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Author: Ronald. Munson
ISBN: 0671717464
Subcategory: Action & Adventure
Pages 304 pages
Publisher Pocket Books,; 1St Edition edition (1991)
Language English
Category: Fiction
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 980
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eBook Nothing Human download

by Ronald. Munson

Drawing from actual profiles of serial killers, Munson has created an accurate first novel that "provides a scary new perspective on the motivations that drive a seemingly normal person to psychopathic behavior" (St. Louis Post-Dispatch). Результаты поиска по книге. Отзывы - Написать отзыв. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus. Here's an unusual fiction debut: a formulaic but tight and swift serial-killer thriller-by a professor of philosophy of science and medicine (at the Univ.

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Attractive to women, educated, and charming, John Haack is the last man Lieutenant Eric Firecaster would suspect is a serial killer, but when Haack threatens Jill, the woman Firecaster is protecting, the cop learns that looks can be deceiving.

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Munson's background, which also includes teaching at Harvard Medical School's Dept. of Psychiatry, shows in his rich display of forensic detail and in his careful construction of the bent mind of the killer, John Haack. Munson's background, which also includes teaching at Harvard Medical School's Dept.

Published 1991 by Pocket Books in New York.

Inspired by Raymond Chandler's telling phrase, Ronald Munson has depicted a criminal as shocking as "a tarantula on a piece of angel food cake. Drawing form actual profiles of serial killers, he has created a bone-chillingly accurate portrait of a psychopath's mind and methods.

Advances in medical technology force us to struggle with new and often gut-wrenching decisions. Raising fundamental questions about human relationships, this is an essential book about the very nature of life and death. How do we know when someone is dead and not just in a coma? Should a convicted felon qualify for a new heart? In The Woman Who Decided to Die, novelist and medical ethicist Ronald Munson takes readers to the very edges of medicine, where treatments fail and where people must cope with helplessness, mortality, and doubt.

Perhaps no medical breakthrough in the twentieth century is more spectacular, more hope-giving, or more fraught with ethical questions than organ transplantation. Each year some 25,000 Americans are pulled back from the brink of death by receiving vital new organs. Another 5,000 die while waiting for them. And what distinguishes these two groups has become the source of one of our thorniest ethical questions

The enemy has struck the human colony of Cloud with merciless precision, an attack so deadly that even the worlds sole Bolo, a Mark XXXIII Mod HCT named Hector, was overwhelmed. Within days, the survivors of Cloud's shattered military had been herded into slave camps, while Hector, recognized as kin by the alien machine invaders, was "repaired", his loyalties electronically suborned as he became a slave camp guard in the service of the invaders.One human, however, refuses to accept defeat. Major Jaime Graham will free his companions or die trying. All he needs to do is find a way to bring Hector back to the side of humanity, stop the enemy's bombardment from orbit, and defeat an ancient, cold, and highly advanced machine intelligence utterly hostile to organic life ... all without tools, without weapons, and with enemies even among his fellow slaves.It's the story of Spartacus reborn in steel and hellfire, a daring slave revolt against impossible odds. But if Jaime can win Hector over, it will be payback in storm, fire and blood, as the masters face Bolo Hellbores in a savage ...... Bolo Rising!
These books should be made into a movie series. It would be better than Star Trek or Star Wars. The original author had a great idea for a series but the follow on authors after his death wrote much better stories.
it is a bolo book, what is not to love?
This book keeps you on the edge and never lets up. If you love chillers this one is for you. I had read this book many years ago, lost the book and have searched for years to find it again. Amazon was the only place I found it and I'm glad I kept searching!
I like the Bolo books, and this pocket novel is a single story, fitting right in line with other Bolo classics. I enjoyed it.
I read this many years ago and donated my copy when I moved. Boy was I sorry.
Bolo Rising is a novel about a Bolo tank made by the GM company that is co-opted by an enemy race and reprogrammed.
I read this book about 15 years ago and loved it. It's just as good as I remembered. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.