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Author: David Gemmell
ISBN: 0099228912
Subcategory: Fantasy
Pages 282 pages
Publisher ORBIT (LITT); New Ed edition (1993)
Language English
Category: Fantasy
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 910
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eBook Morningstar download

by David Gemmell

Published by Ballantine Books: Lion of macedon. The Morningstar? Everything is known of him-his courage, his battles, his rescues. There are no new stories.

Published by Ballantine Books: Lion of macedon. Echoes of the great song. Knights of dark renown.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. There was nothing Jarek Mace wouldn't do for the right price-including becoming a hero

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. There was nothing Jarek Mace wouldn't do for the right price-including becoming a hero.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From the internationally bestselling author of Lion of Macedon and The Dark Prince comes an action-filled new epic fantasy based on the classic Robin Hood legend.

Morningstar is a 1992 fantasy novel by David Gemmell. Though it is a stand-alone novel, it is closely related to Knights of Dark Renown, and both are set in the same world as the Drenai series. Morningstar follows the story of Jarek Mace. Unusually for a Gemmell novel, it is written in first person.

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David Andrew Gemmell (/ˈɡɛməl/; 1 August 1948 – 28 July 2006) was a British author of heroic fantasy, best known for his debut novel, Legend. He went on to write over thirty novels. Gemmell's works display violence, yet also explore themes of honour, loyalty and redemption

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Город: Beverly Hills, CaliforniaРабота: C. E. O. Morningstar Arts Mgt. LL. Ex. .О себе: David Morningstar. Executive Chief ManagerО себе: David Morningstar. and others you may know.

Evil sorcery ruled, and the vampyre kings lived once more. The Highland people were in much need of a great hero.

The Morningstar? Everything is known of him - his courage, his battles, his rescues. There are few still living who remember the Morningstar. Some are blind, some senile. Whisper his name in their ears and you will see them smile, watch the strength flow back into their limbs.

I'm so glad I discovered this author. I'm gradually making my way through all of his books. His fantasy books have it all. But unlike the giganticism of most fantasy fiction that tend to sprawl and often bore, Gemmell's stories are lean and mean and pack wallop.
Mitars Riders
I think this book is unique in the writings of David Gemmell because it comes to us from the first person viewpoint of one of the characters the Bard Owen Odell who tells the story of the great Morningstar to a traveler. Who was Jarek Mace the Morningstar? An amoral slim ball and a thief a greedy man and a womanizer not necessarily an evil person but someone who has no concept of "friends" or "home" or "duty" and in many respects he is exactly right.

Nevertheless it falls to him to rally the people and drive evil from the land he first accomplishes this as part of an elaborate joke seeking to gain riches but later he comes to believe his own propaganda as supplied by Odell. Nor is he alone in this there are also Astiana the priestess, Wulf the dwarf and Piercollo the wrestler. Together these characters compose probably the best standalone book that David Gemmell ever wrote and it was a pleasure to read it.

Overall-This is at times a very insightful book about the stuff that heroes and legends are made of not to be missed.
Knights from Bernin
Morningstar is one of the author's better books because of the well-rounded characters. Unlike some of his other books where the anti-hero is slightly reluctant to do the right thing but is a good person at heart, Jace Marek (the character who becomes known as the legend Morningstar) very rarely does the right thing and feels no qualms about it. There are a few characters who are cliched and boring but for the most part they are interesting people with personalities and ideas.
The only disappointing part about this book is the ending where the day is saved through magic/divine intervention. This is an irritating quality in a number of the author's books. Still, the book as a whole is strong enough to overcome this fault. I recommend this book for light reading.
David Gemmell was one of the best storytellers ever. All his books are fast paced, easy to read, very suspenseful and they leave you with a strong desire to read more of his books and adventures. He paints his characters and worlds full of color and makes you feel part of his stories. I have reread all his books many times and they never fail to thrill me and make me want to read them yet again.
New author for me. I don’t know when this book went from good, to really good, then great, but it happened. The story is great the storytelling was better. A winner in every way.
Interesting book with unsatisfying, stupid ending. Morningstar clearly develops as the book progresses but the changes are not always believable. He does not experience a real "come to Jesus" moment, but maybe that is the way it happens sometimes.
MORNINGSTAR is not in the same league with Gemmell's novels in the Drenai series, or even the Rigante series. I found the characters a bit stereotypical (as one reviewer mentioned) and not developed with the same depth as are those in the aforementioned series. the battles were almost cursorily sketched;the supposed "love affair" between the nun and Morningstar was alluded to hardly mentioned again; the "good witch" Megan appeared and disappeared without our knowing much about her. Overall, this book read like it was written in a hurry to fulfill a contract.
This is probably one of my top ten favorite books of all time. On the outside its a typical fantasy hack and slash book. Looking deeper though, it's about the nature of heroes and a look inside legends. A look inside human nature in all it's many permutations. I don't know what else to say. If you enjoy fantasy you need this book.