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Author: David Baldacci
ISBN: 1602521433
Subcategory: Contemporary
Publisher PLAYAWAY; Unabridged edition (August 2007)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.3
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eBook Hour Game (King & Maxwell) download

by David Baldacci

Home David Baldacci Hour Game. Michelle Maxwell had started life at a dead run, streaking through college in three years, winning an Olympic silver medal in rowing and becoming a police officer in her native Tennessee before joining the Secret Service

Home David Baldacci Hour Game. Part of Sean King & Michelle Maxwell series by David Baldacci. Michelle Maxwell had started life at a dead run, streaking through college in three years, winning an Olympic silver medal in rowing and becoming a police officer in her native Tennessee before joining the Secret Service. Like King, her exit from the federal agency hadn’t been pleasant: she’d lost a protectee to an ingenious kidnapping scheme.

HOUR GAME has the elements of a classic Baldacci thriller. There is no question: David Baldacci will stay on the bestseller list for a long time to come. ―Richmond Times-Dispatch.

The King and Maxwell book series is a crime novel book series created by David Baldacci. There are currently six books in the series featuring two former Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell. Publication Date: September 30, 2003. Pages: 482 (Mass Market Paperback). Publication Date: October 26, 2004. Pages: 736 (Hardcover). Publication Date: April 24, 2007. Pages: 420 (Hardcover). Publication Date: April 21, 2009.

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Sean King and Michelle Maxwell - 2 ). David Baldacci

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell - 2 ). David Baldacci. As a series of brutal murders darkens the Wrightsburg, Virginia countryside, the killer taunts police by leaving watches on the victims set to the hour corresponding with their position on his hit list. Sean King and Michelle Maxwell are already investigating a crime involving an aristocratic and dysfunctional Southern family, but when they’re deputized to help in the serial killer hunt they realize the two cases may be connected. Adding to the tension is the appearance of a second killer, this one imitating the murders of the first.

About The King and Maxwell Series. Sean King is a former Secret Service agent who allowed his attention to wander for a split second, an error that resulted in the death of the presidential candidate he had been protecting. Michelle Maxwell is a former Secret Service agent who lost the politician she was supposed to protect when the politician vanished behind closed doors while comforting a grieving widow. Their destinies converge when Michelle becomes obsessed with Sean’s case, and when Sean needs the help of a new friend to solve crimes that implicate him as the culprit.

David Baldacci's heart-stopping Hour Game is the second fast-paced thriller in the King and Maxwell series. Following their collaboration in Split Second, ex-Secret Service agents Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have gone into partnership and are investigating the robbery of some secret documents at the residence of the incredibly wealthy Battle family.

David Baldacci brings back Sean King and Michelle Maxwell-former Secret Service agents turned private investigators-in their most surprising, personal, and dangerous case ever. KING AND MAXWELL It seems at first like a simple, tragic story. Tyler Wingo, a teenage boy, learns the awful news that his father, a soldier, was killed in action in Afghanistan. Then the extraordinary happens: Tyler receives a communication from his father. after his supposed death. Tyler hires Sean and Michelle to solve the mystery surrounding his father

Baldacci holds your interest beginning to end. He put in a lot of characters many of whom were red herrings. This was a love/hate thing for me as they were fun distractions but didn't do much to advancing the plot and were confusing. On the other hand, that was undoubtedly their purpose. I could have done without a few of them.

That said, I still enjoyed Hour Game lot and I highly recommend it.

It's great Baldacci!
I have long admired the work of David Baldacci because he repeatedly crafts good, well-thought-out plot lines and strong character development in his stories without resorting to the very prevalent technique of serializing a set cast of core return characters. However, in the series of books in which he has used that technique (King and Maxwell and the Camel Club) he does a commendable job of continuing to develop those characters in the sequels so they continue to grow as individuals, proving that he can excel in that genre, too. In this episode of K & M, a mysterious serial killer terrorizes the small Virginia town where the two former Secret Service agents have set up their private practice, with multiple kills in an unusually short period of time. initially the kills appear to be a copy-cat style of killer, but soon some of the murder scenes don't fit the pattern. Some of Baldacci's secondary characters in this book we have seen before, but as the plot develops, we see them is a very different light from earlier novels in this series. The characters that are unique to this story are rich and well-developed as usual with Baldacci, and the story line does an excellent job of keeping the identity of the killer in doubt until the conclusion, an increasingly difficult task for the author in the modern world of thriller-wise readers. I am sure that the Baldacci fans will enjoy this book as much as any of his other offerings, and those who haven't read him before but enjoy a good thriller will find this one to their liking.
Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, ex Secret Service agents, have formed an investigative firm in Wrightsville, VA. They have been asked to look into a burglary at the Battle estate, but what they find is an extremely dysfunctional family with lots of skeletons in their various closets. Soon quite a few people meet untimely deaths, some with direct or indirect ties to the Battle’s. The past finally comes home to roost.

Pretty drawn out story, but generally keeps one’s attention. Quite a few twists and characters to keep up with. The Sean and Michelle interaction remains a work in progress; will they be associates or something more? Both of them have their eye on someone else only to find that their judge of character comes up short.
First Baldacci I ever read. So engrossed I forgot to do my homework that night and when I confessed to the Teacher she was so impressed I was taking time to read books she excused my homework! Really thrilling from beginning to end. Be careful...it will be very hard to put it down.
The novel begins easy enough but quickly escalates. It includes a number of serial killings or one could construe they were done by the same person. The clues found after the murders would seem that the murderer is following individual killers’ methods from various locales. The story involves a rich family from the south. Rich from previous family inheritances and also from the mister currently seated as the patriarch of the long line of the family. They live on the water with the mansion, carriage house, and other buildings on the estate. King and Maxwell become involved being retained my the family’s lawyer. The story is well connected and once people begin being buried, plots also become entangled. A fun read for sure. The author has a way of being able to use his intelligence and research to make the novel very interesting.
This is the second book in the King and Maxwell series. The plot revolves around a serial killer attempting to reenact the acts of previous serial killers. This book was a disappointment. Baldacci is one of my favorite authors and I have read two other novels in this series and really enjoyed them. One problem is that I have less patience than when I was younger for reading books about serial killers. Reading graphic descriptions of innocent people being slaughtered upsets me. In addition there were too many characters to follow, there were many places where I could sense I was being manipulated as a reader, and many of the twists and turns were predictable. What we learn from this book is that it is hard for even the best writers to put out so many different books and remain consistently good.
This is the first book that brings together Michelle Maxwell and Sean King, and it is excellent. Both were on duty as Secret Service agents guarding probable Presidential candidate losers, but several years apart. King's guy was shot to death in what was a very public way, while Maxwell's equally loser candidate was kidnapped in a very private way. They end up helping each other figure out all the inconsistencies and strange coincidences in their two cases, realizing at last that they are linked. [How they are linked would be a spoiler.]<br/><br/>I liked this one so much I immediately went looking for other books in the series. The second one is on my bathroom window sill right now.
I have read the whole series of the King and Maxwell books as all ways Baldacci hit another home run here. I have trouble putting the books down. Good read all of them. If you like thrillers he is the best, so far I have not been able to guess who done it until the very last chapter.
Enjoy if you want but have to read book 1 to get all the details, if you start in the middle you might miss a lot. I did at first.