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Author: Karen Kelley
ISBN: 0758207093
Subcategory: Erotica
Pages 352 pages
Publisher Kensington; 1st Kensington Trade Paperback edition (August 1, 2004)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 969
ePUB size: 1222 kb
FB2 size: 1939 kb
DJVU size: 1701 kb
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eBook Southern Comfort download

by Karen Kelley

View the profiles of people named Karen Kelly.

View the profiles of people named Karen Kelly.

Undercover DEA agent Fallon Hargis can handle a nine-millimetre and take down a drug cartel

A little R & R back in Wade's hometown is just what she needs to recuperate. Southern Comfort has it all. By Thriftbooks. com User, July 26, 2004. Southern Comfort is a must read by new author Karen Kelley. Fallon Hargis, Dea Agent is on the run after her cover is blown.

Southern Comfort book. This is the first book in Karen Kelley's Southern series. A number of interesting supporting characters were introduced, but only one, Wade's sister, Bailey, appears to have gotten her own story later in the series. Since her character wasn't quite as developed as some of the others, I was a little surprised about that.

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DEA agent Fallon Hargis, running for her life after a drug deal goes bad, finds safety in the arms of sexy stranger Wade Tanner who, placing his own life in danger, helps her expose the person who is determined to watch her die. Original. 35,000 first printing.
I loved this book! Just finished book 2 Southern Exposure a few minutes ago. I absolutely fell in love with the characters - tough girl Fallon who's with the DEA, Wade who's a small town sheriff in the book Southern Comfort. Also, the secondary characters make you want to move to Two Creeks, Texas.
In the book Southern Exposure you have Jody who is Fallon's sister who is a cop and then the sexy but sweet reporter Logan and the bad guy in both books is their uncle John. In the second book you also have Andrea who is Jody's best friend who is feisty and loyal. Loved these books and hated when they ended! I want to read more about what happens to them and what about the twins at the end? Need more about these sisters! Highly recommend this book and the second book Southern Exposure!!!
This book was pretty good. DEA agent Fallon Hargis needs a quick escape when the people she is trying to bring down finds out who she is she run through the hotel after being shot she runs into Wade Tanner a small town sheriff returning to his room and orders him to strip at gun point. Wade Tanner retired from undercover work when the stress got to be too much. Now he works as Sheriff in the small town of Two Creeks. When he meets Fallon he is immediately attracted to her but after the first time they make love she informs him it will be their last. While trying to get past her physical and emotional boundaries Wade learns that Fallon isn't the only one who needs more in their lives. In an attempt to keep Fallon safe and help her bring down the drug dealer who killed her family, Wade goes undercover and back into The Pit that almost destroyed him years ago. This was a good book full of action. This is my first time reading this author and this the first book in a new series to me. This book was well written with no errors in spelling or grammar. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series about Fallon's sister.
If you are a fan of Lori foster, than you will like this book. The story is in-depth and you can connect to the characters and story line. Romance with a little thrill.
Overview. Fallon is an undercover officer with the DEA. Her cover is blown. While trying to escape, she runs into a guy in the hotel hallway. She orders him into his room at gun point and orders him to strip. Wade is not sure what is happening. But goes with it. That is until she strips too and takes off her wig and climbs on top of him. Both are lost in the moment when the door opens and he understands she is on the run and hurt. Wade helps her by taking her him with him. Where she learns he is a cop too. But will both of their past s and present collide or find a way to work together?
This romantic suspense opens with an explosive scene, and it keeps that pace up.

Undercover DEA agent, Fallon Hargis, is smart-mouthed and smart-thinking, and she doesn't take no for an answer in anything. Small town sheriff, Wade Tanner, is more than a match for her, and he's prepared to do what is needed to keep her alive. Even if he has to fight her in the process.

There's nothing like a smart, sexy woman and a tough small town sheriff battling it out with murderous drug dealers. Author Karen Kelley knows her genre inside and out.
Fallon is an undercover DEA agent trying to bring down a drug dealer when her cover was blown. Wade is on vacation and Fallon hides out in his room to escape two goons. She goes into hiding at his house waiting to find the drug dealer. She doesn't know who to trust because somebody sold her out. Quick witted, sarcastic, sexy agent and a handsome sheriff. Very, very hot, edge of your seat suspense.
One of the best Karen Kelly books I have read! Southern Comfort has all the elements of a well developed romantic suspense. Be prepared to put several evenings or a weekend aside to fully enjoy Southern Comfort. Especially, if the hook at the end draws you into to the sequel.
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Loved, loved, loved Wade and Fallon! They were both serious and hilarious at the same time! I found the story hard to put down. It was funny, intense, suspenseful, sad....It had it all. Can't wait to read more by this author.
Book one of series. A DEA agent in the run from drug dealers, meets a Wade a sheriff and the str begins. She is after the man that killed her family and he helps her apprehend him. A good story that continues on another book.