 year old boy.

The most interesting character is Shep, the mother of Sydney. She's successful, ambitious, intelligent, and complex but afraid to come out to her son in regards to her sexuality. Her life is a secret. If it wasn't for her presence, I would have lost interest very quickly as many of the characters are either stupid, melodramatic, mean-spirited, wayward or all of the above.

Open this book knowing that most of the characters are annoying and, in some cases, unbearable. The ultimate message, however, rings powerfully by the end. I can't say I enjoyed this book, but I can say that I'll remember it for a long time--the mark of a pretty good book.
The writer obviously worked in advertising in early 70's NYC, was gay, had a friend who was gay and had a son, had gay friends who liked to drink and gossip about their gay friends. Lots of places that no longer exist in New York are mentioned, even "Rocky's Pizza", an early "food truck" way ahead of it's time! If you were around the city during this period read this, it will bring back a lot of memories, great fun!
I liked all the references to early 1970's New York but I was a little confused about what the focus was supposed to be. I never figured out who Sydney was, there wasn't enough character development. I guess the real focus was supposed to be the mother, the author probably wanted the book to revolve around the mother but in 1972 I guess the world wasn't ready for that. A good afternoon read.
This is a rare gem about a lesbian mother and her teenage son without the earnest eagarness of the "Heather Has Two Mommies" genre. The son is funny and sarcastic and has weird sexual experiences of his own; indeed some of the scenes involving his various girlfriends are a little bizarre. But they're fun, and it's real. Though no one wears bellbottoms anymore or says things like super-fabulous, this novel is still very relevant.
This coming-of-age story, published in 1972, is aptly compared to Catcher In The Rye, on the book jacket, several times. I can see why. This is quirky, smart, funny, sad, touching, dark at times but always real and connects you with it's characters in a way that popular fiction rarely accomplishes today. A great read. I read it twice in one sitting!