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Christians and Bibles
Author: James Strong
ISBN: 0785250565
Subcategory: Bible Study & Reference
Pages 1920 pages
Publisher Thomas Nelson; Super Value Series edition (May 21, 2003)
Language English
Category: Christians and Bibles
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 407
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eBook New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance download

by James Strong

Strong's Concordance combines the King James Bible version with Greek and Hebrew lexicons.

King James Bible with Strong’s Numbers Strong’s Concordance Easton’s .

The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, generally known as Strong's Concordance, is a Bible concordance.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible has been the standard Bible concordance for pastors, scholars, and laypersons for over a century.

I've been using Strong's Concordance for more than four decades. I cannot say it's a "compelling read," as it's a reference book

Can any reader say they have "read" Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible? . Strong's Concordance remains the choice reference for theological students and laymen.

Look no further. The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is a concordance you can trust. There’s a reason Strong’s has continued to be the standard and most highly-regarded Bible concordance of millions for over a century; it is a rich and invaluable resource for students, scholars, pastors, and laypersons desiring an advanced, in-depth study of the Bible. It indexes every word in the King James Version, unpacks original Greek and Hebrew words, and proves itself an indispensable reference classic. The New Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance is a convenient handbook size, giving readers time-tested biblical knowledge at their fingertips. There’s no question this concordance is a standout resource.

This is a WONDERFUL concordance. Our Pastor required us to get a Strong's Concordance and a Vines Dictionary. So I decided to search Amazon for the books and long behold I came across this awesome book and it had it all in one which is amazing. This book is a size of a school text book. If you are willing to learn of Gods Word even the better. Don't let the size discourage but encourage you to buy. The print is small so for those that have trouble reading small print I would suggest a full page magnifying sheet to make it easier on the eyes. I have ordered several of this book for members of my local congregation as well. I intend on ordering more. I attend a Bible based Christ Center, Holy Ghost led Sabbath Keeping church. Here is where we learn, study and search the Word of God. So this Concordance/Dictionary will help us grow stronger and dig deeper into the Bible.
Here is a short simple review on (The New Strong's Expanded Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible) (Red-Letter Edition)As a Student of not only the bible, but also the original languages. I must say i am simply amazed at this version of Strongs, and not only the product, but also these sellers. i got it even days before i was supposed to always a plus. that about covers my happiness with the sellers, although i still feel i am not giving them the justice they deserve. but now onto the product itself, it is a hard back which i usually can not stand, but for something even this thick it works. this strongs is done in easy laid out sections. it gives you an introduction, how to use etc, then goes into a concordance of all the words used in the KJV, also other translations as i was suprised a added bonus not mentioned. from the concordance it then goes into the strongs number section of Hebrew, then Greek, respectfully. and yet another awesome bonus not in many Strongs, is not only the words of our Lord in red (although all of the word of God is inspired of course) but the cool addition of some of vines best Definitions of not only the english but also on the hebrew and greek. there is also a complete topical index to the bible i did not know i was getting which is great, a chart of the harmony of the gospels, Teachings and illustrations of Christ,The parables of Jesus Christ, The laws of the bible, Prayers of the bible, the Jewish calendar, Jewish feasts, Monies and weights, New testament monies,Measures of length, Dry measures and liquid measures. for thosee that took the time to read this, thank you and God bless. i was trying to write a review quickly, so i apologize for missing pronunctiation and spacing etc. but wanted to get it all in. what you will get with this awesome addition for pastors, and students alike.
in Christ
brother Travis.
Do not waste your money on this greatly truncated version of the original full sized Strong's concordance. The paper is embarrassingly cheap and the citations poorly condensed. I know this because I have the full version and compared them side to side.

Stick with the original, I immediately returned this one.
I was not expecting the text to be so small. I will need a magnifying glass to even read the text so I do no think it will be useful to me because I can't read it.
Be advised that the print font is so small that the only way to make out the writing is with reading glasses AND a magnifying glass. Font is also very light, you would go blind trying to use this book. Very disappointed that this fact was not included in the item description along with a sample of the font. I requested a return after 5 minutes of looking at it. Terrible, should have been 2 volumes.
I bought this for my son who is in prison. You might think this is a bad thing, but God has given my son a ministry from the inside out. When God is finished with him he will come out. He has led 10 men to Christ so far. He said it was the best concordance and it has helped him to bring the light to the Gospel in a greater way.
Patricia Menville
the monster
Awesome resource!! the bible has some confusing parts since it has been translated and obviously not every language has a word for word translation (especially since english is kind of an odd ball). But this helps get back to the original meanings of the bible and helps eliminate the confusion. Obviously there is more to it than just that such as eastern cultures, idioms of permission, etc... great tood once you figure out how to use it properly, But all said and done worth every penny for the truth it brings to your life.
Hippo Books did not say that this is an edition that does not include Hebrew or Greek and that is not numerically coded for cross-reference. Maybe Hippo Books is ignorant of the requirements of scholarly research or they don't know their product. Caveat emptor. So, not being a Xtian I didn't know this product either (my bibles are in Hebrew and Greek and I have those lexica in my memory- nevertheless this type of "popular edition" version just adds a few steps to my research which I can live with. But this still gets an overall ONE rating for poor product and service. Took an overly and unusual long time to arrive by the way. This version also leaves out articles, clitics, common conjunctions and prepositions-and adverbs- what if I want to look up passages like " 'a' certain man"? That passage when it appears is CRITICAL; in the Hebrew, it reads "ish ehkhad" which is indicative of something VERY significant and history-changing about to happen. The word "ehkhad" ("one") which is omitted from this poor excuse of a watered-down make-it-too-easy agenda of lack of scholarship, is among the 168 words omitted. Further to the point, there are 40 more words like "Moses", "Aaron", "Israel", "holy", son", "servant", "God", "Jesus" and others that are "condensed by retaining the MORE IMPORTANT PASSAGES" [emphasis mine] to the exclusion of others. The words for "Jesus" in the Old Testament are, again, critical to some passages. Avoid this edition. At all costs. This one goes into a box at the back of a closet. Get the heavy, large "exhaustive" concordance instead.