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eBook Pyromancer (Mancer Series) (Volume 1) download
Author: Don Callander
ISBN: 1594261768
Subcategory: Fantasy
Pages 292 pages
Publisher Mundania Press LLC (January 3, 2017)
Language English
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 821
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eBook Pyromancer (Mancer Series) (Volume 1) download

by Don Callander

Donald Bruce Callander 1930 - July 25, 2008 Don Callander was the best-selling author of the 'Mancer series . In other words, the main Pyromancer of the first book does just about every thing from creating a tent out of a handkerchief, to breathing underwater.

Donald Bruce Callander 1930 - July 25, 2008 Don Callander was the best-selling author of the 'Mancer series and the Dragon Companion series. Don originally worked as a travel writer/photographer and graphic designer before retiring to start his writing. Don was born in Minneapolis, brought up in Duluth, Minnesota, and graduated from high school there before enlisting in the U. S. Navy in 1947. What that has to do with Pyromancy, I don't know. This title, Aquamancer continues with the adventures of the Pyromancer.

It's a good entry-level fantasy series for preteen/early teen readers who are looking to move on to more adult books. Humor, fun, a magic system based on the elements, and talking animals. Jul 18, 2011 Iain rated it liked it. This book is very light, but enjoyable fantasy It contains all the elements of an epic adventure capable of spanning many more pages but instead the writing is simple and concise.

1992) (The first book in the Mancer series) A novel by Don Callander

1992) (The first book in the Mancer series) A novel by Don Callander. The new apprentice to the Wizard Flarman Firemaster, Douglas Brightglade is indoctrinated into a fantastic world where he unlocks his own natural-born flare for pyromancy, a skill he uses against the Ice King. Genre: Paranormal Romance. Used availability for Don Callander's Pyromancer.

Items related to Pyromancer (Mancer Series) (Volume 1). Don Callander Pyromancer (Mancer Series) (Volume 1). ISBN 13: 9781594261763. Pyromancer (Mancer Series) (Volume 1). Don Callander.

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I’m a woman, a sailor, a pearl diver! snapped Myrn irritably. Don’t you think I know about the bodies and water?. Don’t you think I know about the bodies and water? uamancer slowly lowered the book he had picked up, preparatory to beginning the lesson. He was silent for so long that Myrn glanced up at him and flushed in chagrin . .I’m really very sorry, Magister! she cried, laying her hand on his arm. I guess I’m out of sorts today. It isn’t at all like you, Myrn, said Augurian, to be so short and snappy!.

Pyromancer, by Don Callander. The first five of these were published without a series title, between 1992 and 1998. They were reprinted by Mundania Press in 2013 as the Mancer Series, with a sixth in 2014. By Don Callander, but ISFDB says that he died before that. Aquamancer, by Don Callander. Geomancer, by Don Callander. Donald Bruce Callander, March 23, 1930 – July 26, 2008.

Need some fun and relaxation? By Thriftbooks. com User, September 28, 1999. Pyromancer is the first book of the 'mancer series. You will really enjoy Flarman and Douglas. This book introduces characters you will meet again in the rest of the series. You will become "hooked" on the series, with the fun and fantasy. Enjoyable and relaxing! 0.

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A firemaster wizard's young apprentice must quickly learn the ways of pyromancy before the dreaded Ice King turns the world into a wasteland as cold as his wicked soul...
Really happy to see Pyromancer reprinted. It's quite entertaining, funny, and overall very positive. The story is not too complex, in fact I'd say it's fairy-tale like in its simplicity and very clearly defined "good" and "evil" sides.
Don Callender's series moves and breathes without skipping the details of world building, but without bogging you down with it either. My boy doesn't like most stories because he gets bored when the character is just walking through a forest appreciating the scenery, etc, but he liked this. I was just so sorry it was sooooo difficult to find. I thing they need to have another printing run!
Fantastic series for all ages. Very humorous and fun entry in the Mancer series. Great read!
Don Callander is a great author who puts magic into everyday objects and everyday work. His books are enjoyable and make you forget about the real world for a while
A very interesting and entertaining book with well developed characters, a nice plot, and a good coming of age story as well.
I was extremely disappointed in this book. I wish I would have just checked it out at the library.
Douglas Brightglade needs work. His father was lost at sea five years before the start of this story and his mother has entered a nunnery. Douglas must now make his own way. He decides to answer the sign nailed to the gate of a rickety fence. He enters through the gate and applies for the position of apprentice to the Wizard Flarman Flowerstalk. Once Flarman decides to accept him, Douglas is introduced to a very strange and wonderful household, run by a big, blue teakettle.

Don Callander has written a magical fantasy novel filled with a large variety of interesting and well-developed characters. As Douglas’s education progresses, he learns that there is a war developing. The wizard Frigeon is trying to take over the world and turn it into a wasteland. Those on the side of good must fight and must win, according to Flarman. “We can never entirely destroy evil. The best we can do is expect it, face it squarely, and fight it. To do otherwise is to let the Dark and Frigeon win, don’t you see? Well, we will win!”

There are so many wonderful characters in this story that it is hard to pick favorites, but the bronze owl is not only magical, but very smart and witty as well. There are also fairies and dwarves and various other species and each is described in rich detail as are their homes so that I really felt as if I were in the middle of this world.

The action is fast and well-paced. I found that the pages just flew by and I had a very hard time putting the book down. The suspense grows as Douglas and Flarman have to complete their traps for Frigeon, and time is running out. I enjoyed my trip through the various locations in this world, whether it was the dwarves’ caves or the undersea world of the Sea Fire. And all through the various events there was the underlying mystery of whether or not a way could be found to defeat Frigeon, and once the plan was conceived, was there enough time to carry it out.

Lovers of fantasy set in magical worlds are sure to enjoy Pyromancer, and I for one have already picked up the two other books in this series because Douglas’s adventures are definitely not to be missed.

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The first time I read this book, I was about sixteen, and I loved it. I liked the characters and the style of the writing. I couldn't wait for the inevitable sequels. However, when I read it again, only two years later, it wasn't quite the same. I read the whole book and I couldn't put my finger on what was missing. Well, again two years passed and I read it one more time and that time I was able to identify what was less than perfect about it.
First, though, it was well-written. The book was fun. I will definitely read it again in the future and I will enjoy it. All the characters, even the little mentioned ones and the "bit players", are enjoyable and likable. The villians are bumbling and fun to laugh at and also somewhat likable. The first time I read it I got quite caught up in the plot and I enjoyed reading about the hero's training.
However, when I say the book is simplistic, I do mean it. The bad guys aren't really bad guys so much as fumbling and idiotic. They stood no chance at winning any time in the book and it was obvious. Plot holes popped up, but were ignored. It's written in such good spirit though, that it's sort of hard to complain about it.
I'd suggest this book to older children who like fantasy as a good entry point into reading more epic fantasy. (It's certainly better than a lot of the books out there for older children and teenagers, anyway.) I also suggest it for anybody who wants to read about the good guys triumph easily over the bad guys and then read about the celebration for that triumph.