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Author: Steven R. Boyett
ISBN: 1931305005
Subcategory: Fantasy
Publisher Scorpius Digital Publishing (December 2000)
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 622
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eBook Ariel download

by Steven R. Boyett

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Steven R. Boyett, also known as DJ Steve Boyett, is a writer and disc jockey based in Northern California. Boyett sold his first novel, Ariel, at the age of 21, and went on to publish The Architect of Sleep, The Gnole (with illustrator Alan Aldridge), Elegy Beach, a sequel to Ariel, and many short stories and novellas.

Changing that would entail a fairly extensive revision, essentially making Ariel a different book.

SKU: ERBAEN0096 For Lisa, who helped me see things as they are Grateful. Changing that would entail a fairly extensive revision, essentially making Ariel a different book. And changing everything but that would make it even more jarring. I feel that, unless it’s a case of restoring omitted material-which I’m delighted to have been able to do here-or fixing some truly egregious grammatical or plot error, a released work is an implicit snapshot of its creator during its creation, a glimpse of where that person was in his craft and interests at that time.

However, Boyett’s skill in evoking the feelings between Ariel and Pete is wonderfully . One thing that is remarkable about the novel is that Boyett published it when he was only 19 years old.

However, Boyett’s skill in evoking the feelings between Ariel and Pete is wonderfully rendered. In the Changed world of the novel, no creature is more magical than a unicorn and nothing holds as much magical power as the horn of a unicorn. In the two decades since the book was first published the world has changed and Boyett has written a sequel. Publisher Ace has repackaged Ariel with an iconic cover from Steve Stone that does well to convey many of the themes and overall feels of the novel, in spite of the lack of a unicorn on the cover.

Posted on September 23, 2009. Author: Steven R. Boyett. Genre: Speculative Fiction (Sci-Fi/Fantasy), Post-Apocalyptic. Publisher: Ace Publication Date: January 1983 (original), August 2009 (re-release) Paperback: 448 pages. Go forth and check it out! Verdict: I highly enjoyed Ariel.

SUMMARY: It's been five years since the lights went out, cars stopped in the streets, and magical creatures began roaming Earth. Pete Garey survived the Change, trusting no one but himself until the day he met Ariel-a unicorn who brought new meaning and adventure to his life.

By Steven R. Boyett Read by Ramón de Ocampo. Steven R. Boyett sold his first novel at 21 and went on to publish novels, short stories, feature screenplays, and comic books. Category: Contemporary Fantasy. In 1999 he took some time off from writing, and during this period he learned to play the didgeridoo. ore about Steven R. About Steven R.

I see I'm not the only person who read this book back in the dark ages of 1984, and never forgot it. I was 17, and I do miss the old physical ritual of selecting a new book, and burning the cover art into my memory. I can still see it to this day.
The Change seemed like it would have been a miracle to those of us whose hearts thrive on the fantastic, and Ariel gives you that miracle. Then it teaches you that every miracle has its dark price, and how love, courage, loyalty and determination can win the day even then. Though that price will still be paid.
One of the few books I've ever read that saw me laugh out loud, groan at Pete (also out loud), literally have conversations with the characters (out loud of course), and cry like a baby. Then I went back to the beginning and started the journey again. I've always been sad that there was no sequel (that I know of), and even sadder that it's OOP.
Read this book, share it with your children, and rediscover the heart and soul of fantasy.
On the surface it is a simple story of a boy and his unicorn. But think a little deeper and you find a story chock full of love, loss, companionship, and the cold hard truth about growing up. There are things that happen, significant occurrences, told so abruptly with little explanation and no dwelling that make you decide for yourself why it happened and how it affects Pete's life later on. I liked that understated drama quite a bit, seems very honest to me, like how it would happen in real life. All in all I'd say a this is a novel worthy of an afternoon of your time!
Something happens and the world changes. Guns and machines don't work. Magic is real. Mythical creatures are real. The adolescent boy protagonist meets and befriends Ariel, a talking female unicorn. They embark on a quest to kill the evil necromancer and his henchmen, but things go wrong, horribly wrong. Action and adventure aplenty, with a bit of puberty thrown in. First book by this author, written when he was barely a man. Holds up well. Time and history have made some parts of the story dated, but it still works. Excellent read.
Absolutely the best book I have read in many years. Being an avid reader I am always on the hunt for a good read and this book and its sequel Elegy Beach punched me in the heart. I have not cried over a book until I finished Beach. Read these two books back to back and see what you think when you are finished. Devotion to friendship; love amongst the ruins and the grace to live a full life when none seems possible.
One of my favorite books ever. EVER. Something about it keeps me coming back. I think part of it is the combination of the fantastical and apocalyptic elements, which really hadn't been common when Boyett wrote this. I recommend this book highly for those who enjoy post-apocalyptic stories, and it's a good story of a young man growing up.
I also appreciate the concise nature of the book. While I have enjoyed some of the more doorstopper sized tomes, it gets exhausting waiting 30 pages for something to happen while you wade through another description of wool gathering or kilt making.
So, technology is gone, reality has changed, many people have outright vanished, and there is magic loose in the world. There are also magical creatures loose in the world; Among them is Ariel, a unicorn. She meets up with Pete the virgin because that's how it works. Unicorns + virgins = adventure. Along the way all sorts of things happen to our heroes but I won't describe them here. Suffice it to say, this was a fairly good story. Well written entertainment, no more and no less.
This reads as cleanly and neatly as if it were written last year, not in 1981. The plot is rad, although there's a few errors here and there(Like blowguns not being as beast as Boyett seemed to think), the setting is interesting and vital, with little quirks here and there that make it more fun than just "modern day but bluuuuuuhhhhhh", and the characters are really fantastically written. Like most other readers, you'll likely end up in love with Ariel. She's such a wonderful, sweet character who is so sympathetic, you'll hate when the poor dear steps on a pebble wrong, much less the actual plot of the book.

Beware: Bummer ending.
But oh lord the ending wrecked me. I won’t say I didn’t see it coming (as we’re supposed to) but damn it stung. Really liked it though; one of those stories that you realize isn’t going to end the way you want it to but also really can’t end any other way.