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eBook Universal Father: A Life of Pope John Paul II download
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Author: Garry O'Connor
ISBN: 1596910968
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Pages 450 pages
Publisher Bloomsbury USA; First U.S. Edition edition (May 1, 2005)
Language English
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eBook Universal Father: A Life of Pope John Paul II download

by Garry O'Connor

Pope John Paul II will go down in history not only as the third longest serving .

Pope John Paul II is universally considered one of the great leaders of the .

Chronicles the life of Pope John Paul II from his childhood and early years as a priest through his twenty-six year papacy, highlighting his opposition to communism, his travels, and changes within the Catholic.

Pope John Paul II had been visibly flagging for so long before his death that potential biographers have lined up almost since 1981, when he was felled by an assassin's bullet in St Peter's Square

Universal Father book. Universal Father: A Life of Pope John Paul II. by. Garry O'Connor (Goodreads Author).

Pope John Paul II (Latin: Ioannes Paulus II; Italian: Giovanni Paolo II; Polish: Jan Paweł II; born Karol Józef Wojtyła.

The Elusive Father Brown: The Life of Mgr. John O’Connor, by Julia Smith.

Pope John Paul II will go down in history not only as the third longest serving pope, but possibly the most politically influential of all 305 popes and antipopes since St. Peter.

Born in Poland in 1920, Karol Wojtyla's early life was filled with intense love and intense loss: he was eight when his mother died, twelve when his older brother died of scarlet fever, and twenty when his severe but loving father died during the Nazi occupation. An avid soccer player and skier, a gifted poet, playwright and actor, by 1944, after a near fatal accident, Wojtyla was studying for the priesthood in secret.

Garry O'Connor, an accomplished biographer of the likes of Sir Alec Guinness, Ralph Richardson and William Shakespeare has spent the last five years writing and researching this book. Unlike the competition, this book details not only Wojtyla's life before he became pope, his friendships with men and with women, his nationalism, his early years as a priest in rural Poland and his travels to Rome, but it also explores the pope's own poems, plays, and philosophical works to find clues to what makes him tick.

What is there to say but Pope John Paul is a Saint in his life on earth and heaven
If you asked me "why are you writing this in the context of `Book Review" about the late Pope, I wouldn't be able to answer you, because I don't know. I simply felt here is an extraordinary account of blessed faith on the one hand and plagued by questions over political acrimonies blended together to clone a `man's world of power', on the other.

Perhaps the latest comments made by his successor about `Islam' prompted me to write this review.

Such comments could have far reaching consequences if not handled with equanimity and self-restraint.

Pope John Paul II: we are missing your equanimity and self-restraint.

Unfortunately our planet is already full of mental and emotional instabilities from groups living in different and dissimilar countries that many will not accept, by their own interpretations, the statements recently made by Pope Benedict XVI after a speech about the concept of holy war.

For instance, how will the `large' Muslim communities in France, England, Germany and Holland (even in Italy) react to the Pope's statements? Notably by those too many who, after the second or third generations, could not mix.

Nor could they have any sense of connection (speaking the language is not enough) with the local common tradition and usage so long established and became the force of practices followed by the `real-ethnic-group' French, English, Germans, Dutch and Italians.

In fact, on face value, I cannot see much of a rationale in the Pope's remarks.

Why should it have come from the Holy See at all?

By reasons intrinsic in their faith-and-glory filled history, coupled with feelings of disparity and local inequities, many Muslims in Europe and America are much given to ritual customs.

On the basis of personal experience and perception, and for its very natural importance, this episode tends to be one of those moments in history for which no record, written journals or even first-person reportage should reasonably be able to describe the actual events that would soon be unfolding.

The word `soon' in history does not necessarily mean `promptly or quickly'.

`Without hesitation' is, perhaps, more appropriate.

This book about the late John Paul II may be the end of an era. No book has so far been written about the beginning of another.
This particular book was well researched. The author spent a great deal of time speaking to colleagues and family acquaintainces. The historical and personal accounts made this book a fast and very enjoyable read. I would recommend this book to everyone. This book is spiritually uplifting and provides the reader an insight to Poland.