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eBook Massachusetts MTEL General Curriculum (Field 03) w/CD-ROM (MTEL Teacher Certification Test Prep) download
Author: Audrey A. Friedman Ph.D.
ISBN: 0738604100
Subcategory: Schools & Teaching
Pages 480 pages
Publisher Research & Education Association; 2 edition (June 18, 2010)
Language English
Category: Education
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 370
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eBook Massachusetts MTEL General Curriculum (Field 03) w/CD-ROM (MTEL Teacher Certification Test Prep) download

by Audrey A. Friedman Ph.D.

NEW Massachusetts Teacher Certification Test Prep Puts Teachers in a. .MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure) English: Field (07).

MTEL (Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure) English: Field (07).

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Book Format: Paperback

Book Format: Paperback. Our MTEL General Curriculum (03) study guide contains easy-to-read essential summaries that highlight the key areas of the MTEL General Curriculum (03) test. Mtel General Curriculum 03 Exam Secrets Study Guide.

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one life
I know, I know...another MTEL book well if you are wondering what kind of book this is...it is good for the subject test. I used it for my subject test and passed on the first try. I was disappointed with the math content portion. It was a bit dry without many examples...it is primarily a bunch of information thrown at you with out examples to practice from. The text is thick and twice the size of the former edition. Really it is read at your own risk for math...I am still trying to find a reliable resource for the math portion. I tried one for just the math portion and it was filled with typos and several wrong answers...which became concerning--Math MTEL 03.
This study guide is not as bad as some of the reviews out there. It covers a lot of the areas in the test especially the Language Arts section is detailed enough. The math section is also pretty good. My advice is use this study material but supplement it with others too. If you like bulky books, this is one of them otherwise you may say it's not good.
Helped me pass my final MTEL!!!
This book is so filled with typos and inaccuracies it is hard to imagine it has been edited by anyone who has ever been a teacher. Or really by any editor. Reading this book could actually lower your MTEL scores. There are mistakes so dramatic I could catch them even when I was reading about subject areas in which I am not well versed. I spent about an hour with this book, looked through different sections, and found myself significantly confused. Just some examples: The book misdescribes the differences between phonemics and phonics. On page 21, in the section describing what a homonym is, the book reads: "homonyms or homophones are words that sound alike but have different meanings. Example: there, there, and they're." This is completely inaccurate. A homonym is a set of words that share the same sound and the same spelling and are pronounced differently. A homophone can be a set of words that are spelled differently and sound the same. The book does nothing whatsoever to explain how "there" and "there" might have different meanings; information which would be essential to understanding what a homonym is. This mistake is characteristic of the whole book. I thought I would just brush up on my literary history so I turned to that section in the book and was reading about works of American literature. On page 49, in the "Major Writers and Works" section, the book states "Henry David Thoreau (1817-1892) wrote about nature in On Walden Pond..." The book is not called "On Walden Pond;" It is just called "Walden." The writer seems to be confusing the book with a completely unrelated movie called "On Golden Pond."These are just a few really inexcusable errors examples in a book filled with similar mistakes. Please don't spend money on this book, or even read it if you find it in a library, as I did. I still feel I was cheated out of an hour of my study time.
I purchased this book to prepare for the MA general curriculum MTEL. I had already passed the math portion of this test using the DeSouza math prep book which is excellent. This book skims the surface of the material and doesn't cover most of the questions and topics on the exam. The ELA, History and Science sections are weak merely skim the surface and don't cover most of the questions on the test. After completing the exam, I looked in this book to see if the exam question topics where included--they were not. I recommend using the E.D. Hirsch series books written for each grade level to prepare for this exam.
This book was surprisingly unhelpful. Please be aware that it will give you only a very basic knowledge of what may be on the test....by no means does it give you any real life examples of what is actually on these exams. Especially the Math section. A whole other book needs to be created for this bad boy...it should NOT be included in the Gen. Curr. test and the examples they give you in the book and on the CD are NOTHING like what is on the math exam. A HUGE FYI.
The "study material" spans 300 or so pages of the book. If you are a learner who prefers the memorization method this is the book for you. The material is overwhelming in it's presentation. The math section relieves the stress of the reader as it provides explanations, however, the multi-subject section resembles an encyclopedia. If you need a study guide that is to the point, do not buy this book. There is just TOO much information in this book.
My fiancee was using this book to study for the MTEL. One night she asked me about this passage in the Science section:

Besides the Moon, Earth has four other moons. The Moon is just the most famous one."

Seriously? The authors of this book seem to be just messing with people now. Make no mistake: If there is ever a question on the MTEL asking how many moons the earth has, you should put down "One."