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eBook The Swarm War (Star Wars: Dark Nest, Book 3) download
Author: Troy Denning
ISBN: 0345463056
Subcategory: Science Fiction
Publisher Del Rey Books; Star Wars: Dark Nest, Book 3 edition (December 27, 2005)
Language English
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 958
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eBook The Swarm War (Star Wars: Dark Nest, Book 3) download

by Troy Denning

Introduction to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Excerpt from Legacy of the Force. Many people contributed to this book in ways large and small.

Introduction to the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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The Swarm War is the third novel of The Dark Nest Trilogy by Troy Denning. It was released from Del Rey Books on December 27, 2005. Narration for the audio version was performed by Jonathan Davis. ISBN 0345463056; December 27, 2005, Del Rey, 357-page paperback. ISBN 073932036X; December 27, 2005, Random House Audio, Abridged CD. ISBN 8324126562; Amber, 296-page Polish paperback.

Troy Denning’s The Swarm War is Book 3 in the Dark Nest trilogy, a trilogy which progressively went downhill for me, as it devolved into a jumbled mess of convoluted political ramblings, characters that never really did anything, an. .

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His bold plan will play all sides against each other and carry those closest to him deep into hostile territory.

The Dark Nest, Book Three.

The Dark Nest trilogy is a trilogy of science fiction novels set in the Star Wars galaxy 35–36 years ABY (after the Battle of Yavin). The trilogy was written by Troy Denning.

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In the explosive conclusion to the Dark Nest trilogy, Luke Skywalker summons the heroes of the New Jedi Order from near and far, as the Star Wars galaxy teeters on the edge of eternal war. Yet even the combined powers of the formidable Jedi may not be enough to vanquish the deadly perils confronting them.The Chiss-Killik border war is threatening to engulf the entire galaxy and raising the awful specter of Killiks sweeping across space to absorb all living creatures into a single hive mind. The only hope for peace lies with the Jedi–and only if they can not only end the bloodshed between two fierce enemies but also combat the insidious evil spread by the elusive Dark Nest and its unseen queen.Leia’s newly acquired Jedi skills will be put to the ultimate test in the coming life-and-death battle. As for Luke, he will have to prove, in a lightning display of Force strength and swordplay, that he is– beyond a shadow of a doubt–the greatest Jedi Master in the galaxy.
Troy Denning’s The Swarm War is the third book in the Dark Nest Trilogy, and I am glad it has come to an end. I am not a Dark Nest fan. I never liked the Killiks, did not find them to be interesting, and never understood why they were selected as the focus of a Star Wars trilogy. Troy Denning is certainly an acceptable author, but his choice of material this time was not good.

The Killiks, the Galactic Alliance, and the Chiss are all now close to being involved in open warfare. The disfigured Dark Jedi Lomi Plo is leading the Dark Nest. Luke Skywalker is trying to hold the Jedi together. Once again the Jedi seem to spend more time trying to figure out an acceptable course of action for Jedi rather than just joining the action and actually defeating some of the bad guys. This indecision was a common theme in the massive New Jedi Order series, and it continues here. It does not make for good reading.

Jaina Solo and her buddies are Killik Joiners, a state of affairs that is difficult to believe. In the meantime, Jacen Solo continues to make his own path. Leia, Jagged Fel, Raynar Thul, Alema Rar, and Saba Sebatyne also make significant contributions to the story.

I am ready to move on to the next book.
This is a satisfying ending to a trilogy I didn't love. But there are aspects I really enjoyed. In this book, Leia and Alema's rivalry is sustained and is handled very well. Also, I liked the resolution for Raynar and the climax of the book as the Jedi fight for the end of the war. Jacen's character has become very complex, which is probably the strongest detail the EU has going at this point. But I didn't care for the plot with the Squibs or with retrieving information from R2D2 - however that might be personal bias creeping through because I thought the prequel trilogy was terrible. Probably the best aspect of this book is the fact that the Swarm War is over - good riddance to the Killiks! All in all, an enjoyable read because even a low point in a Star Wars book is better than most other books.
"The Swarm War" is an improvement over the two novels that precede it. Luke must battle Lomi Plo and Raynar Thul. Jaina and Zekk battle Jag Fel and the Chiss. Han and Leia are captured in their effort to help stop the war.

The setup was quite good, but I didn't care for how it all ended for any of the characters. I am so glad the trilogy is over and I hope never to see these bugs again, but Jaina and Zekk still worry me and I don't like the foreboding about Jacen and the character he's becoming.

Overall, a better story. The pace is faster and there's purpose. The characters are in character, especially Han. Luke finally figures out what he wants for the Jedi. Raynar Thul, well . . . 4 1/2 stars.
Great SW Legends book.
Nice conclusion to the trilogy! Would definitely read again. The new Jedi order books come after this set of books.
There is not much that can not impress me with the writers of the Star Wars books. I have loved Star Wars since 1977, have read all most everyone out, and still reading. My buying experience with Amazon and their affiliates have been a very easy and quite a positive transaction. I will keep buying on Amazon.
Decent 3 book series, I enjoyed the first and last books more than the second one. I think the story probably could have been told a little more quickly but it is a nice setup for the Legacy of the Force series.