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Author: Dan Simmons
ISBN: 0747202370
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Pages 704 pages
Publisher Headline Book Publishing Ltd; First Edition edition (April 26, 1990)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 786
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eBook Carrion Comfort download

by Dan Simmons

5 stars

This is my second reading of this wonderful book. I read the twentieth anniversary edition.

Dr. Saul Laski is a renowned psychiatrist and a concentration camp survivor. His story as recounted by him in this book is heartbreaking and realistic.

Nina Drayton is a wealthy woman living in New York. Her best childhood and lifelong friend Melanie Fuller and movie producer William Borden are three acquaintances who meet on a yearly basis. They have one huge thing in common. They can bend people to their will; they can make people do things they would never have dreamed possible. They murder by proxy.

When Saul learns of some horrific murders in Charleston, he flies down there to learn what he can. He believes because of the senselessness of it and the timing of the killings, that it is the work of these mind control people. He also reads in the paper about the death of William Borden in a plane crash. He simply doesn’t believe it. For William “Willi” Borden was also Oberst Wilhelm von Borchert, an officer, a friend of Heinrich Himmler’s and his personal torturer during his incarceration at the infamous Chelmo concentration camp during WWII.

Along with Natalie Preston who is the daughter of one of the horribly used people at the Charleston massacre and Sheriff Bobby Joe Gentry, a particularly insightful and well-read sheriff, Saul embarks on a dangerous plan.

Not only are Natalie, Saul and Sheriff Bobby Joe after the killers, but also some secretive agencies and other assorted henchmen are chasing the mind “vampires” as well. Some of them are their own kind, afraid that their powers do not reach the astounding levels of Melanie, Willi and Nina. Many more murders are committed and atrocities abound.

Saul, Natalie and Sheriff Bobby Joe each undergo personal nightmares as part of their journey to find the vampires.

This book has it all: senseless violence, sex, treachery, backstabbing, secret clubs, psychology, horror and manipulation. It is a remarkable novel and easily one of the best books of its original publishing date of 1989. I want to call it a tour de force, but that is such an overused and hackneyed phrase nowadays.

Mr. Simmons’ research must have been exhaustive. There are many technical details in the book about which I didn’t know. Drugs used in the book, machinery available and the stark reality of inner-city Philadelphia are just some of the topics he covers. (I worked in anesthesia in the 1980’s and was a veterinary technician before that, so I know more than the average Joe about anesthetics and other drugs.)

This is a remarkable novel. If it were possible, I would give it more than five stars.
Between Stephen King's the Stand, Robert McCammon's Swan Song, and this book Carrion Comfort by the master Dan Simmons; they are the three Classic novels of Good vs. Evil over a Apocalyptic landscape. If you like one, you'll love all three. Highly recommended.

Also see any of Scott Sigler's novels beginning with his Infected trilogy Infected: A Novel, Ancestor Ancestor: A Novel, and Nocturnal Nocturnal: A Novel, he is the best of a new generation of horror writers.
One of the best horror book I have ever read. Super in depth with an original story that will keep you intrigued all of the 800+ pages! I have read it two time already and think this will be a read every 5 years for me. Its that good!
If you like a well written, horrific, partially historical and insanely wild read then this is the book for you.
I got hooked on Simmons by reading Hyperion and its sequels, and other sci-fi/fantasy works like Ilium. His character development is top-notch here just as in those, but the chapters told from Melanie Fuller's first-person POV did not hold my attention nearly as well as the others, which were from the third-person POV. It becomes obvious why Simmons chose to write hers from that perspective, but turning the pages seemed like a chore rather than a joy when her voice was telling the story. I would be interested in how the antagonists' actions would be portrayed and whether or not they could accomplish all they had in a more modern setting (cell phones, internet, etc).

Although he was one of my favorite characters, I felt Gentry's dialogue was an impression of rural folk by a city dweller, rather than genuine. Simmons is a master storyteller, but I advise him to run his dialogue for such characters past someone who knows the South better.

Good book from an author with a grand imagination.
Carrion Comfort is another jaw-dropping horror novel penned by one of my favorite authors, Dan Simmons. This one is quite long, and though there were a few minor instances of tedium, on the whole this was an amazing read.

This is a book about revenge. Saul Laski, a former Jewish prisoner in a death-camp during the Holocaust was 'used' (his mind taken over) by a man who he calls 'the Oberst'. Saul will stop at nothing to hunt this man down. But, this is the tip of the ice-berg -

In the world there exists a small population of 'mind-vampires' who have the ability to slip into people's minds and control their actions. This is just a game to them. Mere mortals are just toys - they are even used as chess pieces in a couple instances. Once a year the mind-vampires visit an island, which is privately owned by a highly respected billionaire, so they can play a game where they use people to kill each other, the one with the most points wins.

I'm not going to dig any further into the plot, but I will say it is quite deep and fairly complex - though easy to follow. Carrion Comfort has a fairly large cast of characters, most of which are fleshed out nicely. Multiple threads spawn, which are all in third-person except for one which is told in the first-person view of a mind-vampire named Melanie Fuller (who will go down as one of my all-time favorite villains!). I really dug how Simmons weaved the plots together, allowing the reader to experience certain events from various perspectives.

Overall this is a great read, which I give a 4.5/5 (rounded to 5 for Amazon). Check it out!
So slow and overlong. It is advertised as a horror novel but I wasn't scared during a single page of this doorstopper of a novel. There are some interesting aspects; the historical events, psychology of violence and the use of chess both literally and metaphorically. However, Simmons is simply too verbose and the story is filled with too many forgettable characters for it all to work.