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eBook Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course download
Author: Kevin Zraly
ISBN: 0440596114
Subcategory: Beverages & Wine
Pages 192 pages
Publisher Dell; Reissue edition (October 1, 1989)
Language English
Category: Cookbooks
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 941
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eBook Windows on the World: Complete Wine Course download

by Kevin Zraly

It's divided up into 8 courses and additional ancillary chapters, all of which deserve careful attention

It's divided up into 8 courses and additional ancillary chapters, all of which deserve careful attention. Don't take the book too quickly; it was designed to be for an 8 week course. Dec 23, 2010 Tim Gannon rated it really liked it.

Zraly, founder and teacher of the Windows on the World Wine School, presents the 14th update of his popular guide to the world of wine. Originally published in 1985, Zraly's book was designed for. Пользовательский отзыв - osmansevinc - Overstock. Great service and fast shipping. thank you. This book is one of the most popular wine book in the . great starter for young sommeliers.

Wine and wine making. New York : Dell Pub. Co. Collection. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Lotu Tii on July 25, 2012.

Kevin Zraly is an American wine educator and the founder of the Windows on the World Wine School, who has been described as America's most famous and entertaining wine teacher. Between 1976 and 2001, Zraly held the position of wine director for. Between 1976 and 2001, Zraly held the position of wine director for the Windows on the World restaurant, on the top floors of New York's 1 WTC World Trade Center, America's top-grossing restaurant.

The Most Famous Wine Book in the World. Purchase at: Other Books. In 2019 Kevin Zraly begins his 43rd year of teaching the One Hour Wine Expert, Advanced, and Master Wine Classes. Purchase at: Sitemap. With over 20,000 graduates, Kevin Zraly's Wine School was named "The Best Wine School" in New York City by New York Magazine the wine education bestseller in the world. 2010 Gourmand Hall of Fame - Wine Books. Zraly is the most talented, effective and entertaining wine teacher I have met. Michael Apstein of The Boston Globe.

This is a great wine book I just finish a Wine Professional course and our book was over 800 pages. This book is a Reader's Digest version of the one I used in class.

This is a great wine book. The way it was written can be understood by anyone whether you are a starter or a wine enthusiast. I find it so easy to understand, brief and concise. You will see each wine described, food to match which is why I purchased this. Book exactly what is required for beginners. com User, November 9, 2008. I just finish a Wine Professional course and our book was over 800 pages.

Praise for Kevin Zraly and the Windows on the World Complete Wine Course "Kevin Zraly is the finest wine educator I have known. -Robert Parker Jr. "One of the best start-from-scratch wine books ever written. -The New York Times "The great Zraly wit and his legendary om presence are integral parts of this fresh approach. -Wine Spectator "A visually exciting, intelligently structured reference. -Bon Appetit "Brims with enthusiasm. breezy, down-to-earth

This is a preowned book, like new condition, complete wine course in 1998, a description of varied wines locations, also indepth . Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Wine Glass Charms.

This is a preowned book, like new condition, complete wine course in 1998, a description of varied wines locations, also indepth breakdown on product, area, tast, etc. Front and rear inside covers have many signatures of students. Learn more about this item.

Describes the leading wine-making regions and explains how to create a restaurant's wine list and offers advice on wine tasting and selection
Still reading the book but one thing I am finding VERY frustrating is none of the QR codes (or the Bitly addresses below them) are functional. They all go to error pages. I'm hoping the publisher sees this review and gets them fixed so readers can watch the videos. I will check them again and update my review when I'm done reading the book.
I just completed my L1 Sommelier certification and this book is really helpful at laying down the basics for anyone who wants to learn more about wine. I love Kevin's story (see Chapter 1) and the margins are packed with great facts, its simply brimming with information but doesn't feel overbearing at any point. I will need more in-depth books to get to the next level but, this is an excellent starting point to lay a broad foundation of knowledge before diving into very specialized topics. I have plotted out a series of personal tastings over the next 8 weeks using Kevin's book as a framework. Very helpful, indeed!
This is a great introductory course for people who want to go beyond just a cursory understanding of wine. The quizzes help structure the learning well, and they go fairly far in depth. Overall, I thought the book was the perfect way to provide structure that other excellent books such as The Wine Bible does not. The layout is friendly, and the side bars with wine labels and blurbs with info are interesting.

Unfortunately a few obvious errors make it feel a bit cobbled together, and they aren't in areas of the book I would have believed to just be about a recent update. For example, in the section on Australia, the main white grape varieties have Merlot listed but the section on Aussie reds has Semillon. I understand it's upside down world there, but I'm pretty sure this is incorrect. In another it says "Two of the best DOCG Tuscan wines come from... Barbaresco and Barolo." (This is under the correct Piedmont section) A few other examples are found in the book.

None of these errors are disqualifying by any means. If you have any common sense at all you won't be more than momentarily confused. So I still highly recommend the book.
I was recommended this book for the Sommelier exam which I am aiming to take in a few months. The content I feel is pretty okay. Dated on some area's that differ from what some of my Somm's mentors told me during practice quizzes. Over all a good book with a lot of information to study from. What was extremely frustrating is the editing for the digital version, is much of the text is cut off. I have both a hard copy version, and a digital. Often key words are missing. Very poor editing for this book for being compatible with digital platforms. I don't know how they can expect payment on something that at times isn't readable.
Being a sommelier with numerous wine books in my collection, I was hesitant to add another entry level book to my repertoire. After reading this the past few days, I'm glad I did. Even for seasoned wine professionals such as myself, there are a plethora of interesting facts, charts and unique perspectives which Kevin describes in this book. Furthermore, it is written in a layman style which makes it suitable for all levels. Highly recommended.
Amazing. Going back to school in my old age, and therefore, working as a server. This book is truly well-organized and has everything you could need. Knowing the basics of regions and types of grapes makes everything so much easier. Made every other wine book I bought obsolete. Only thing is the links to the expanded coverage no longer work, but it doesn't matter. If you go to YouTube, Zraly has more than a few fun to watch videos with Oz Clarke that will be well worth your time.

I find myself reading this just for fun.
This is a very nice book with one very major flaw - all of the internet links do not work because the publisher allowed their bit.ly links to lapse. A big oversight.
Still, if you want to learn wines this is a great place to start. I would buy it again even without the links but I rated them only 4 stars because of the missing material online.
The book was well made and felt solid in my hands. The contents were also complete and helpful. The book pretty much followed what was taught in a university setting. I appreciate the attention paid to each wine producing region. There is no information on China, a important developing wine region with volume surpassing Germany and Chile, but it is same for most other wine books. The contents feel a bit jumbled because the author list by wine types rather than region (thus you would visit many places twice) but that is more of a personal thing.

My only complain is the amount of brand suggestions. While I don't believe that there is collusion between the authors and the winemakers, brand suggestions are just not that helpful. Such suggestions always go out of date and thus the value offer by the book diminish as time goes on. I would've liked more wine descriptions rather than long list of brands.