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eBook Ghost of a Chance (Marjorie McClelland Mystery: Wheeler Large Print Cozy Mystery) download
Author: Amy Patricia Meade
ISBN: 159722670X
Subcategory: Genre Fiction
Pages 415 pages
Publisher Wheeler Pub Inc (January 22, 2008)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 730
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eBook Ghost of a Chance (Marjorie McClelland Mystery: Wheeler Large Print Cozy Mystery) download

by Amy Patricia Meade

Ghost of A Chance book. But fiercely independent mystery writer Marjorie McClelland, . Miss Never-Say-Die, can?t resist when another killing strikes their small Connecticut town

Ghost of A Chance book. Miss Never-Say-Die, can?t resist when another killing strikes their small Connecticut town. No one sees the poison dart hit a man riding the Ferris wheel at the church festival. Much to the annoyance In 1935, it's simply not ladylike for young women to involve themselves in macabre matters such as murder.

Published February 20th 2008 by Wheeler Publishing. Large Print, Paperback, 415 pages

Ghost of a Chance (The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries Book 2). Published March 26th 2015 by Beyond the Page. Published February 20th 2008 by Wheeler Publishing. Large Print, Paperback, 415 pages. Author(s): Amy Patricia Meade (Goodreads Author).

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Join Us. Amy Patricia Meade - Marjorie Mcclelland 02 - Ghost of a Chance. Authors: Amy Patricia Meade.

Author of the critically acclaimed Marjorie McClelland Mysteries, Amy Patricia Meade is a native of Long Island, . where she earned bachelor's degrees in English and business. She enjoys traveling, cooking and classic films, and is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. Her Pret' Near Perfect Mystery series debuts this November with Well-Offed in Vermont, and she is the author of the forthcoming Rosie the Riveter Mystery series (Kensington)

Ghost of a Chance (The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries).

Series: The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries (Book 1). Paperback: 379 pages. Marjorie McClelland lives a quiet life in Ridgebury, a small town - think Jessica Fletcher's hometown from Murder, She Wrote - where nothing exciting has happened in years. As a fairly successful mystery novelist, Marjorie's profession and independent streak often put her at odds with some of Ridgebury's more traditional residents. Ghost of a Chance (The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries).

Amy Patricia Meade, Author.

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Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Ghost of a Chance (Book 2 of The Marjorie McClelland Mysteries). Category: Mystery, 1930s.

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A Marjorie McClelland Mystery. Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae. Marjorie McClelland folded her arms across her chest and sighed noisily. For a man who sold books as his livelihood, Walter Schutt had the foresight and creativity of a Brussels sprout.

Book by Meade, Amy Patricia
Only a short time has passed since amateur sleuths Marjorie and Creighton closed their first "case" - a mystery surrounding a long-buried murder that was uncovered at Creighton's newly-purchased home. Marjorie is hard at work turning their crime-solving caper into a true-crime novel while furthering a romantic relationship with Robert, the handsome local detective who wishes she was just a bit more conventional. Meanwhile, Creighton is still hopelessly in love with Marjorie and determined to win her affections, even though she views him as nothing more than a friend (and an often annoying one at that). At the annual carnival, a prime opportunity for Marjorie and Creighton to spend time together drops in their laps when a man begins a Ferris wheel ride very much alive and ends it quite dead. Before Creighton and Marjorie realize it, they find themselves caught up in a case involving bigamy, hidden identities, and industrial espionage. To top it off, much to Marjorie's chagrin, Creighton may just be ready to move on when the case brings him into contact with an old flame. Marjorie finds herself investigating her own feelings as much as the murder, and the clock is ticking on her chance of finding the killer and making a very important decision about her future before it's too late.

The first Marjorie mystery, Million Dollar Baby, was a delightful surprise all around, though a tad on the longish side. Ghost of a Chance takes everything that worked in the first book and improves on it. The characters are quirkier and more richly developed, the story is plotted with greater tightness and precision, and the pacing is more focused and keeps events flowing at a brisk pace. Meade peppers the storyline of Ghost of a Chance with enough red herrings to keep you guessing, giving the mystery several rich layers that are a great deal of fun to watch unfold on the page. I also love the 1930s setting. Meade mixes the small-town feel of a mystery show such as Murder, She Wrote and endows it with enough period charm to bring the Depression-era US to vivid life. But more than setting details, Meade anchors her characters in the time period. Meade crafts her characters with a cinematic touch, and for classic movie lovers it's impossible not to imagine Marjorie's adventures unfolding in black and white like the classic screwball comedies of the time period.

I didn't think it would be possible to enjoy Creighton and Marjorie's developing relationship more than I did during their introduction in Million Dollar Baby, but I'm happy to say Meade has outdone herself. More than ever, I can so easily visualize Myrna Loy and William Powell, of the Thin Man movie fame, bringing Creighton and Marjorie to life on the silver screen. Like their Old Hollywood counterparts Nick and Nora, it is so much fun watching Creighton and Marjorie needle and poke at each other, because you know their "fights" are rooted in affection and mutual attraction. Meade's biggest strength is her characters - they are funny and memorable, very real and quirky people that you can't help but fall in love with. With a stronger, more tightly plotted mystery, engaging characters, rapid-fire dialogue and loads of humor, Ghost of a Chance is a winner. I can't wait to see what adventures Marjorie and Creighton encounter next!
I enjoy reading the Marjorie McClelland's mysteries. Ms. Meade, keeps the stories true to the 1920's. Her characters are fun, lively, and keep my interest. A great read to escape the day to day chaos we live in. Get comfortable, grab a Marjorie McClelland mystery and return to a simpler time.
ugh... soupy, formulaic. A standard romance novel dressed up like a mystery. I certainly expected more given the other reviews.

After million dollar baby I could have written the outline, and especially outcomes, of this one in minutes.
Ghost of a Chance, the second Marjorie McClelland mystery is as enjoyable as the first. As in Million Dollar Baby, humor and murder walk hand in hand, with romance not far behind.

Much of the second novel focuses on Marjorie's convoluted love life. Although she is engaged to Detective Jameson, she is uncertain of her feelings, especially when she discovers that Creighton loves her. As in classic romantic comedies, absurd situations, nobility of character and misunderstandings based on half heard conversations complicate matters immensely.

Creighton and Marjorie remind me of Agatha Christie's classic detective duo Tommy and Tuppence. The characters play off one another, and much of the dialogue is spirited banter and good-natured teasing. Marjorie is extremely persistent in pursuit of her investigative goals, earning her the fitting nickname of Miss Never-Say-Die. Creighton's charm and connections open doors and give access to otherwise difficult to reach suspects. Together they are an irrepressible team of detectives.

The murder is cleverly plotted. When a man dies on the Ferris wheel at the local fair, first impressions indicate natural causes. Marjorie is quick to discover that the death is actually murder – by a poison dart no less. There are numerous suspects and motives, as well as plenty of plot twists.

If you enjoy classic black and white romantic comedies or historical cozy mysteries with plenty of humorous hijinks, Ghost of a Chance is the mystery for you. Lighthearted and fun it is suitable for all ages of mystery aficionado.

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I received a copy of Ghost of a Chance from the publisher and Netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

Taking a break from adapting their whirlwind sleuthing adventure into her latest novel, Marjorie and Creighton are headed to the carnival for some well deserved fun. But what begins as some much deserved time off turns into another case when a man is found murdered on the ferris wheel. Alongside her new beau Detective Jameson, Marjorie once again proves female intuition is all it takes - and maybe a little help from her friends.

Thoroughly enjoyed this second instalment in Amy Patricia Meades McClelland series. Just as the first, this is packed with twists and turns, plenty of suspects, love triangles and fun screwball type banter. Great cozy mystery, very much looking forward to reading the third.