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Christians and Bibles
Author: Derek Prince
ISBN: 0883683334
Subcategory: Christian Living
Pages 128 pages
Publisher Whitaker House (February 1995)
Language English
Category: Christians and Bibles
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 803
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eBook The Marriage Covenant download

by Derek Prince

Is your marriage less than what you envisioned? Are you suffering in a bad marriage, but don't want to be the next divorce statistic? If you find yourselves divided as a couple while you focus on who is at fault rather than what can be done â? here is the answer! In Marriage Covenant, Derek Prince unravels the principle of covenant and how we can build "a cord of three strands" that cannot be broken. By following God's plan for marriage, you will build a relationship that faces difficulties, overcomes them, and emerges stronger than ever. Discover a cherished love the most people only dream about.
This book by Derek Prince is one of the best books that I have ever read. It is packed with Godly wisdom concerning marriage. It is so easy to read, yet compelling. I thought I knew about marriage but Derek Prince's " Marriage Covenant" rolled out the marital red carpet for me. My husband and I both read it and he loved it! We are newly weds and we would like to get off on a good, Godly sound marriage. I realize that I have a lot of growing to do as I receive wisdom from God for our marriage. Derek Prince authored this book--just as well as many of his other books I have read: with gentleness, knowledge, and Holy Spirit insight. It is a very thoughtful and well-rounded dig. If God is not in your marriage, invite Him in. He is The One Who ordained marriage. This book helps me to understand the relationship between a husband and wife. It teaches how the husband and wife relationship is symbolic to the relationship between Jesus and the church. It also teaches that the husband and wife should be actively be a part of the corporate worship experience (that we call 'church'). The church serves as community for the husband and wife and the husband and wife help set the example for the structure of The Body of Christ. If you are married, looking forward to being married, engaged, or just plain interested in marriage you should buy this book. It is very rich and simple to understand.
Beautiful uncommon marriage book addressing the core foundations of Biblical covenants. Highly recommended for believers, non-believers, single, engaged, and married people. My fiance and I read it together and had may hours of Bible studying and conversations following it. Prince addressed the root of covenant that is fundamental in order for any Godly relationship to function properly.
My husband and I read this book together while we were engaged. Loved every page. It is a quick read and should be required reading for anyone contemplating marriage. Helped place our marriage on a solid foundation. Worth every penny!
Excellent Read! Anyone thinking about marriage should read this book. Any age range. It gives you the true meaning of marriage and what it should stand for. Pair this book with God is a Matchmaker and any questions you have about relationships and marriage in the eyes of God and our Lord Jesus Christ will be answered.
One can be assured that anything written by or spoken by Derek Prince will be in perfect harmony with God's Word. His book, Marriage Covenant, is excellent. He details the covenant and explains how a marriage can work. Thank God, that within the context of the marriage covenant, Mr. Prince inextricably links the marriage covenant to a couple's relationship with God. Essentially, he teaches that unless the relationship with God is on course, the relationship in the marriage will not be as it should be. What a gifted teacher Mr. Prince was. Thank God, the work he did in ministry lives on!
There are lots of gems found in this book. Truly helpful in my time of need. Very encouraging and uplifting.
This book took me to another level of respect and reverence for my marriage. To see the emphasis that God places on it and the potential that a God centered marriage can have, truly stirs up in me great hope and expectation. It has pulled me out of my self-centered thinking and thrust me into a calmer , militant approach to my marriage. This book is a blessing. Thank you.
I simply love Derek Prince and all of his teaching that is widely available all over the world. I appreciate his ministry for the way he tackles problems and explains them with his university background. He is very clear and presents his conclusions in a way that leaves you no space to disagree based on the Bible. In this case, he explains the marriage covenant and the way God intended it to be. I pity myself for not reading and applying it earlier!